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  1. By the way Hookup Baits tubes are more than 1/8" thick. https://www.hookupbaits.com/
  2. "would the worm oil weaken the plastic? " I do not know. I always use worm right before I bag my baits. I think more oil would be absorbed into warm uncured plastic making them weaker? .I don't think you need any oil on them when you lay them out to cure. Maybe a expert will chime in?
  3. ok not the colorant? Hold off on the worm oil for a least a day or two. What worm oil are you using? What is your process for mixing and heating your plastisol?
  4. you are using Dead on Plastix Tube/Craw - White or Black Bucket? what colorant are you using? It looks like you use a lot colorant in your mix. The pink tube look lighter on the colorant did it tear? Try making a clear (no colorant) tube. What is your process for mixing and heating your plastisol?
  5. In the late 70's Electric Blue was a lite purple with a lot of small blue flake Ditto Gator Tail Worm Mann's Augertail Worm
  6. BIG BAIT POSSE full How Dave Holoubek make a swimbait is at the 10:35 mark.
  7. I do something similar. I use the sprue from some of my Do-it Molds.
  8. Loon Outdoors Mixing Cup https://loonoutdoors.com/products/mixing-cup?_pos=1&_sid=768781668&_ss=r
  9. Yes Sir Mark it is that time of the year again. FLW Cal Delta. I will PM you in a few weeks
  10. The rubber would spread/flatten to much during the heat/compression process
  11. Thank you Mad Moose I have been wanting to make a Spinner Bait mold Your video pushed me over the edge Thanks for sharing
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