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  1. If you go with the lowrance, I would get a 520c head unit only from three rivers marine electronics for $349.00 and add a transducer for your application for another $50-70. The 520c is gps capable where as the 510c is not, plus the 520c ends up being a few $ cheaper bought as I suggest. If you want to add the gps later all you need is a lowrance gps puck for about 165.00. I think the Lowrance has better picture quality than the Eagle models. Everyone that I have talked to swears by the hummingbird 797 side imaging. I would like to see one in action before forking over the 1,000 for one t
  2. One thing to be aware of also. Be careful of what you put on your drag washers. I have a special greese for that. It looks kind of like pale blue crisco. I have read that regular greese will cause your drag to not function smoothly.
  3. You might want to consider using 1 drop of yellow rocket fuel on each of your bearings after you soak them. This lube made a big difference in the casting distance on my calcuttas.
  4. Hey guys. My name is Steve and I am 39 years old. I have been tournament fishing since I was 14. I work in administration at a truck dealership to support my fishing addiction. I found this site about 2 years ago. I stumbled on here after closely examining some of the factory wood crankbaits in my boat that I could never catch bass on, no matter what. I figured out that I could make something better than this crap coming from the third world countries. The guys on this site are expert lure builders as well as expert fishermen. I know my catch rates have greatly improved since hanging o
  5. I believe David Fritts used to promote spraying bang on crankbaits. I think I remember him saying that he thought it made the crankbaits finish slicker so that the bait would be better positioned in the fishes mouth for better hookups. He may have been just trying to sell a product though.
  6. When using the wire to tie the skirt on, how do you guys secure the ends of the wire?
  7. You should get lots of different opinions on this topic. I use shimano calcutta 200 reels as my workhorses. I have a couple that have 15 plus seasons on them with no problems. The calucutta is a simple reel with no fancy bells or wistles, they are dependable and simply get the job done. As mentioned, with a few modifications you can get more casting distance out of them.
  8. I posted a similar question about spinnerbait design basics a few months ago. Someone put me on to the article that bassdozer wrote. You might search for "spinnerbait design" to find that thread or just search it out on bassdozers site. That article will make you think a lot about what spinnerbaits are capable of doing with different blade configurations, wires, head weights and shapes.
  9. I have a tournament coming up on Lake Jordan in NC, late next month. Can anyone offer some advice? Thanks in advance
  10. Mavrick, What species is he targeting? Will he be fishing brackish water for largemouth or saltwater species?
  11. I figured I would end up canceling my transaction with skirtmaster. The guy really should take his website down if he is not accepting orders. What I was asking was how much trouble would it be to add a third arm to the retaining ring pliers to turn them into a three prong expanding plier. Could someone please post 2 pictures of their skirt master pliers? One of each side. I will make a set if I have to. The pliers seemed to be the best thing going for making a skirt and getting it on a large jighead.
  12. I have tried emailing and calling the number on the Skirtmaster website. No luck so far. I was hoping this would not turn into a hassle. I was checking out the automotive retaining ring pliers in my craftsman catalog. I believe a guy could modify a set of these pliers without too much trouble and fabricate his own skirtmaster. Cadman, what do you think?
  13. When placing the line tie in the diving lip, what is the best procedure for actually placing the wire in the lip and getting it to stay anchored in place and have the bait stay in tune?
  14. Sim, Did you receive your skirt master tool yet? If so, how is it working out for you? I ordered one about a week after you did, and I have not received mine.
  15. I have the rigging part down okay. The problem that I have with a fluke is actually getting the hook to penetrate. I end up losing more fish on a fluke than any lure. Even with a extra wide gap hook, after the hook set, often the fluke comes back balled up right in the hook bend, totally covering the hook point. Anyone else have this problem?
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