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  1. jimbo

    Freshwater Stripper Rod

    Thanks Matt didn,t see your post till today these are the two rods i,m looking at both st croix 2M80MHF and 5SC86HF2-G The second one is a steelhead rod but am thinking of cutting it back a few inches on each end that would give me a 8' and being 2 piece easier to travel with. The line and lure #,s are close to what i,m looking for and i think by cutting it down a bit those #,s should go up a tad.Not sure about enough backbone for setting the hook?. And voiding the warranty is another consideration. I don,t know maybe i,m way off on my thinking/ it,s not my first build but i,m still a novice builder for sure. Thanks Jim
  2. jimbo

    Freshwater Stripper Rod

    okay i knew i was going to take a little heat on this one,wheres the darn edit button anyway lol Oh and thanks for the help Bob. Jim
  3. Good Day haven,t been here for some time hope everyone,s doing ok, Thinking of building a freshwater striper rod for fishing off the bank.Need a little guidence in my selection,tne river is wide and 20 feet deep or more.I,m leaning towards a 8' 2pc musky rod 20-30# and 2-3oz.Haven,t decided on spinning or casting but am inclined to go with a casting.Would appreciate any input you guys might have. Thanks Jim
  4. jimbo

    Perch Pattern

    I did this one pretty much like Army Doc explained it Createx white opag Createx white pearl Createx black opag Createx trans orange Dr Ph Martins emerald Dr Ph Martins saffron yellow Two coats eTex
  5. jimbo

    Big Holographic Eyes.

    Try, WTP Inc they have them up to 3/4" i believe Jim
  6. jimbo

    Midi or Full Size Lathe?

    My old Midi (mini)lath just isn,t cutting it so i,m thinking of upgrading,but was wondering if i should replace it with another midi(JET or DELTA) or go full size. Space isn,t an issue so are there any advantages with going with the smaller version. It would be used for lures and cork grips ,i don,t have an interest in turning any bats or table legs .It just seems the full size aren,t that much more money and are readily available. What i,m asking is can a full size lathe do what a mini can. Any Thoughts Thanks Jim
  7. jimbo

    envirotex in gallons

    Google ( Environmental Technology Inc) They carry it up to 1 gallon i believe plus a bunch of other stuff thats kind of interesting.
  8. jimbo


    Scot Home Hardware still has the e-tex it,s in the paint section, aisle 36? towards the back, bottom row.Rona doesn,t carry the nu lustre 55 in st thomas but they,re going to check if london has it and give me a call i,ll let you know.If you buy the etex i found measuring it with syringes is the best. You can buy them at TSC can,t remember the price but i,ve been using the same ones for a few years now. Good Luck
  9. jimbo


    Scot i bought e-tex at micheal,s crafts on wonderland across from home depot, that was about a year ago. last time i was in there a few weeks ago i didn,t see it so not sure if they still sell it or not. also saw it in home hardware (st thomas) about six months ago they had it in the 32 oz size around 40.00 i think. If micheal,s still carry it wait for they,re 40% off coupon in the london free press. That size will last you a long long time if your doing small cranks. If you want to try etex before buying it i could set you up with some. PM me if your interested Jim
  10. jimbo

    3 jaw chuck for wood lathe...

    My neighbour just bought one for 44.00 CAD when he got it home he realized it wasn,t self centering. Took it back got the self cen for 88.00 plus taxes. Place is called busy bees tools (busybeetools.com )
  11. jimbo

    pvc board for lure bodies

    Unless i,m way off base here isn,t the stuff you guys are using the same as PVC decking,that can be used instead of wood on your deck. It,s poly vinyl &^%$ and wood dust mixed together ,right? Etch you should be able to get ahold of some where you are try calling your local handy man-deck builder guy and see if he,s got a piece left over from a job. Jimbo
  12. jimbo

    Painting Rapala DT

    All the grumpy guys must be in bed LOL. At any rate what you do first is read some of the threads on here theres tons of info about repaints,do a search ,upper right hand corner Once you,ve done that then if you have ques fire away. If you read all the threads we shouldn,t hear from you for a year or two (just joking). Really all the info is there and theres different ways you can do it, so read, get some ideas and then if you have any ques the guys will help. By the way, welcome to TU
  13. jimbo

    6" cedar with no paint

    Thanks Bob,it,s cedar dipped in a black plastic, lacquer solution same as what some of us use as a sealer with white plastic. instead of using white i used plastic from some seed starter trays,had to dip about four times to get a good cover,the yellow dots are little stick ons from the dollar store and the eyes are regular stick ons therefore no paint!! Thought it would be a good project for some newbies that didn,t have a bunch of paint ,air brush,drying wheel ,etc.
  14. jimbo

    6" cedar with no paint

    There,s no paint on this lure just plastic and etex
  15. jimbo

    Standard Split Ring Size???

    Size 3 split with a # 2 treble would be pretty close but you should check a lure you already have to make sure you don,t change the action of it. Down load the split-ring page from Hagens or Lure Making .com and you shoud get accurate sizes to compare what is on your lures now.Print the page out don,t go by the size on your monitor it won,t be right. Or if you have a catalogue from one of the suppliers then the pics they use is usually a size chart for that product