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  1. Mark are you looking for Punch Stops? http://www.thehookuptackle.com/fishing-Accessories/Paycheck+Baits/Punch+Stops And I put a punch stop on my line first (thank you Charlie Almassey) so the knot doesn't catch grass nearly as much. I use the punch stop on most of my baits now, and it really does help. I just slide it up the line when I retie, and them back down over the knot when I'm done. These actually slide down over the knot: Check out these. http://www.thehookuptackle.com/fishing-Accessories/Decoy/I+Guard
  2. Zeiner's http://www.zeiners.com/mfsupplies.html
  3. Kill Dots or Eyes, Bass like to eat bait head first? Watch this video.
  4. Roman Made Swimbaits Check this out. http://www.tackletour.com/autopsyromanmademother.html
  5. About 50, just for me and a few friends.
  6. I want to make some muted (light/transparent) Chartreuse & White - Spinner Baits / Swim Jigs Cant find a clear chartreuse or a good translucent white. I have: CHARTREUSE Chartreuse Blue Glimmer WHITE/PEARL Glimmer Green Glimmer Purple Pepper Glimmer Blue Clear White Pearl The Clear tabs mixed with White tabs works, but it would be nice to have Glimmer tabs without the Green, Purple or Blue hue.
  7. Figure 8 Links Jann's Netcraft http://www.jannsnetcraft.com/plug-parts/310311.aspx I do not know what the right size is at Jann's
  8. Lure Parts Online - Figure 8 links Medium (01) http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Figure-8-Links.html?partner=1002 10% Discount AND Free Shipping* PROMO CODE: Cyber16A Minimum order $75 - Expires midnight Mon, Nov 28, 2016. *Continental USA only
  9. I use to open up the hook eyes, but I think weakens the hook. I like how versatile you can be using the connector links.(hooks) Lite hooks, Spinnerbait hooks & Flipping hooks. I will have to do some kind of test on the connectors in my garage, in the near future. I have a few top west coast fisherman using some of my baits with no problems. You should be fishing chatterbaits with a glass chatterbait rod. Mark are you coming down to the Bass-A-Thon ?
  10. I think you have the wire insert backwards ? My bad, Bladed Jig Try the #2 Connector Links & a Spinnerbait Hook. http://www.barlowstackle.com/Connector-Links-P835.aspx
  11. Use cardboard to make a template, OR fill your Pyrex Cup with cooked plastic (new or remelts) let the plastic cool (hardened), pull the plastic out of the cup, cut in half. Use one of the halves to trace a outline on your diver material. JB Weld it in place.
  12. Potters Highway Safety Spheres - Never Injected with them, only hand pour.
  13. Createx Leaf Green, add a little Black & some Brown
  14. http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Owner_CPS_Spring/descpage-OCPSS.html http://www.jannsnetcraft.com/fish-hooks/710656.aspx
  15. Try Wicked Gold 0350. Not gold plated, but a nice bright gold. I think it more about the big eyes, where and how you fish it more then having the right gold color?
  16. Mark, good job on your bait & fish today. I will be up at the Delta in a few weeks. Fishing the FLW as a Co-Angler, what baits and what colors should I be making for the tournament? Also do you want to borrow my Do-it 6" Senko mold 4-cavity when I am up there? (Monday afternoon 5/16 - Thursday late afternoon 5/19) Just PM me. I think I have your phone number?
  17. I have some small pictures in post # 10 http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/28641-is-there-anything-to-this/?hl=%2Bspinnerbait+%2Bwith+%2Bchatter+%2Bblade#entry224520
  18. Mark you have been down this before? post # 8 http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/28641-is-there-anything-to-this/?hl=%2Bspinnerbait+%2Bwith+%2Bchatter+%2Bblade#entry224520
  19. http://www.getbitcustombaits.com/#!product/prd1/4269397285/gbb-b200-(similar-to-bandit-200)
  20. It got cold. Heat it up with a blow dryer, if it clears up, it's OK.
  21. YES - This way helps throw weeds away from your bait.
  22. I was trying to help posting web page links. If that's not the right page, my bad.
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