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  1. rhahn427

    Magnum Buzz Blades

    I’ll take 10
  2. Soooooo Bassmaster .......... you send in an order and pay for it ......... THEN YOU ASK IF THE COMPANY IS REPUTABLE? ......... REALLY? Not too bright guy. I am suspicious. It seems like this is a set up to bring shade on a good company. I have molds from just about every manufacturer. This company has a great reputation and provides good molds at the best prices ........ you just have to wait longer. I highly suggest you ask these questions BEFORE buying. It will make you look smarter and not bring shade to a reputable company. jus sayin
  3. Soooooo sorry ......... RIP bro
  4. Me please rhahn427@yahoo.com
  5. Is this the same as trim board? If not where do you get it
  6. rhahn427

    1/2 oz perch bibbit mold

    I’ll take them if they are still available since this was listed in 2015.
  7. All I can say is Good Luck Brother. I sold 1 boat. Now I have 1 boat, 2 Yaks and a canoe along with every lure and equipment you can imagine and it still didn’t help. I even have custom made surf fly rods.
  8. Just hope it doesn’t happen to you too. If I had an opportunity to fish on Saturday, I wouldn’t sleep from Wed to Saturday ........ be on the water before light and upset when the sun went down. About 15 years ago, I began to lose my passion for fishing so I decided to build everything I fished with. Well ....... I had a ball buying everything there is for building fishing rods and lures and learning how to build them. Now I have about everything there is for building them but I still don’t have the passion back. Don’t get me wrong, I still catch good fish but I still don’t have my passion back and IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!
  9. Can you please take them again and post. I love your tutorial but pics make it easier to understand
  10. They don’t seem to be the same
  11. Can u please share your source. I’m sure there are others that would like to get some too.
  12. Yeah ....... now it works for me too. Earlier it kept saying that the link was broken. I love the video and idea. Thanks
  13. I’d love to see it but The link doesn’t work. What group is it in
  14. I love that duplicator ........ do you have plans you could post
  15. rhahn427

    Blade Bait Inserts

    Pm sent for the mold and large blades
  16. Try this site https://www.facebook.com/groups/337976016943741/ I think Garcia Rosa does them for people too.
  17. Does Anyone have a weight forward spinner mold they want to part with. I prefer the Erie Dearie mold but I can use others that are out there.
  18. I think thieves should be skinned alive and then drawn and quartered
  19. rhahn427

    Tokyo rig

    I’ve built and used the Tokyo rigs and they work. I bought the long stem swivels from China and I like them because it allows the lure to rotate 360 degrees with little resistance and a little better action without line twist. I actually make mine with ear ring stops to hold the weight where I want it for different purposes and so I can change weights as needed quickly without having to bend the wire ends. It also allows the weights to pull off if snagged.
  20. Thanks ............. but How do you know if you mixed the right amount of dye to get the color you want when it is cloudy
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