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  1. Starting to pour jig heads---need help

    One trick i learned on here that has helped a lot is to "smoke" the mold. Take a butane lighter or candle and move the flame over the cavities.It will put a layer of carbon on them to assist in getting a good pour. I use pure lead 90% of the time and have just started experimenting with adding a couple of wheel weights in to stretch my lead supply. What problems do you get with too soft of lead????? Y.J.
  2. roundball jig mold

    hEY SMALLJAW, Check your mold because the Shakey Head also accepts a 90 degree hook.Wait a minute,ill run out to the garage and look.......... tick tick tick O.K.,im back. These hooks work Gami 604 - 90
  3. New airbrush paint from CS.

    Hey guys, Any of you try the new airbrush paint from Component Systems???? I got my 12 pack sample kit today and gave it a shot. No need to thin and dries fast. Thought id spread the word.......... Y.J.
  4. respect to all Moms

    DAve, Enjoy your daughter while she is young.Dont miss anything...... Midnight feedings Putting her to bed and even changing diapers. I still remember my oldest son when he was born,working nights and doin the Mr.Mom thing during the day.Preschool,field trips,making breakfast and lunch, first time fishing,get the point. I also went fishing with friends when i should have taken him,sometimes i slept thru the midnight feedings,and sometimes i lost my temper when i shouldnt have. He is now 9 years old. Cherish the time cause it flies.
  5. jig head paint

    Use the search function!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding.Thought i would beat someone else to it. Powder paint is the way to go.Bass Pro,Cabelas,Do it molds,barlows,they all sell it. Component Systems is what i mostly use. The Vinyl stuff is solvent based.Not a good way to get high.
  6. Can I get these to work?

    What if you put a crankbait lip on it?????? Imagine the vibration that would give off??????? If it doesnt work,just count it as a hiccup and move on.
  7. Air Brush Over Powder

    Protec powder has too smooth of a surface.I have done it but your pressure and viscosity better be right on. I for the most part use createx base white either sprayed or dipped.Cadman sent me some textured white which works graet also. Ill use createx flourescents,and also Golden Airbrush paints. Clear coat????? Component Systems clear coat is what i use.
  8. Trouble pouring barbs on grass jig mold

    You might want to try smoking the mold.Its a tip i picked up here. Take a candle or bic lighter and place flame under cavities.Get a good layer of carbon or soot on there. Saved my butt once or twice. Y.J.
  9. I hate nipples

    What i do when i have big nipples(couldnt resist),is when the jig is still hot,i grab that sucker and press the nipple on a hard surface. Doesnt look to bad.
  10. The need to vent...........

    Sorry to hear you got laid off Ted. Id like to say you have more time to go fishing but finding employment is probably more on your mind. I got word a couple weeks ago a good friend is relocating to New York due to downsizing.For him its a good deal,relocation package and so on but im losing a good friend that i used to fish with alot. Ill see him this weekend at the Angler Young Angler Tournament and say goodbye. Dont know when and if ill ever see him again or whether we will ever sit in the same boat again........ What a ****ty year. Yankee Jigger
  11. How to repaint plastic crankbaits

    Excellent reply by the Rookie. Some other advice is to but some cheapo baits from stamina tackle and practice on them.For me it was a LOT of trial and error.Now im comfortable painting Rapalas. No book will give as much info as right here.
  12. The need to vent...........

    Hey guys,i think you got me wrong. Im not thinking of checking out or whacking the wife and kids. I just needed to vent a little because here in Chicago,all you hear is people killing themselves,mostly white collar,due to the economy. 2 weeks from now,my season at work is going to be over and ill be working 40 hours,five days a week. Tommorrow i leave for a Angler Young Angler tournament with my two sons for our second year.Im a local sponsor and made a 1/2 dozen jigs for 90 kids. The great wife i have bought me a new Mission Archery compound bow so i can get back into bowhunting after 10 years this fall. Im going to the Holy Grail of smallmuth bass fishing,Chequamegon Bay Wisconsin at the end of july(not prime time)with the wife and kids to pursue my goal of a 22 inch smallmouth. This wasnt a cry for help,just frustrated. Y.J.
  13. The need to vent...........

    Hey Guys, Sittin here at work with a few hours left to go in my shift and there is something buggin me so i need to vent. First,ive really missed being around the site so ill try and get back down to the woodshed and post some info as time allows. Back in March,a guy who was extended family by marriage with two small kids under the age of six was depressed over a pending divorce.So instead of taking a deep breath,he decided to step in front of a train and exit Life.Case closed.No do-over,no dress rehearsal,just checked out. Today in the Chicago Sun-Times,I read about a guy who had financial troubles so he decided to leave a long letter on how much he loved his wife and kids then took 3 gallons of gasoline and torched his house with his family in it.His 11 year old son,wife and him died but two kids got out safely.Imagine the hell those two will go thru the rest of their lives. Last June,i was taking the train to work and some guy deceided to delay the start of my work day by jumping under the exact car i was riding in.Lets just say,seeing a human body mangled by a speeding train isnt pretty.I still have nightmares sometime. My question is IS LIFE REALLY THAT BAD???????????? We all have problems,i know i do but to whack your entire family or yourself because things arent going good is not the answer. I now work 70-80 hours a week at night and im not wiping my ass with $100.00 bills but ill go to bed at 5:00 a.m. and get up the next day and do the best i can. I missed my sons first hit at his baseball game and although it saddened me that i wasnt there to give him a pat on the back and a hug,he understands with his usual"I understand Dad why you have to work".Im doing the best i can. As bad as things get guys,we do the best we can then get up to do it again another day. Thanks for letting me vent. Yankee Jigger
  14. Jig Finishes...

    No problem. Welcome to the Underground.
  15. Jig Finishes...

    Try the Component Systems clear coat.Its water based so you wont get high. After dipping,ill throw it at the lowest temperature in the toaster to really cure it.200 degrees is about right for 20 minutes. I like the stuff but a word of caution.Make sure you clean the lid and threads on the jar when you close it up. If it gets stuck,just put it in a cup,top down in really hot water for a while. Y,.J.