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  1. Carbite - your question or statement was reasonable and of no issue. Welcome to TU and I do hope you stick around. You obviously have skills and experience. Dave
  2. Either you learn CAD and design your own bait or you pay a designer to do the job for you. No designer is going to sell you a design unless it is a design that he did for him/her self. The designer is contractually and morally obligated to protect the design work they did for a customer. You may get lucky, but I very much doubt it. Dave
  3. I was first stunned by the question raised by Carbite, but only for a second as I remember asking myself the same question every year. I even ask the selfish question ‘who are all these people that I have never heard of before’. So, this year I decided to do a little research and find out more: Out of the 18 prize winners: 8 new members, joined for the competition. 8 old members, who only use the gallery. 2 general members, Travis and Gekhang. This explains a lot. Gekhang only posts in rod and reel, so the only name that I recognized out of the prize winners was Travis who is
  4. Interesting video. I think I had the wrong idea about jerk baits, but I have never used one or built one. The video does demonstrate how the swim angle is relative to the retrieval speed, and backs up the argument that every lipped lure has a hunting speed, but this is just a side note. It looks like the most erratic action occurs when the lip is vertical, this too makes sense, as it is in this lip attitude that the hunt occurs. I guess it is nice for the lure to 'spring back' to horizontal, and for the lure to have a nice movement on a steady retrieve, but I think that these ar
  5. @Curt - RI - Next year, assuming you are not so discouraged by all the multi-entries and the PNG files, you need to force the entries through the rules page. I just pretended that I wanted to enter the competition and just signed up to TU. I see 'Lure Contest' just under the main blue bar at the top of the page. I click and the next page shows the bright red link to the contest entry section. 'Lure Contest Info' just puts me back in the same page as I am in now. I don't even need to click on 'RULES'. But, if I did, I see a lot of small print of your basic type rules, but I am to
  6. Oh god, please make March go away. Dave
  7. Dan - all good points that need consideration. More rules would have to be written, and we all know that a high proportion of competition entrants cannot read. More duplicate entries today! Dave
  8. Just to clarify, I am talking NEXT year's competition or beyond, and I am merely making suggestions. We currently have the 'Pretty' section in the hard baits category which I guess appeals to aesthetic crowds. But, TU should be about progress, R+D, lure development. I feel that these attributes of lure design are largely ignored. Yes, the hard water thing does make video a problem this time of the year, that is merely a timing issue. I just want the competition to mean something regarding lure progress. As things stand, this is an art competition. I want this competition and the TU s
  9. My opinion is that the competition for 2022 needs some revision. I am very sure that every member entering the competition has access to video. It is plainly obvious that competitors consider that a single image of their creation is simply not doing justice. Multiple views are allowed within a single JPEG image, but this idea too does not do the lure justice. I suggest that an optional video of no more that 20s in length is more than enough to demonstrate the aesthetics of a custom painted lure. For the actual functional lures, apart from the images or video of the aestheti
  10. The tank does not need to be a huge deal. It could be 3 sides 1/2" ply, a rebate to take the plastic panel on the narrow face. Lots of wood protection and sealant for the clear plastic sheet. Once the box tube is built and sealed, the base plate can be bolted/screwed on with a liquid gasket. Fit a tap into the design for draining, but I would keep it full and in a dark place, this will prevent algae. Note - weight of water 50Kg (110Lb). If this all sounds over the top then by all means stick with the bucket in the bathroom with the taped weights. I am sure you will have some success.
  11. If sink flutter is intended to be a feature of a bait then it must be worked in very early on in the process. Rough carvings to experiment with shapes to find their required sink rates. If this idea was to be a regular design feature then I would be looking at a specialized vertical test tank, something that you can video the fall and time the fall to get the rate. You will have to get your calculators out and do some Archimedes in order to be able to repeat the results consistently. Weight distribution is only important to get the horizontal fall, it can be concentrated or distribut
  12. That is how I have done it so far. It is VERY expensive. I have so many projects that require 3D printing that I am now looking for a printer. So far, unable to find anything locally but I have not looked very hard as yet. Import is not an option, Customs will double the cost of such an item. TU members have generously offered to print my stuff for me, but customs again will 'charge' me to such an extent that local printing services would be cheaper. I have about a dozen lure projects but so much more, a new design for a painless bicycle seat, a cheap medical ventilator, a humid
  13. Unfortunately no. That was around the time I was evicted and lost everything. My thinking hasn't changed much; I still think that cross section shape is important and fall rate is key. There is a minimum speed for those vortices to become regular but not necessary for at least some movement to be visible. The video below shows the whole story and makes things very clear. The minimum speed is dependent on the shape, but anything much greater than 4" to 6" per second should produce the desired effect. A wider body with a flatter belly should produce better effects. Dave
  14. I really showed my inexperience when I was living in Sweden. It was a glorious weekend, T-shirt and shorts. I decided to go up to the lake for a day of trout fishing. The last mile was an up hill hike, but the anticipation of a wonderful day was so exciting. As I climbed over the ridge the excitement turned to despair as I viewed 50 acres of ice. Dave
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