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  1. Believe me I have a lot more then that. Lurecraft, Lureworks, Bear's, Dead On, & Bait Plastics. In the picture I wanted to show you the Soft/Medium & the Medium/Saltwater blend(see Les Young's post above) I also tweak with softener & hardeners. The Lurecraft bottle on the right might be softener? I looked at the Do-It web site the " Crystal Clear" hardener looks white to me. Did you find out anything from them?
  2. Z-Man Evergreen Jack Hammer Chatterbaits use - Decoy Egg Snap https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Decoy_Egg_Snap_7pk/descpage-DEGGS.html Expensive but easy to use. Size #2
  3. Size #1.5 https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Kahara_Quick_Lock_Snaps_20pk/descpage-KQLS.html
  4. To answer your question: I do not know who makes a clear Hardener. I was only trying to help. I also have bottles that have all the print missing, so I do not know what it is or what brand it is. I did not know how experience you are, so I was just pointing out that most Hardeners are white. I did not think that you did know how hardener works. I also been pouring for over 30 years and prefer M-F Plastic. I looked a M-F web site they have Sinking Softener but I did not see Hardener for Soft Sinking Plastic. https://www.pouryourownworms.com/Sinking-Softener_c15.htm
  5. Most Hardeners are white Most Softeners are clear Most Heat Stabilizers clear-(brown tint) Most Worm Oils are clear What plastic are you using? Why are you adding Hardener? How clear are your baits without the non clear hardener? Heat Stabilizers works okay on some plastics for reheats.
  6. My bad. Wait till after Christmas and keep checking the web site every day. I ordered a Triple Injector on 12/14 received it 12/21. Had the same issues you are having a week earlier. Good Luck
  7. I think Current lead time is 2 weeks. Just order one and wait. Good luck. http://www.basstackle.com/TWINJECTOR_p/twinjector.htm
  8. Columbia Coatings https://www.columbiacoatings.com/products/powders/metallics
  9. Hold blade with needle-nose pliers when heating. Use cool round nose pliers to dip your blade. Don't over heat your blade. You want a lite coat of paint (velvet looking) Baking in the Toaster Oven will smooth out and cure the paint
  10. Barlow's https://barlowstackle.com/glass-sandblast-beads/
  11. Got my latest order from MF today. It only took 15 days.
  12. I have been making worms for a long time(over 25 years) and have used most brands out there. I like Dead on Plastix - it stays clear and does no yellow like some of the others. But something is wrong, a nail weight should not pop out of the side of a worm after one day. I mixed it well and heated over 350, even if I din't I don't think it should be this temperamental? Photo 1 - Worm & Nail Weight (White Floating Swimbait/Jerk Bait) Photo 2 - Nail Weight Inserted into worm Photo 3 - 1 Day later Nail ripped through the side of the worm (worm just sitting in
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