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  1. Doug Hannon - The Bass Professor's - The Snake - Burke Lures
  2. http://www.del-mart.com/cart/product.php?productid=17941&cat=312&page=1
  3. https://www.enforcerbaitmolds.com/product-page/wcs400-curly-tail-worm-mold-8-cavity https://www.enforcerbaitmolds.com/product-page/slmc400-small-curly-tail-mold
  4. Did you mix(shake) the Colorant real well? I might have some hard pack on bottom? Squirt a few drops of colorant in a spoon, check to see if it has chunks in it? If you have chunks in your colorant, you will need to stir the bottom of the bottle, mix & shake until the chunks are gone. I don't think they will cook out. I add a few small nuts(machine) in my colorant bottles to help the mixing process. Good luck.
  5. The first 4 Reviews on Amazon says it all. Thank for the input Les. I was trying to help not knowing the Injector was junk.
  6. SlowFISH gave you some good tips. Suck up the hot plastic and purge it back into your cup a few times, this will warm up your Injector and will let you know it's working What mold are you using? If your Injector only holds 4 ounces it might be to small for your mold.
  7. What Injector are you using? What temperature is your fully cooked plastic? What is the temperature of your work area? You might need to preheat your mold and Injector?
  8. More than I would want to use. This Candle Mold holds 32 ounces https://www.lonestarcandlesupply.com/seamless-aluminum-round-3x9.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAnKeCBhDPARIsAFDTLTKYjzLuZvBb-kN-d8g0NoidTG5h9XcOIpQkZG2NIrsB8u38zW4UjA0aArkqEALw_wcB
  9. Travis nailed it! But if need to vertical dip you can use a piece of copper pipe to hold your hot plastic.
  10. Is the smell coming for the plastic or your gloves?
  11. BTS ? https://www.btsmolds.com/swim-bait/swim-bait
  12. Try another small run. My first thought it is the salt, I would try a different salt. The M-F flake you have should be good. What plastic are you using? Did you contaminated the plastic with something blue? Was the Senko mold clean? If the mold is new it might have something on it from the manufacturing process. Try another run and a reheating after 10 minutes like you did the first time without salt. If the Senko does not turn blue then you know it is the salt or the mold is now clean. Remelt the Senkos you made without the salt, add salt and see what happ
  13. Try Morton Canning & Picking Salt or Morton Popcorn Salt You can get it at Walmart or Amazon, most Grocery Stores has it also. The flake in the stick bait looks different then the flake in the swimbait? What flake did you use? How many reheats?
  14. 15-17g are good. Your profile picture is Lake Shasta? I should be up there right now for the MLF/FLW event but it got shut down by the Forest Service COVID-19
  15. On my scale 1 - 6" Senko 16 grams 5 - 6" Senkos 79 grams
  16. I just check Basstackle it looks like they have Injectors in stock
  17. I just check Basstackle it looks like they have Injectors in stock
  18. Believe me I have a lot more then that. Lurecraft, Lureworks, Bear's, Dead On, & Bait Plastics. In the picture I wanted to show you the Soft/Medium & the Medium/Saltwater blend(see Les Young's post above) I also tweak with softener & hardeners. The Lurecraft bottle on the right might be softener? I looked at the Do-It web site the " Crystal Clear" hardener looks white to me. Did you find out anything from them?
  19. Z-Man Evergreen Jack Hammer Chatterbaits use - Decoy Egg Snap https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Decoy_Egg_Snap_7pk/descpage-DEGGS.html Expensive but easy to use. Size #2
  20. Size #1.5 https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Kahara_Quick_Lock_Snaps_20pk/descpage-KQLS.html
  21. To answer your question: I do not know who makes a clear Hardener. I was only trying to help. I also have bottles that have all the print missing, so I do not know what it is or what brand it is. I did not know how experience you are, so I was just pointing out that most Hardeners are white. I did not think that you did know how hardener works. I also been pouring for over 30 years and prefer M-F Plastic. I looked a M-F web site they have Sinking Softener but I did not see Hardener for Soft Sinking Plastic. https://www.pouryourownworms.com/Sinking-Softener_c15.htm
  22. Most Hardeners are white Most Softeners are clear Most Heat Stabilizers clear-(brown tint) Most Worm Oils are clear What plastic are you using? Why are you adding Hardener? How clear are your baits without the non clear hardener? Heat Stabilizers works okay on some plastics for reheats.
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