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  1. Can you please take them again and post. I love your tutorial but pics make it easier to understand
  2. They don’t seem to be the same
  3. Can u please share your source. I’m sure there are others that would like to get some too.
  4. Yeah ....... now it works for me too. Earlier it kept saying that the link was broken. I love the video and idea. Thanks
  5. I’d love to see it but The link doesn’t work. What group is it in
  6. I love that duplicator ........ do you have plans you could post
  7. rhahn427

    Blade Bait Inserts

    Pm sent for the mold and large blades
  8. Try this site https://www.facebook.com/groups/337976016943741/ I think Garcia Rosa does them for people too.
  9. Does Anyone have a weight forward spinner mold they want to part with. I prefer the Erie Dearie mold but I can use others that are out there.
  10. I think thieves should be skinned alive and then drawn and quartered
  11. rhahn427

    Tokyo rig

    I’ve built and used the Tokyo rigs and they work. I bought the long stem swivels from China and I like them because it allows the lure to rotate 360 degrees with little resistance and a little better action without line twist. I actually make mine with ear ring stops to hold the weight where I want it for different purposes and so I can change weights as needed quickly without having to bend the wire ends. It also allows the weights to pull off if snagged.
  12. Thanks ............. but How do you know if you mixed the right amount of dye to get the color you want when it is cloudy
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