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  1. rhahn427

    Sometimes we overthink...

    I LOVE IT!!!
  2. Just use a screw eye ........ much easier
  3. rhahn427


    Check out the California Air compressors ......... in expensive and very quite. I have several compressors but I only use the California air and Silentaire because of the noise of the others. I really have to listen to make sure the Silentaire is on but it is more expensive.
  4. rhahn427

    Sents For Sand Crab

    They make crab scent
  5. Classifieds has a pusher selling drugs. I touched contact us and sent a message many hours ago and it’s still there. NICE!
  6. rhahn427

    40 page Tutorial

    Sorry for the fire ......... glad everyone was able to get out
  7. rhahn427

    40 page Tutorial

    Please Please Please repost it ............. Please
  8. rhahn427

    Painting ES Molds

    Thanks guys
  9. rhahn427

    Painting ES Molds

    What do you guys use to paint the inside of ES Molds that I’ve seen some guys do to make the lures smooth.
  10. Sent an email saying I would take them (rhahn427)


  11. rhahn427

    Deer Tails in bulk

    Looking for sources for bulk purchases of deer tails
  12. rhahn427

    Tube Diping

    Second in line
  13. rhahn427

    Bear's Baits update.

    Please say hello from all of us and please tell him we are all praying for him. He has been a friend and inspiration to everyone. We can't imagine a world without his help. GO BEAR ........ We're all pulling for him !!!!!!!
  14. rhahn427

    Do it Lead Molds Sale/Trade

    If that's 2 molds and hooks for $30 then I'll take them
  15. rhahn427

    Would this work for powder paint?

    Anglinarcher was asking about the electrostatic one ........ That's what I was referring to sorry for the confusion. The etcher in the original post would probably work as long as you heat the lure to over 300 degrees but you may have to make sure the nozzle opening is not too large