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  1. I would have a small tube chamber with 3 - 4 small steel balls in the front end for making the noise. I would fix the rear weight as that is the critical balance. Dave
  2. Moving weights in a spook is going to be problematic unless you use a steel ball and a magnet. Spooks should fly well anyway with their traditional weighting. I am currently designing a shifting weight lure, but I have a deep body and gravity in my favour. Dave
  3. JR - I remember our many discussions on the subject. Nailed it, you did good Dave
  4. I just paint black or white, depends if I shooting video. Dave
  5. Hey Voodoo, confusion is my job. Stay out of it Dave
  6. I can only go on what I see. With the tow eye so close to the front of the lip, the water forces will push the bait flat, and with nothing to keel the lure, it will likely turn over. Sorry if my observation offends. Dave
  7. I experimented with rear lips on one-piece baits. Interesting movements are available to the experimenter. Hope your pain subsides soon, and look forward to the video Dave
  8. Have you test swam this lure? Looks like 6' max to me, if that! Dave
  9. I would sooner do my own distribution. I have family in USA who would be glad of the extra income as a distribution center. Dave
  10. Shop mark-ups are outrageous! We're the ones doing the work and taking the risks! Dave
  11. The mold maker needs CAD data to create the mold. Either you provide the CAD model or he creates it from the sample that you provided. Once the mold maker has this data you are at his mercy. He doesn't need to make a mold to sell on, he could simply sell the CAD data or the NC driving data. Hypothetically; if a mold company was snowed under with work or a more lucrative job came in, he might sub-contract your job to a second company, providing them with the electronic design. Once again, your design control is lost. Strangely enough, it is not about providing the best, confidential service to the customer, it is about making money. This is not a racist comment, and not all Chinese are crooks out to rip you off, but it is ALL about the $$$ at the end of the day. If making that dollar means trampling your fragile business sensibilities, well too bad! This if the general Chinese psych, everyone who does business with Chinese companies know this fact, not just Americans. Dave
  12. Good read, thanks. Dave
  13. Yes, China has contracts, agreements, laws, and just like USA, has a whole money generating industry of lawyers, courts, solicitors to support the system. China is just like the USA, except they speak another language and are located on the other side of the planet. Just like dealing with patent laws, if you intend to defend your rights, you best set aside some money for the purpose, because just like USA, lawyers do not work for free. Dave
  14. I do have a swimbait, 6 section, in my arsenal, it looks quite good but not interested. Swimbaits are fairly easy to make, most people do not realize. Dave
  15. Wise words indeed. There is no way I could afford the risk. I could certainly do 10K using low production techniques, but the materials would not reach the standards expected by the customers. The lures would certainly perform, but the rock resistance would not be as good as polycarbonate. But, I am talking about a shallow swimmer. This is a hypothetical thread in any case, just to table awareness of the possibilities and the options. Dave
  16. Capt - I am going by the data that I have extracted from my CAD models. Believe me, I would like the wall thickness to be greater. I am now looking at a design modification that will give me a 3mm joining face and allow me to make the wall surface 1.5mm I haven't modeled it yet. For my project, I have specific requirements were the COG and COB are positioned. These are proving tedious to manipulate into position. This lure would be impossible by trial and error. Basically, the shape of the body is controlled by my engineering requirements, and this includes the wall thickness. The final result may well have to be a compromise and hope it is close enough to theory to still work. The injection molding company may well come back stating the minimum thickness that they are prepared to inject without failures. Has anyone taken apart a 2-piece body, I would be interested in knowing the wall thickness of a successful commercial body. Dave
  17. I have made it so thick that pouring was not possible due to thickness. I used a cake injector to pour the mold, achieving a material density of 0.65g/cm3 using polyester resin. Yes, the material was brittle, but certainly usable. Just don't drop the bare body on a tiled floor. I guess it all depends if you are going to be regularly throwing onto rocks, and even then, the velocity is significantly reduced by the trailing line. My point is that dropping from a 2nd story window would be an unrealistic test. Once the epoxy topcoat has been applied, the resistance to shock is improved. Are your numbers by weight or volume? I documented mine by weight, and I can tell you that by volume, the percentage was way higher than 50%. Dave
  18. Technically yes you could. Your problem is going to be getting the wall thickness thin enough to even get the lure to float, let alone support any ballast. On CAD, I have given my 3" prototype a 2mm wall thickness, and it can only carry 6g of ballast for a 28g (1oz) lure. Molding will not be an issue, but you will have to create a master for both halves which could present an issue of symmetry. Dave
  19. Capt Mike - Yes, hollow plastic, molded in two halves and glued together. By working with polyester resin, you can fairly accurately simulate the polycarbonate injection with minimum cost outlay. This allows you to make fine adjustments before committing the BIG $$$ to tooling. Dave
  20. They both look correct to me, you can zoom right up close for clarity. TO me, the one on the right is sitting concave side up on the table. Of course, could be an optical illusion. Dave
  21. I have just bought a kilogram of 0.8mm (0.031") SS304 wire. It pulls in 5Kg fish no problem. Dave
  22. Vodkaman

    paint mixer

    If I painted, my solution would be a permanent 24/7 movement, such as a turning wheel. After the initial hand mix when new, the wheel would not allow the paint to ever settle. Dave
  23. " The blades are offset in front of each other about an inch with the lower blade being first in line and then just behind above the head and hook the main blade on the upper wire." To me, it reads that the lower blade is being affected by the turbulence from the head and hook. The blade needs clean flow in order to function correctly. Dave
  24. You figured it out, good engineering. As I was reading, I was going to suggest a 0.5mm CSK, obviously not necessary now. DAve
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