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  1. @eastman03 - Ha! They won't if previous contests are anything to go by Dave
  2. Vodkaman


    Yes, I still do the washing hands thing. The alcohol spray is extra, just like using sanitizer. I am going to arrange a meeting with the village chiefs and elders to get some rules written down for when things kick off here. At the moment it is just business as usual, kids playing outside, people chatting in groups, Mosques busy as normal. You wouldn't think there was a global pandemic going on. They will find out the hard way in three weeks time! Dave
  3. Vodkaman


    According to official numbers, Indonesia is only just getting started with around 700 cases nationwide in a population of 640M. However, I am not buying in to those numbers, I would say x10 or even x20, but no one is talking. I started taking precautions 3 weeks ago when it became obvious that the government were lying. I am using my stash of 75%ABV (150% proof) vodka in a spray bottle for hands and purchases. I hope this is enough. The biggest problem here is that a lock-down is not possible as most citizens live from day to day. If there is a lock-down, they lose their income and there are no social benefits. India has locked down, but the government has announced that they are going to support the poor. Indonesia better get their act together quick or we are in for a disaster that will make China and USA look like villages! Tough time y'all, stay safe. Dave
  4. Just because people make suggestions doesn't mean there are not other ways. The idea is to collect all the suggestions and then figure out the option that works for you. Good job Dave
  5. Eastman03 - You got it. Sorry if I pushed the two piece mold idea too hard (thanks Frank), it is just another option. Keep us posted. Dave
  6. Like Travis says, a two piece mold will solve your problem, easily done with a PoP mold. Once you have produced a few masters from the 2-piece mold, a one piece mold could be achieved. But if you reach that level of expertise, I see no reason for not sticking with two part molds. A far superior product. Dave
  7. Travis is spot on. In engineering it is called the draft angle. You have to be able to remove the master from the hard PoP mold. There are solutions to this dilemma. A soft clay master, but difficult to get a nice shape. A three layered master, were the center layer can be extracted first. Construct the wide parts with soft clay. Use your imagination. Once you have a soft plastic master, you can make a multiple pour PoP mold. Dave
  8. @Hillbilly voodoo is totally on the ball here. Do NOT try to skimp on molds, a lesson we all learn during the process. Initial prototyping with PoP is also an excellent suggestion, if nothing more than getting used to the process. Never dispose excess down the sink, just though I would throw that gem in there. The acetic acid cure silicone comes in the standard tube that you buy that cheap injector for, used for sealing baths and windows. You have to read the small print to see if it mentions acetic acid. If no mention then walk away. When you pour it, the smell of vinegar is very apparent. A splash of water mixed in will make it cure very fast. Do testing to get a feel for the product. Dave
  9. There are solutions to this problem. 1 - don't throw earlier prototype molds away. Cut them up, shred, and add to the mix. 2 - Buy acetic acid cure silicone. Mix with water. Cure and shred. Add to mix. Dave
  10. I am not talking lures here, but bait fishing. I have caught many fish in excess of 9Lb right through to 12.36Lb. Because of the deep body shape of the bawal fish, it offers great resistance to the strike action. Also, because of the nature of the man made ponds, I have to apply a lot of pressure to stop the fish passing through the aeration pipes that pass down the middle of the pond. My conclusion from my experiences from line breaks, and always using the latest in knot technology, is that the fish is capable of exerting a pull of 4x its weight. In my early days of fishing, it was all about using as light a line as possible. I almost landed a 10Lb carp on 2Lb line, almost, but that was what was necessary to get the fish to bite in the over-fished waters. In the ponds that I fish now, I have to use 30Lb line, with the drag set low, and a rod with way too much action, and still I get snapped. Fish can apply a force of 4x their weight is a good rule of thumb. Good technique, drag control and a quality rod action can minimize this effect. I have caught these fish on my lures, see my videos, with no damage to my screw eyes. I have done static 24 hour tests way in excess of these numbers, and a few dynamic tests with weight drops. Providing your body materials are up to the job, home made screw eyes are fine. If you insist on using aircraft standard 5Lb balsa then yes, through wire is necessary, but dense balsa, 0.3SG plus woods, screw eyes are fine. Figure out what you expect from your lure and perform tests. It is not difficult to do and will give you confidence. Dave
  11. CAD design the bait in halves and build in a sliding weight transfer system for ball bearings. This is a work in progress. Dave
  12. The hooks are a part of the ballast weight system, so yes, you may get away with no lead inside the body. It all depends on the size of the lure and the width of the body. If you are 3D printing then presumably your lure is designed on CAD. This gives you an advantage to get the lure balanced correctly before you even switch on the printer. You can model every piece of the hardware and assign materials to all the parts. You can calculate whether the lure sinks or floats and by how much. You can even calculate how the lure sits in the water. Dave
  13. Mine was totally down yesterday. I probably spilled some Corona on the keyboard. Dave
  14. We can hypothesize on the possible problems, but they will only be guesses. For a more meaningful analyses you MUST post photographs. We need a side, end and plan view of your lure. Photographs are allowed in this case, no worries Dave
  15. Mark is right. Attacking the problem mathematically, what frequency would you expect the lip to oscillate at, back and forth being one cycle? Looking at the body, I would estimate 1 - 2 cycles per second. Now let's look at the simple maths: Strouhal number St = f x d / v Where - f = frequency (Hz) d = width of lip metres (m) v = velocity (m/sec) St for a flat plate (lip) is between 0.12 ans 0.16. f = St x v / d St = 0.12 : v = 1m/s : d = 0.025m (1") St(0.12) = 4.8 cyc/s : St(0.16) = 6.4 cyc/s. Conclusions - the speed of the oscillations is way too fast, and so the tail section will barely vibrate. The boot works for a soft bait because of the very flexible connection which allows the boot to achieve its full movement at 4.8 cyc/s without restriction. On a hard bait, the movement is restricted to the movement of the hinge and the inertia of the rear section. The section barely moves one way before the lip forces reverse and moves the section back. Dave
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