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  1. Dweller

    Where To Buy Balsa?

    Hey I was needing some help where to purchase balsa from online. I just received a shipment in and it was awful. Any help would be great!! Thanks Dweller
  2. Dweller

    Micarta Questions

    I was wondering what is the difference between G7, G10, G11 & FR4? Which is the clearest & best to use for lips? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hey Dweller ..Boone Here .. I live hour north of Marittea OH ( New Martinsville - WV - Havent seen you on TU for a while ...I am needing some lips like yours .. Where do you get them or do you make them .. Please let me know

    How far away from Cinn OH are you .. I am heading down mid Jan to Dixie and Bass Pro .. Thanks Boone .. My Email


  4. Dweller

    Gluing Baits Together

    I have used many different types of glues. Everything I have used seems to need a little more flex. Does any one have any suggestions. What is everyone using the most?
  5. Dweller

    Up in smoke

    My scroll saw just went up in smoke! I need something to replace my it, it was a delta. Thinking about replacing it with a band saw are they more efficient. Do they cut the lip slots straighter. What brands are the best I really do want anything over a 14in. Please give me your input. Do you have any pointers on cutting lip slots square could it have been the flex in the scroll saw blade. Thanks everyone at TU
  6. Dweller

    Advice on Sanding Round Fat Bait

    I use Balsa wood
  7. I need some advice on how to sand my fat baits a lot quicker. I use a belt sander to get it down quite a bit then I hand sand this is taking forever. The largest round over bit I can get for my dremmel is an 1/8. I had a router but it was to powerful & I was afraid it would take my finger off. Does any one have any ideas?
  8. Dweller

    Dick Nites Pros & Cons

    Who is using Dick Nites? What are some of the Pros & Cons? I am thinking about starting to use this and need a little convincing? How is it over 2-ton?
  9. Dweller

    plate full of baits

    Marty, Great work! Looks like lunch is served!! Ron
  10. Dweller

    Working on stencil designs

    Tell me what you think.
  11. Dweller

    My First attempt at a Wake Bait

    Thanks guys. Fatfingers it is like an AC Shinner & Redfin & a few other combined. This bait is heavy compared to an AC Shinner I can throw it on a baitcaster with 12-15 pound line. I took it out for a test drive the other day & had 3 real nice ones. Boone Thanks I have 3 different prop bait in the work I was already on that. Are those Lake Erie smallies in your avtar. Are you from around Lake Erie. As always Dean you are one of my biggest helps. Dowdy have you retired yet I need help making baits.
  12. Dweller

    Redbelly Bream

    Thanks for the compliments. You guys have help me out a lot & thanks for encouragement.
  13. Dweller

    Redbelly Bream

    This is a real popular bait from my neck of the waters. I have had several guys wanting me to make this pattern. Here you go let me know what you think!
  14. Dweller

    My First attempt at a Wake Bait

    This is my first attempt at a Wake bait. What do you guys think? It is 3 1/2 inches long.
  15. Dweller

    W-Bug #3 "Wonder Bug" replica

    Awesome paint job. What type of paint do you use?