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  1. Dink Master

    Tokyo rig

    I just twist a swivel on to a .035 wire shaft
  2. I have way to much Lure Making stuff myself. Thin your powder paint with a little clear powder paint Lightly heat blade - you only want a thin amount on the blade ( velvet look ) Fluff powder paint in the fluid bed, turn off air just before you dip Paint will flow in the toaster oven Good Luck
  3. Check out this topic. http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/34381-painting-chatter-bait-blades
  4. Try Barlow's or Zeiner's I think you can get them for a lot less money? https://zeiners.com/doit/poisontailjig.html
  5. Any Spinnerbait Hook used with a Figure 8 Link VMC 7250BN Spinnerbait Hook 3/0 4/0 Mustad Short Shank 4/0 Gamakatsu Round Bend Worm Hook 4/0 Straight Shank Flipping hooks It is not a line tie. It is a Figure 8 Link with a blade attached. Bladed Jig ( Chatterbait)
  6. I think I used the WEY375 Wire Form for Do-It Molds on the Poisontail. https://www.barlowstackle.com/WEY375-Wire-Form-for-Do-It-Molds-P3409.aspx The Swimbait head I used Hammered Spoon Wire Form cut in half. https://www.barlowstackle.com/Hammered-Spoon-Wire-Form-P899.aspx
  7. I agree his process was not as clean. Vertical dipping a lot cleaner, I make tubes for myself, I think he made them to sell? I have 4 tube molds, I make more tubes with my molds. I rarely dip. Glad I could help.
  8. If I remember correctly Bojon used a steel bread loaf pan on a hot plate. Stirring the hot plastic with a wood tongue depressor. Hope this picture helps. PS - Thanks Mark
  9. I dip vertical also. I think Bojon dipped horizontal to get more dips before adding more plastic. You only need about 3/4 of a inch to dip a horizontal rod. You need 5 inches of plastic to dip a vertical rod. I have to add more plastic after a few tubes. He might start off with more plastic then vertical dippers, but will get a lot more tubes out of 1 batch of plastic PS - Any Delta tips (baits)
  10. It look like the 3.5" to me. I have the 5" so I just cut to any size I want when using on Ned Head. 5" - 4.5" - 4" - 3.5" - 3" etc. The choice will be all yours.
  11. 6710 Soft Plastic Liquid 2oz. Color Zoom M-F Liquid Color is a concentrated liquid specially formulated for coloring Liquid Plastic. Available in multiple colors, a 2oz. bottle is sufficient to color one gallon of Liquid Plastic. Color Information Any M-F liquid color can be transparent depending the amount of colorant added while powders act as an effect additive. Non bleed liquid colors can make laminants, tails or any part you want to use and not change either color while bleeder colors will bleed or may change the color of the layer, tail or any part of your baits. Example; Strawberry with a white tail. The tail will start turning the tail pinkish from the red material used in the bleeder liquid color and can change as fast as overnight. Most transparent colors are transparent know matter how much color you add and are usually bleeders. All non bleed color can be used in any way and not affect any part you your custom bait or component used. Any color can be somewhat transparent depending on the amount of liquid colorant used. Additives such as PVC piant, scent, adhesive or any other brand plastic colorant may make a non-bleed color bleed. Powder colors can be used as an additive for hi-lites for baits or by themselves all depending what you are trying to make. For best results add to Plastic before heating **Regulations require liquids must ship UPS ground only.** Sales Unit: Each Price: $3.99 WARNING *Color* Other Info Price Enter Quantity Black (NB) 001 3.99 Blue 002 3.99 Grape 003 3.99 Green 004 3.99 Orange (NB) 005 3.99 Purple 006 3.99 Red (NB) 007 3.99 Yellow (NB) 008 3.99 White (NB) 009 3.99 Strawberry 010 3.99 Watermelon Green 011 3.99 Brown (NB) 012 3.99 Iridescent Pearl (NB) 013 3.99 Pearl (NB) 014 3.99 Violet (NB) 015 3.99 Motor Oil (changeable) 017 3.99 Crayfish 018 3.99 Emerald Green 019 3.99 Indigo 020 3.99 FL. Orange (NB) 021 3.99 FL. Pink (NB) 022 3.99 FL. Chartreuse (NB) 023 3.99 FL. Blue (NB) 024 3.99 FL. Green (NB) 025 3.99 Transparent Flourescent Chart. (NB) 026 3.99 Transparent Flourescent Orange 027 3.99 Transparent FL. Red 029 3.99 Silver (NB) 030 3.99 Root Beer 031 3.99 Blue (NB) 032 3.99 Transparent Yellow 033 3.99 Amber 035 3.99 Transparent Brown 036 3.99 Earthworm (NB) 037 3.99 Green (NB) 038 3.99 Purple (NB) 039 3.99 Trans. Flour. Yellow 040 3.99 Silver Pearl (NB) 041 3.99 Watermelon (NB) 042 3.99 Watermelon Brown (NB) 043 3.99 Amber Green(NB) 044 3.99 Blue Smoke Pearl (NB) 045 3.99 Maroon Red Shad(NB) 046 3.99 Cinnamon (NB) 047 3.99 Bubble Gum (NB) 048 3.99 Orange Pumpkin (NB) 049 3.99 Strawberry (NB) 052 3.99 Baby Bass (NB) 053 3.99 Transparent Orange (NB) 054 3.99 Green Chartreuse (NB) 055 3.99 Chartreuse Pumpkin (NB) 056 3.99 Gold Smoke Pearl (NB) 057 3.99 Purple Smoke Pearl (NB) 058 3.99 Green Smoke Pearl (NB) 059 3.99 Silver Smoke Pearl (NB) 060 3.99 Gold Earthworm (NB) 061 3.99 Green Earthworm (NB) 062 3.99 Red Earthworm (NB) 063 3.99 Brown Mayfly (NB) 064 3.99 Copperhead (NB) 065 3.99 Cutthroat Brown Green (changeable) 066 3.99 Rudd Fin (NB) 067 3.99 Purple Zonker 068 3.99 Junebug 069 3.99 Gold Shad 071 3.99 Chartreuse Shad 072 3.99 Baby Blue (NB) 073 3.99 Green Pumpkin Green (NB) 074 3.99 Light Watermelon 500 (NB) 075 3.99 Dark Watermelon 077 3.99 Tell a Friend Liquid color used to color your baits when you make them. Worm Oil after they are made.
  12. Mark hope to be fishing FLW Delta tournament in 4 weeks, will these work? Have you ever used a Tokyo Rig?
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