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  1. JB welded the aluminum in the cup. I reheat the cup (with aluminum) In the microwave, no problems with cup or microwave. Read post #25 Delw (Myth Busters) The aluminum I use is an old street sign. (.080 aluminum)
  2. I try to match the same weight and sink rate of The Yamamoto Senko.
  3. Yes I do use about a 1/4 cup softener. Standard Stik Formula? 1 cup plastic 1/2 cup salt (heat plastic & softener first) 1/4 cup softener
  4. Brown/Purple Laminates I poured last week. Unlike Gary
  5. Here are some I made last week. Black & Blue
  6. PastorShane your Hybrid Swirl/Laminates look great.
  7. PastorShane, The cup is working real well. No problem with cup or microwave.
  8. JB Welded aluminum divider into cup. Working well in microwave so far. New picture of Brown & Orange Stick Baits.
  9. Bobber Stops from Bass Pro Shops. Bobber Stops Allows you toposition bobbers for specific depths. Stops canbe repositioned to adjust for fishing conditions.Includes 12 stops and beads.
  10. I think he is using a stopper on the backend near the point?
  11. Watch this Video. http://www.secretsoftheoutdoors.com/frogrigging.html
  12. S.O.B. Fishing Products - Mini Me's http://soblures.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=73
  13. Shawn Collins has a mold. http://www.shawncollinscustoms.com/freshwater.htm#Spinnerbait
  14. Can we see some pictures of the funnel, and baits poured with it?
  15. I only worked on this for 1 hour. Posted to get feedback and better Ideas from everyone. (Lazy Susan / turntable - 3 colors 2 dividers) I used 2 cups to melt colors, and divided cup to pour. I did Reheat the divided cup in the microwave with the aluminum installed. It worked, but is it OK??? Divider is held in place by 1 piece of tape. Want to get a more permanent divider that is safe in microwave. JB Weld Wood divider? Keep the ideas coming.
  16. I used an aluminum sheet for the cup divider. Any better ideas? Please post. The Baits and Jigs look a lot better than the pictures show. I don
  17. First try at pouring two colors at the same time. Hybrid Swirl/Laminates, Black and Red. I will try to post better pictures soon.
  18. Check out this video from Berkley. http://www.berkley-fishing.com/product_videos.php
  19. The links on my last post, not that good. Google (activ-wire mesh) you will find some good links. http://www.nationalartcraft.com/subcategory.asp?gid=11&cid=309&scid=1516
  20. Try Here? http://www.activaproducts.com/products/sculpture/wiremesh.htm
  21. Yes. http://www.fishingworld.com/M-F-Manufacturing/
  22. Looking for parts, you can get the blades here. http://www.staminainc.com/spinner_blades/chopper_spinnerblades.html
  23. Look at the image on post #15 at this link. http://www.tackleunderground.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7973&page=2
  24. This is a picture of a lead Lee Production Pot. You can get plastic production pots from lurecraft. Link is on last post.
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