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  1. 3D Printed molds

    That is an amazing offer. I hope someone takes you up on this opportunity. Good attitude I will chip in with some free CAD design work if anyone needs it, to support the above offer. DAve
  2. Full moon fishing

    Very nice video, enjoyed it a lot. I wonder what effect the solar eclipse has on fish. My guess is that the fish will go into a feeding frenzy, as they think they have missed supper. Dawn and dusk are catching times in my experience. Dave
  3. hello from the new guy

    I have just moved into a new place. I had plans to set-up shop again. I solved the ventilation problem, as my new shop would be out-doors, under the cover of an awning roof. Unfortunately, I have rediscovered my love of fishing, and do two competitions every day. They will not allow me to use lures, which was rather distressing, but it is still fun beating the locals. On average I win a prize 2 out of 3 days. Dave
  4. 3D Printed molds

    I design my molds with the injector built-in. For the first pour, I block off the exit of the injector cavity, and then fill the injector. This gives me my injector piston. Probably not a good idea for hot plastic, but I only pour resins, for which this method works perfectly. Dave
  5. 3D Printed molds

    I also use No3 for two part molds. I also design my mold master so that the two halves are identical, this way I only need one 3D printed master. Also, because all the silicone halves are identical, I don't need to match them as they are all the same. Dave
  6. Weight in a crankbait

    I totally agree with Rosko2 - eye position is probably the most powerful adjustment that you can make. This is a good one to experiment with and learn. Eye position is key to attaining depth. DAve
  7. Weight in a crankbait

    The only thing that I can add to the marvelous and knowledgeable comments above; is when you modify your bait to improve, change only one thing at a time and make a note of its effect. If you change more than one thing, you learn absolutely nothing because you do not know the effect that each individual modification had. Yes, it is a lot of work, but with each change, you EARN knowledge that will reap short-cuts in the future. An experienced designer/builder has a 'feel' for what needs to be done. This comes from the knowledge of what each adjustment will do. That is why I say 'Earn'. Pay now with the work and effort, earn the knowledge, and apply it freely in the future. Dave
  8. Lure Drying RPM

    Ha! - Probably a lot. They wouldn't notice, except for the desire to 'burp' at the top (swim-bladder expansion) Dave
  9. Making and selling senkos

  10. swimbait tail

    Mark - yes, I miss my test tank immensely. Dale - I worked on the suggestion that you are making many years ago, about vortices canceling or doubling. It does not work like that, in fact in my post, I am likely over simplifying. Vortices will adjust automatically to fit in with each other and form a system. Example: if you swim two lipped lures side-by-side, they will 'kick-in' at different points, they may naturally have slightly different cycle lengths, but they will swim in perfect unison. They form a system of balance; one swimming slightly faster than its natural period, the other slightly slower (my guess, not proven). DAve
  11. 2 Part Bondo Molds

    Good post Travis. Polyester has its place, as you say, particularly for prototyping and low production runs, which is all I ever do. I use floor polishing wax, purely because it is cheap and can buy by the kilo. A blast from the propane torch smooths everything out. This is prototyping, not fine detail. Dave
  12. Lure Drying RPM

    The speed is fine. Dave
  13. 2 Part Bondo Molds

    I will try that next time. Dave
  14. 2 Part Bondo Molds

    Baitjunkys - yes, that is my experience. The polyester mold (Bondo equivalent) softens when molding lead (in my case). I was still happy with the results which were non-dimensional critical, being ballast weights. If enough molds are made to allow for rotation and adequate cooling between pours, Bondo can work. Dave
  15. swimbait tail

    DaleSW - what you have mentioned is correct, but the boot still creates its own vortices. The idea is to minimize the vortices created at the front end so that you achieve pure waggle. A few years ago, I decided to combine both sets of vortices to try and create a hunting soft plastic swimbait. The idea was to have a bulbous nose to create significant vortices, these would change the direction of the lure on retrieval. The boot would create its own vortices and waggle independent of the nose vortices. The result did not quite achieve what I wanted, but the result is interesting. You can see the evidence of both sets of vortices. It is a strange, non-standard action, but I bet it would still catch fish. I still have the master, but I lost the mold somewhere along my house movings. I didn't have any plastisol, so this was poured with agar agar and glycerine (breaks too easily). Dave