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  1. lunker05

    1 lb Black Powder paint

    I have Premium high quality Black powder paint for sale in 1 lb containers. This is high quality paint for use with or without a fluidbed to give you a rock-solid glossy finish to jigs or jigheads. I have multiple pounds of MANY colors so please pm me about other colors and larger quantities. Shipping $5.00 Priority Mail
  2. lunker05

    Molds For Sale

    Silicone molds are gone. I am knocking bobs buzz frog molds down to $80.00 plus $5.00 shipping Willcombine shipping for multiple molds
  3. lunker05

    Molds For Sale

    silicone molds sold pending payment. Still have all others left.
  4. lunker05

    Molds For Sale

    I have the following molds for sale some are aluminum some are lurecrafts silicone I have 3 of bobs 2 piece buzz frawgz molds. $90.00 each plus $5.00 shipping or all 3 for $250.00 shipped. I have 9 four inch reaper molds. If you are interested i can send pics. these are 1 piece molds.$25.00 each or 2 for $40.00 plus $5.00 shipping 1 lizard mold like on bobs site (bottom of page 4) $25.00 shipped 1 MK2 lizard mold on bob's site (top of page 5) $30.00 shipped 1 4 1/2" 2 piece worm mold (on bobs site). $60.00 shipped 1 6" 2 piece worm mold (on bobs site) $70.00 shipped lastly I have 30 one piece silicone molds from Lurecraft. There are several different ones. If you are interested in them I can put together a list but I am trying to sell them all as a group. 30 assorted silicone molds $70.00 shipped Please E-mail me with questions to
  5. lunker05

    Aluminum molds for sale

    still have both lizard molds and 8 reaper molds left
  6. lunker05

    Aluminum molds for sale

    Aluminum molds for sale. Most of them are from bob's tackleshack. You can see all of them on bob's site except for the reaper which I have put on here. All the following on bob's site 1) 1 lizard mold $20.00 2) 1 mk2 lizard mold $20.00 3) 1 zipper split tail $20.00 4) 1 5" slither $25.00 5) 1 6" slither $25.00 6) 6" paddle tail worm $30.00 7) 6" worm mold $30.00 Not on bob's site. I can send a bigger picture. 11 4" reaper molds $25.00 each or all 11 for $225.00 shipping is $5.00 each but will combine shipping fo multiple molds
  7. lunker05

    Buzzbait blades help?

    Hey guys I am looking for some plastic buzz blades for buzzbaits. I have a guy that wants some buzzbaits made but he wants the three bladed ones not the quad blades. And he wants them plastic. He had a sample of one so I know they make them. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. lunker05

    Clear coat please helP?????

    Hello all, I sure could use some advice. I am looking for a good clear coat to put onto a buzzbait. It is a poured head with createx paint. I am not sure if I need the devcon or if I can just spray on some dick nites. I was trying to get away from a drying wheel so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. lunker05

    making molds

    What can you use to pour into an existing mold that will harden to make a master copy so you could take that and pour around it to make duplicate molds out of rtv.
  10. lunker05

    golden shiner

    Anyone have a good recipe for a golden shiner swinmbait color?
  11. lunker05

    Name for bait company?

    I was brainstorming for a name for a bait company and I thought of all you guys and I figured I would put it out there and see what happens. It will be handpours, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, jigs, jigheads, and bladebaits. any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks a lot guys.
  12. lunker05

    pouring two piece aluminum molds

    Del, by the way I was wondering if I could talk with you on the phone for just a few minutes. I just have a couple of questions. Thanks,
  13. lunker05

    pouring two piece aluminum molds

    del, I dont have my pots yet, but when you say raise up the pot a little bit, are you saying that you can take the bottom base off of a lee production pot, because as they come there isn't enough clearance. Thanks
  14. without having a presto pot with the clearance how are you guys pouring the two piece aluminum molds? Are you just pouring with cups? Thanks
  15. lunker05

    reel cleaning help?

    Can someone give me some insight on reel cleaning. Is it best to just brush away the grime off the gears and stuff and then oil the bearings and grease the gears or should I soak them. Basically what is the best way to do this? I don't want to mess anything up. I am using quantam hot sauce from what I hear it seems to be the best stuff.