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  1. I am not a company, I am a designer! Dave
  2. Can you afford me? Dave
  3. I am a bait designer, looking for sponsorship from a YouTube channel. I think we can do business together. Dave
  4. Mark - smart boy, it's a refraction thing, like adding a second coat of D2T to a scuffed bait. But, the densities of salt and plastic are not the same, so the salt is still slightly visible. With coarse salt you are adding a couple of hundred grains (guess), but ground salt, who knows, hence the opaqueness. Dave
  5. Not so sure that TU is the best place for a self confessed lure addict, but you are in good company - welcome Dave
  6. Welcome McD to the fountain of lure knowledge were we all continue to learn. Dave
  7. I would be starting out with resin pours. If the bait showed signs of being successful, I would be taking it to local injection molding companies. The point is that my initial CAD designed prototypes are injection mold type designs, and so no reverse engineering would be required. They are basically ready to go. Dave
  8. We could do a deal; I do your design and you do my printing. We would just need to negotiate the design complexity to print credit ratio, keeping in mind that sending me the finished print by recorded delivery (UPS etc) is not cheap. This could work Dave
  9. Clemmy - indeed. This is the problem of digitizing from a wood prototype to a hollow plastic model. It can be done, but all the Chinese designer is going to do is reproduce the externals; lip, body, eye positions and everything visible, and will call it job done. Personally, I would model the internals and externals in the same materials, calculate the buoyancy and COG and COF positions. I would then duplicate the model using the plastic materials, hollow it out, keeping the ballast locations, and adjust the air pocket(s) until I can closely mimic the COG, COF and buoyancy. However, this is not easy and can take a lot of time, way longer than starting from scratch. I have worked for three of car companies that wanted us to 'reverse engineer' an existing vehicle. The first time here in Indonesia were they bought 50 cars to cut up, the second time in Malaysia were Toyota gave us a set of bad microfilms to model from. The third time was in China and I left the job, refusing to go down that road again. I have worked on cars from scratch, a blank screen, and it is way easier and quicker. It is the same with lure design, which is why I am designing a hollow lure from scratch. No reverse engineering required if successful. I have given this a lot of thought; if this project is successful, I will offer a reverse engineering and mass production service, and put it in the classifieds, but don't expect $1 blanks, ain't going to happen Dave
  10. A scan leaves you with a shape. You may be able to ratio it up or down, but I doubt even that. With a true CAD model, I can control everything. On one of my models, I can control 15+ parameters; depth, height, length width, and a lot of finer detail. Entering a few details I can change the model completely. Test me, give me some numbers. I will post a pic, then change the numbers and I will post an update. Such modifications take seconds. Nose radius tail radius, height above C/L depth below C/L Length Position of max height Position of max depth Max thickness position of max thickness These are just a few of the parameters that can be adjusted in seconds. Dave
  11. I have very little experience with scanners. But what I have was not promising. I was unable to modify the scans with Catia. So, you are left with the scan data with little opportunity of dressing. My direction would be towards a CAD program. Measure up and create a model. The model will be available for modification in the future. Dave
  12. Most professional CAD systems are available through the torrent system. This is illegal on the face of it. BUT, do not break into a sweat. Companies like Dassau (Catia V5) rely on illegal copies of their software being circulated freely so that as many engineers as possible can become experienced with the CAD software. In fact, I have been freely handed discs of the latest software from Dassau engineers when they serviced the office I was working. Without practiced engineers to employ, why would a company spend exorbitant sums of money on software licenses. Free copies are essential to the system. If a large company tries to cheat and use 'illegal' copies, Dassau will take immediate and aggressive action, but single users have nothing to fear. An official Catia V5 license cost is in the thousands of dollars per seat, and the software cannot be bought for unlimited use, yet I have no problem downloading the latest unlimited licensed software. Do you think that these companies are not capable of eliminating such fraud! Of course they are not going to be seen to turn a blind eye, but in the background, the practice is encouraged. As for learning Catia V5, it is a complex system, designed to cater for all areas of industry. But, as a Google or YouTube search will reveal, there is an endless supply of tutorial material. I myself have 25 years experience, so I have long forgotten the learning difficulties, in fact I learn new things with virtually every project I undertake. I know you are ALL honest and above board citizens, but just think about the system; without experienced users, they cannot sell software. Example - I worked for a company that was cheap on the licenses. The system was lacking in the licenses that enabled the job to be performed efficiently. I actually used my laptop to perform the unlicensed operations, then copied the completed files back onto the company system. How silly is that! Dave
  13. Clemmy - that is about what I thought. Outsourcing would have a significant ramp-up time, and of course, the chances of the outsourced injection bait matching your original's action are remote. Your comment on quality control is spot on, and one of the BIG reasons that I would not go to China. By assembling units with my own team, I control the incentives. The China company incentives will be based on speed and NOT quality. Of course, I am in a very fortunate position to be able to assemble a team and train them myself at do-able costs, and keep a tight control on quality. The problem with the China bait; is that the wood prototype has to be redesigned in a hollow plastic form. BUT, to get it to work the same, the COG has to be in the same place. It is this step that the manufacturer will skip. You may just get lucky. Dave
  14. Thanks Curt. I would like to know about @KcDano. It has been 4 years since he last visited. Dan was a huge mentor for me in my early TU days. We exchanged more than a thousand PMs and hours of Skype chats. We brainstormed vortex theory, hunting and other projects. Hoping someone out there can help. Dave
  15. Max depth is the same as achieving max distance with a canon ball. If the attack angle is too shallow or too steep, the result falls short of expectations. The correct attack angle is solely dependent on the tow eye position. Dave
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