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  1. StoneCoal Tackle

    Some lures I have made in the past.

    Love this lure! Happy to have it in my collection
  2. StoneCoal Tackle

    Haven't Been On Here Forever.................

    ........the board has changed a bit since I've been here but I still see all the old familiar faces. I have been away from the lure hobby for a year or so......been messing with my old cars instead. Just thought I'd stop by and say hello and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.....hope Ol'Santa is good to ya!
  3. StoneCoal Tackle

    Painting with nail polish?

    ........go for it! Nail polish makes great paint, I've got tons of it sitting around. I pick it up at yard sales for next to nothing and the colors are endless. I've found some of the best "bloody" reds on the planet for gills etc. Heres one from my gallery pics Tackleunderground Home - Luremakers Photo Gallery - Hand Carved Slow Sinker Good luck and post up some pics for us. Carve on, daymon
  4. StoneCoal Tackle

    Borrowed and "New" Design

    Anthony, good looking bait man! Very cool shape and that red really rocks!
  5. StoneCoal Tackle

    airbrush or hand painting?

    .......I don't know if I'd call it the old fashioned way but if you check out my gallery photos you'll see lures painted with everything from a brush to Q-tips to tooth picks and rattle cans but none of them are airbrushed. Not that I have anything against an airbrush, I just don't own one.
  6. StoneCoal Tackle

    Lures For Display

    Do a search for lure stands on eBay and it should turn up some of those lucite stands. I've seen some made of bent wire that are pretty neat to. With the wire ones you don't notice the stand so much. Don't have a pic but one could experiment with some wire and come up with something that would work. Whittler, that lure in a bottle idea is the coolest display I've seen lately! Cool idea for sure!
  7. StoneCoal Tackle

    bubble Float Lures??????????????

    Pete, that is the coolest little family of fishes I've seen in a long time! Neat idea for sure.
  8. StoneCoal Tackle

    new bluegill pattern it "just another bluegill" if you want but that is a good looking lure! Any way you do them from animated folkart to photo finish, bluegill is one of my favorite color schemes.
  9. StoneCoal Tackle

    7" Little Clone

  10. StoneCoal Tackle

    first prop/crankbait

    That is one sweet looking lure! I like the profile and the carving details are a very nice touch.
  11. StoneCoal Tackle

    New Spoon Models

    Great looking spoons Diemai, makes me want to grab some sheet stock and a hammer! These will surely produce for you.
  12. StoneCoal Tackle

    Smallest trout ever!

    Love them small baits! Nice details on this one.
  13. StoneCoal Tackle

    Whats on your work bench right now

    .......dust...............lots of dust. Too much real life and not enough free time!
  14. StoneCoal Tackle

    Heres where I play

    Nice shop!
  15. StoneCoal Tackle

    Hand carved eel

    Milia, thanks for the kind words. It's been awhile since I've posted anything so it's nice to have someone notice my work. Thanks, daymon