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    Swing Jig Inserts And Hooks ?

    Just got a new do-it mold and will be trying it out. I may find it eaiser to tape in the two eyes, then use that technique for hanging the hooks after painting. I'll let everyone know.

    Swing Jig Inserts And Hooks ?

    I was making swing jigs with the old regular football head jig mold before do-it made one. I used silly puddly to hold in single eyes, without hooks. After powder painting I heated the hook eyes with a candle and opened the hook eye to put it on the jig eye, then closed the hook eye while still hot. Don't forget to then rapid cool it in water or oil to not loose the temper of the hook.

    Toaster Oven Temp Test ?

    Mines a sunbeam Off by a lot. Set on 425 it gets to 375 But it turned out well. I found that lower temps and more time give me a harder bait without melting.

    Catching - Fisherman Or Fish ?

    Ugly is in the eye of the beholder.

    Weed Guard Glue ?

    I had the same issue. I started using Locktite slow drying gel ( from a post by cadman) I don't use very much, but so far it has not had the staining.

    Why Do You Do It?

    I live on a lake that has about 2 million tournaments a year. I have to make something they haven't seen 2 million times.

    Custom Painting Jigs And Spinnerbaits

    Why bother with the vinyl paint? I paint them just like cranks. White base coat, color detail then clear coat. works fine but use the base coat just like cranks.

    Ctreatex Paints On Jigs- Different Question

    Seal coat works OK with createx. But it is not durable. Try Dick Nites Clear Coat Do not over heat the createx. You only need to use a hairdryer for a minute or so. Using a heat gun you need to be careful. The heating is just to get the paint to flash or dry some or most of the water in the paint. I use it over CURED powder paint. Don't re-heat in oven after the water based paint.

    Making Your Jig Molds Dual Purpose

    I use my football head mold, don't know # the one with multiple sizes for 3 things. Regular football heads, swing jigs like the Biffel bug, and I use the small sizes to make wacky jig heads.
  10. DUCBOS

    Brushing Dick Nite S-81?

    blitz If you are going to use glitter you will not be happy with DN. I have only had good results with glitter with D2T. Both D2T and DN have good uses for different applications. I apply second coats of the S81 after 5 hours. Heat will not help It's moisture cured. Someone on here wrote about how to use a self tapping screw to tap the can and it solved my storage issues. I had tried everything including Bloxygen and this little trick is the solution. I use DN for top waters, most jigs, spinnerbaits, chatter baits, and all spoons. D2T still gives that deep look an great protection for most cranks especially with a glitter coat. Just my preferences for what it's worth.
  11. DUCBOS

    Repainting A Motor Cover

    You're going to need to use automotive clear coat
  12. where are you in central AL?

    I'm in Pell City

  13. DUCBOS

    Open Eyed Hook

    If you are inserting something into the eye, just heat it with a candle and open it, insert the swivel, etc, and close it back. I do this with making football head draggin' jigs, like the Biffle jig. Just dip it in water to cool it quickly after closing and it will harden.
  14. DUCBOS

    Best Ever Jig Hook

    I would like to start a discussion about what would be the very best jig hook possible. I know it don't exist, but maybe if we can describe it, someone might make it. I would like a 30 degree, flat eye hook, with a wide gap that was at least 1/4" if not 3/8" longer than normal. Of course in 3, 4, and 5. The reason is withe the hooks today, when you pull on the eye to set the hook, you need to get the head of the hook almost out of a bass's mouth to hook him. I think that is why the hook up ratio is so low with most jigs today. I think the longer hook will allow more hookups in the back of the fish mouth. Just my thoughts -- What are yours? What do you think would be best? Are there places to find unusual hooks for molding custom jigs?
  15. You have it The energy comes form the difference in temperature. I found this out working with heart surgery and ice water baths for coolong patients in the 60"s. It is the difference in temperture that causes more energy to be expanded to the cooler or warmer object. DUCBOS