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  1. DSC03071quickshad1

    Thanks guys, I like doing the eyes and heads on the baits. Rayburn I hope all is well with you. Happy New Year! Bruce.... I have been watching you. You are really doing some neat stuff. Keep up the great work! Braided Line.... I do have a picture of the whole body of this lure. I have it in my photo album on face book. I am new to the face book thing but it you do a search for John Snow and go to photo's. Not sure if this link will work or not. It my personal photo album. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003107592924#!/photo.php?fbid=143807075732878&set=a.140914539355465.29704.100003107592924&type=3&theater
  2. DSC03071quickshad1

    4" resin shad mini glider. Hand painted glass eyes
  3. DSC05331goldenshad1

    Resin shad body on a spinnerbait frame. Hand painted glass eyes
  4. tantrum lures

    Nice batch of lures!
  5. DSC05090finalminnow

    Thanks guys, Mark I used an HVAC foil with mylar wrapping paper over it. I have tried all sorts of things. I am a beginner with plastics. Not sure if this helps with your question http://www.ohiogamefishing.com/community/showthread.php?t=185209 Jed, I use to be an avid steelheader, actually obsessed with it! I use to work a hundred yards from a nice steelie river. I would fish before , at lunch and after work before we had kids. I am very lucky to have all sorts of fishing less than 1 hour from my house. Walleye , perch, musky , pike, bass, and steelhead. I have the steelhead bug for some reason this year. I was thinking the same thing for these minnows. How is the steelheading out west? Are they ocean run steelies? John
  6. DSC05090finalminnow

    Green fingers it is dipped. I took some foil and rolled it then dipped it 3 times. The eyes went on before the third dip. I got to try some last weekend on Lake Erie and caught some nice perch. John
  7. DSC05090finalminnow

    Emerald shinner rubber minnow for perch fishing.
  8. 6" Fish skin glider

    JK, I did use the skin first and then coated it with epoxy. I did 2 bandsaw cuts after it dried to scoop out the face area and then I added the cheek and gill plates and then 4 more coats of epoxy to get back to smooth. Did some highlite face details and then 2 more coats. What was I thinking! LOL John
  9. real perch skin glider

    Man that looks great! I am trying chipmonk fur next! LOL. (just kidding!) You are closing the gap fast! Nice work. John
  10. 4" fish skin bluegill

    Real Bluegill skin and face plate on a 4" Cedar body
  11. 4" Bluegill skin lure

    Real Bluegill skin and face plate on a 4" Cedar body
  12. 6" Fish skin glider

    6" fish skin glider
  13. 6" Fish skin glider

    Real perch skin and gill plates applied over a mahogany wood body
  14. Tigger I've been admiring your work, your album has some sweet lures in it. I haven't been a member on TU all that long but I don't think I've seen better. How might I get one of your lures?


  15. DSC03595white9

    White skin over mahogany body. I cut the face plates off the fish dried them and glued them back on. It made it easy setting the eyes right! <br /><br />John