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  1. Hold blade with needle-nose pliers when heating. Use cool round nose pliers to dip your blade. Don't over heat your blade. You want a lite coat of paint (velvet looking) Baking in the Toaster Oven will smooth out and cure the paint
  2. Barlow's https://barlowstackle.com/glass-sandblast-beads/
  3. No. Bubbles have not been a issue.
  4. Got my latest order from MF today. It only took 15 days.
  5. I have been making worms for a long time(over 25 years) and have used most brands out there. I like Dead on Plastix - it stays clear and does no yellow like some of the others. But something is wrong, a nail weight should not pop out of the side of a worm after one day. I mixed it well and heated over 350, even if I din't I don't think it should be this temperamental? Photo 1 - Worm & Nail Weight (White Floating Swimbait/Jerk Bait) Photo 2 - Nail Weight Inserted into worm Photo 3 - 1 Day later Nail ripped through the side of the worm (worm just sitting in garage)
  6. Clear baits - Yes, stays clear after many re-heats but durability sucks. Don't know if I got a bad batch, or it was something I did wrong. Still trying to work it out. Fishing Ca Delta FLW this week. I will keep testing when I get home.
  7. "Has anyone else has problems with durability?" Yes! I made a lot of baits during my pandemic time off for a tournament at Clear Lake last month. Pre-Rigged some worms I made with a Nail Weight, when I tried to use them they where all ripped at the nose with the Nail Weight hanging out. Also Texas Rigged Drop Shot Worms where just falling off the hook, when the rod was just sitting in the boat. Check out this post. http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/37000-help-why-are-my-tubes-tearing-open-like-this-so-frustrating/ Is it our process or the plastic?
  8. By the way Hookup Baits tubes are more than 1/8" thick. https://www.hookupbaits.com/
  9. "would the worm oil weaken the plastic? " I do not know. I always use worm right before I bag my baits. I think more oil would be absorbed into warm uncured plastic making them weaker? .I don't think you need any oil on them when you lay them out to cure. Maybe a expert will chime in?
  10. ok not the colorant? Hold off on the worm oil for a least a day or two. What worm oil are you using? What is your process for mixing and heating your plastisol?
  11. you are using Dead on Plastix Tube/Craw - White or Black Bucket? what colorant are you using? It looks like you use a lot colorant in your mix. The pink tube look lighter on the colorant did it tear? Try making a clear (no colorant) tube. What is your process for mixing and heating your plastisol?
  12. In the late 70's Electric Blue was a lite purple with a lot of small blue flake Ditto Gator Tail Worm Mann's Augertail Worm
  13. BIG BAIT POSSE full How Dave Holoubek make a swimbait is at the 10:35 mark.
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