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  1. Vodkaman

    Help with jointed glide bait

    I plan on trying plastic pins next; it is cheap, readily available and with a specific gravity of around 1.2 it is very light compared to brass or steel. Yes, I can hear you all groan. There are two issues of failure; strength and wear. As far as strength goes, less than 0.25" is exposed to the forces and so I am fully confident. Wear is a valid concern. This depends on the expected life (in use). Still, I don't anticipate a problem. Dave
  2. Vodkaman

    Help with jointed glide bait

    This, in my mind, is the whole point of TU; the sharing of knowledge, either painfully acquired with experience or simply read over the years. Dave
  3. Vodkaman

    Help with jointed glide bait

    Mark - You've made me blush Dave
  4. Vodkaman

    Help with jointed glide bait

    Ravenlures - I like the eye-pin type as it gives more room for hardware as I make 4 section baits. I experimented with a double pin a hinge. As well as providing even more space for the hardware, it also gave an amazing action. It is a fiddly affair, so not a good choice for your first attempt. I hope to get back to more testing one day. Dave
  5. Vodkaman

    Jointed topwater

    Here is a video of an experiment I did on this very subject:
  6. Vodkaman

    Help with jointed glide bait

    I agree with AZ Fisher's analysis, concentrate on the hinge freedom and level sinking. The problem with wanting a higher sink rate is the extra inertia that the ballast creates. Inertia kills action. The sink rate is going to be a compromise with action. A problem that I see for the future, is repeatability. How do you document the sink rate in order to repeat it. The solution is to measure the specific gravity (SG) of the complete lure (including hardware) because it is density that defines the sink rate. You may find the method tedious at first, but with a little practice it will become second nature. It also means that you can ballast your lure precisely and be confident of the sink rate without ever leaving your workshop. Here is a link to the post that outlines the method. It was written for those going for neutral density. If you measure the SG of your lure with a known sink rate or rate you are happy with, then all you have to do is build to match that number. If you decide that this is too techy, I will understand. As for video, I would love to view. The best method is to upload to YouTube and then simply post a link in your TU post.
  7. Vodkaman

    Crankbait Bill Education Request

    Mark - yes, round and square very close in action. I like square because easier to keep symmetry during build. I have just modeled up a new workshop for the limited space that I have available and should start building soon. I have a few projects to build first but hope to get back to lures soon and obviously a test tank will be required. I might even tackle a new duplicator project. Where do I need to post the video? Dave
  8. Vodkaman

    Crankbait Bill Education Request

    This is a video that I made after this post. I have posted the video before, but I believe it is relevant to this post. Dave
  9. Vodkaman

    Gelatin Bio Plastic??

    I would certainly be interested in any information/progress. Dave
  10. Vodkaman

    Attachments full !

    I understand, just stating what is possible. There will be several other posts on image reduction. Probably a Google search will reveal more options. As for changing TU, it is a file storage problem, it costs a lot of $$$. Dave
  11. Vodkaman

    Attachments full !

    I use Photoshop as a photographer. This image was 5.28Mb. I did a little cropping to tidy up, then reduced the pixels to 1000x670 then saved at quality-1. Final size 49kb.
  12. Vodkaman

    Attachments full !

    Yes, it was a most unfortunate situation were I lost years worth of images, despite editing the images down in size. The problem for image posters these days, is that the modern digital cameras emit such large file sizes that memory allocations are soon swallowed up. Also, the ability of the average poster who is not 'in to' photography, struggles with the reduction technology. It is possible to amply represent a 10 meg image with a file size of less than 100Kb. These days, if I want to post a pic, I first upload to Photo-bucket, and then post the link. Thanks for thinking of me Dave
  13. Vodkaman

    Polycryl (balsa hardner???) Testing?

    Two identical baits, one cedar and one balsa, both weighted to float the same, they will both weigh the same. The reason for using balsa; is that you can group the weights around the CoG and therefore achieve a wider action. If you spread the weights along the whole length of the balsa bait then you might as well use cedar. A 12" bait could weigh as much as 10ozs and require a ballast of 6ozs to achieve a 10% float. This will require a lot of holes, each hole weakening the bait. Plus you will probably need a through wire system for the hooks. Definitely a good argument for cedar. Dave
  14. Vodkaman

    Indonesia barred

    Thanks Curt, PM sent. Dave
  15. Vodkaman

    Indonesia barred

    I am unable to access TU from Indonesia without using a VPN. Can you look into this please. Dave