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  1. Worm molds for sale

    Payment sent
  2. Sent an email saying I would take them (rhahn427)


  3. Deer Tails in bulk

    Looking for sources for bulk purchases of deer tails
  4. Tube Diping

    Second in line
  5. Bear's Baits update.

    Please say hello from all of us and please tell him we are all praying for him. He has been a friend and inspiration to everyone. We can't imagine a world without his help. GO BEAR ........ We're all pulling for him !!!!!!!
  6. Do it Lead Molds Sale/Trade

    If that's 2 molds and hooks for $30 then I'll take them
  7. Would this work for powder paint?

    Anglinarcher was asking about the electrostatic one ........ That's what I was referring to sorry for the confusion. The etcher in the original post would probably work as long as you heat the lure to over 300 degrees but you may have to make sure the nozzle opening is not too large
  8. Would this work for powder paint?

    That powder painter works by electrifying the thing you want to powder paint. It is made for larger metal parts. The powder paint for lures is made to use heat to apply powder paint. Most people just heat and dip into powder paint or sprinkle to give second color accents
  9. Bear's Baits update.

    Thanks Bear for all that you have done for all of us .......... Prayers for a complete recovery sent
  10. I'll take the $30 Mudbug if it is available 


    payment sent .... Pls use the pp shipping address and send tracking

    1. RSullivan



      I was stuck at work today (Friday) and could not ship it.

      I will attempt to ship it tomorrow (Saturday) if I can find a post office that is open (I live in a very rural area, nearest Post Office is about 20 Miles from me).

      If I fail Saturday I will certainly ship it on Monday.


    2. RSullivan


      Tracking USPS 9505513690167114070741

  11. I'll take the $30 Mudbug if it is available 

    1. RSullivan


      I still have it.

      PayPal: RobMandan@Outlook.com


  12. yamamoto 956 color recipe

    What did you use for the top color
  13. I'll take the mold

  14. Patriots Streamer !

    Where's the cheater hook ......... Lol
  15. any cricut users

    They come with a program that allows you to import just about anything. There are also a ton of cartridges and programs that allow you to do almost anything you want. There are a ton of you tube videos on it.