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  1. I never did add dust collection to my table router. There are two methods; top fence or underside box. There are plenty of videos on YouTube. here is a good video explaining the underside box method. Dave
  2. I weigh my plaster molds on a gram scale. When the mold stops losing weight in the drying process then the mold is 'dry'. From personal experimentation; PoP loses weight at a constant rate, there is no gradual slowing down of the weight loss, so it is very easy to determine the dry point. I mention this because over drying in the oven can make the mold powdery. A cracked open oven works well, but the ideal rapid method is a warm box with fan circulation. I used 3x 100W incandescent (filament) bulbs as the heat source. If you make a lot of molds, this simple wood construction oven is worth building. Dave
  3. BBK - you are correct. I was thinking of a different type of blade with axial rotation Dave
  4. A immediate solution that will allow you to use your existing stocks of rings; grind the blades to reduce the edge distance to the hole. Not a popular solution I am sure, but the blade is under no load to speak of, and this operation should not affect function. Dave
  5. Azsouth - don't blame me, it's Smalljaw's fault Dave
  6. I did build a painting stand based on my tapered insert rods. It sat in a BIG bearing on the base for easy rotation. It actually rotated in 2 axes for total flexibility. But, I abandoned painting before ever trying it out. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with Dave
  7. Nwbass - Well, it does sound as though you have touched all the bases. I don't think they make SS rings, the material just wouldn't work. If your assembly speed is good (15 secs), then it is time to move on to other manufacturers and sizes. I can't think of any more ideas to try! Dave
  8. I too am liking the PVC cap idea. Very innovative, good thinking. I used the same principle with tapered clamp rods that pushed into holes on the wheel. But, I had to manufacture the rods. The 'cap' method will give a mounting sturdy enough for jointed swim-baits. I know this because I have used push-on joints on another project with sturdy success. Dave
  9. Smalljaw - I think you are right. In the early days I used to suffer sprung rings a lot. But, as my ring technique improved, the problem went away. Speed is always my motivation, I considered the ring assembly a challenge, to get the ring on with as few movements as possible. You also stated that it might 'sound stupid', and I agree. From an engineering point of view, it is a Young's modulus thing; exceed the bending limit and spring-back is incomplete. But it seems that time of stress is also relevant but I didn't think that such a short time would be significant. Obviously IT IS! I never did figure out why I had so many failures and none now, so thanks. Another thing that might improve the assembly is heat. I am not talking about using a flame as you might disturb the temper of the steel. I am suggesting gripping the ring with the split ring pliers without opening, dunking in boiling water for 5 seconds, then perform the assembly. If a few seconds make a difference, this may buy you a few more seconds. It won't cost anything to try. Dave
  10. rockyj2 - Yes.Gorilla wood glue is a PVA adhesive, same as Elmers. Dave
  11. I will likely use a flap lid with a couple of buckle connectors, these can be flipped open with one hand. Also, the connectors can be used for a completely removable shoulder strap should it ever be required. A couple of elasticated partitions for my leaky bait boxes to prevent them flipping over and making a mess.
  12. Google images have just about everything you need. I have used a couple for profiles. I can input the image into my CAD program and then trace around. Dave
  13. Five newborn kittens, unlimited supply of soft fur Dave
  14. Thanks Wayne. It is all knowledge whether from a book or experience. Which is better? - I would have to say experience. But, add the two together and you have something even more powerful. Dave
  15. This is a great project, I am enthused. I have made do with commercial bags to contain my fishing gear, none of which were very convenient. Also, the bag must be secured to my bicycle for transport. I don't have to walk more than 50yds and so shoulder straps are not necessary. It would be nice to have a more compact and robust carrier as my current bag (sports type) is way too big and flops all over the place. I will look at my gear and follow your lead. Thanks for posting this. Dave
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