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  1. handmade lure

    well said sir........
  2. More progress made

    great job
  3. Holographic fish scales

    Thank you all for the tips.. .
  4. Holographic fish scales

    Love this thank you......
  5. Clear coat for acrylic and

    Thank you sir I appreciate any help and I would gladly pay have a blessed day
  6. Clear coat for acrylic and

    Sir I talked to him and tried to convince him a cheaper way to do this because I didn't have enough hardware and he wants them like we discussed you bring up a good point and I believe you are right about this but he is wanting them anyway I can do it so as correct as you are I'm going to give him the same proclamation and tell him I am no longer responsible for anything that happens after they leave my sight thank you for the insight I appreciate it very very much.......
  7. Clear coat for acrylic and

    Hello fellow fishermen and builders. I have been make wood top water baits by hand for 16 years and I handpainted with acrylics and use rattle cans. I have been asked by a good friend to make 40 to 50 lures for some kids in welfare and governmental agencies to give them a start into fishing and he wants simple lures and not a lot of expense. I have enough wood but not enough supplies and ideas what I want to ask is do you have know of an inexpensive clear coat I can use on acrylic and enamel painted wood lures that's pretty durable? I have 2 to 3 weeks to do this and he wants me to donate them I'm on a monthly check so I'm thin on money so I need something inexpensive and if anyone has anything they are on overstocked on or you don't use anymore likw hooks...screweyes..etc. that you would trade or sell fairly cheap please help me I will even give you recognition. I'm needing anything. I'm building around what I got so they will have an assortment of lures.thanks in advance but if this is not allowed I apologize for posting many thanks and have a great weekend....
  8. Angle

    thank you BobP,Lurenerd and Mark Poulson
  9. Angle

    How do you know what angle to cut bill slot and is the bill cut wider than bait to get more wobble
  10. Angle

    How do you determine angle of bill on crankbait
  11. Angle

    How do you determine angle of bill on crankbait
  12. Jitterbug Lip

    Im trying to fid the angle to place the bills. I use 2 colorado spinner blades side by side makes a perfect bill
  13. Eye Sizes

    i agree!!!!!
  14. Home-Designed Lure Model Named Popdiver

    awes0me and a genious your work is out of this world!!!!!!!
  15. Wooden Lure Templates