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  1. I use Alclad Chrome. Spray your bait with a black primer. I set it with hair dryer and then spray the alclad. Use it full strength and dont dilute.
  2. I use Alcad Chrome. Spray your bait with a black primer. I set it with hair dryer and then spray the alcad. Use it full strength and dont dilute.
  3. sorry my mistake. the mold came from basstackle.
  4. the mold came from bears baits and has one hole. i went ahead and ordered an injector. thanks for the help.
  5. bought a 6 cav. 2" curly tail crappie jig mold (alum). tried to hand pour but the tails wont pour. seems its going to take some force. do i need to buy an injector or try and heat the mold a little before pouring?
  6. Rustimus

    fine lines

    how do you get your airbrush to spray fines lines without just using a stencil? Iwat. brush
  7. Rustimus

    x scales

    I've noticed on some of the foil baits and sometimes even on non-foiled baits, they have a "x" looking scale pattern. How is this accomplished? My only scales are put on using the ole bridal veil system and this doesnt work for foil.
  8. Ok guys here's my first 3 baits. I would appreciate any helpful ideas in improvement.
  9. thanks guys--where can I buy frisket paper?
  10. I'm really having a heck of a time learning this air brush painting. I have 4 different air brushes (2) Iwa. (1) badger (1)speedaire. I can get the solid painting down pretty good but the detail (striping, gills, etc.) is giving me a fit. I cant seem to get the lines thin enough. Tried lowering air pressure but still seem to spray way too wide. Maybe I should stick to buying baits-lol
  11. I have both a single action and dual. I was using the single action.
  12. Okay here's some questions from a true rookie. Working on my first paint job and its not going well. Basecoated with createx op. white-2nd coat flor. yellow-sprayed black scale-backbone black. Here's the problems-when spraying scale had a lot of overspray and some intitial spotting. Do I need to thin the paint? Air pressure is at 20-pasc. brush and finally any tips on cleaning the brush-seems to take forever. thanks guys
  13. Where can I find out what createx colors to mix to get the green like on the "Tennessee Shad".
  14. how long do you stir the devcon or do you go by when it clears?
  15. vodaman, you lost me at acetate-lol. but it sounds good
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