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  1. wire twist on jig eye

    A Hagens wire former will do this and many other things such as making your own wire forms for spinnerbaits,, buzzbaits, in lines and others.
  2. Wake me to the Bone

    Nice, glad to see you are still around.
  3. Swimbait designing/evolution

    would like to sea a pic of it
  4. Making Crankbait Lips

    sure wish you the best of luck with these Little Earls. I still have a few of those Little Earls both sinkers and floaters. They were/are great little crank baits. Hope you do bring them back. John
  5. Bluegill

    That is just awesome!
  6. Blank Crankbait Body Links

    I wipe the whole bait and bill with a clean rag/paper towel which has been doused with acetone. this really gets rid of most of the haze/cloudiness. Let it dry then grip the line tie with forceps and dip the whole bait bill and all in AC1315 concrete sealer, let it drip and shake off excess then hang and let dry. I do about 12 hours I have found that placing a small heater about a foot in front of them greatly expedites the curing time. Use paper towel to dab excess sealer that slides down to the rear hook hanger. The bait and bill will be crystal clear after curing. John
  7. Shimmer Shad

    this stuff looks like very thin/fine flat strips plastic or mylar or a similar material held/bound/woven together with something that looks like a fine spider web. I have no idea what it is. I Think the next time I use it I will pass a flame over the edges as Richard suggested and I believe they may melt away I like the effects of it and will continue to tinker with it until I get something that I am very happy with. I bought the material at Walmart, it is very thin and translucent until I put it over a dark background or shine a light directly on it.
  8. Shimmer Shad

    Chuck, Richard and Buz, all good ideas any one of them will most likely take care of my problem. Thanks for your input and helpful suggestons. Thats why I like TU! John
  9. Shimmer Shad

    IIt looks like a flat thread, I jut put the second coat of D2T on and I can see a few of the threads sticking through it. Thanks for that suggestion. I have a hot knife for cutting decals, that should work. Again, thanks. John
  10. Shimmer Shad

    Same lure, different angle
  11. Shimmer Shad

    The color you see is determined by the angle from which it is viewed. Could not get video clip to load.
  12. Shimmer Shad

    My video is to large, it will not let me upload. Sorry I will make a smaller one in the morning and try again. John
  13. Shimmer Shad

    Don't know what happened to the video, will try again
  14. Shimmer Shad

    Anyone ever put cloth on the side of a crank bait? Quite some time ago, I purchased some cloth that had a very shimmerey flash to it when held up to the light. It was very thin. I made a crank and glued the cloth to the sides of it. Well the cloth had small stiff little threads where I cut it out and I could not get them to lay smooth/flat against the sides of the crank and the protruded through the epoxy top coat. I did manage to catch a few bass on it before it started shedding the top coat. A few days ago while looking for something else, I came across this cloth and decided to take another stab at it. So far it is looking like it might work. I used 3m contact cement this time, hopefully it will do a better job. Just wanted to show how the sides change colors as it rotates on the dryer. Will post a pic in then gallery when they are finished. John
  15. Lead Mat Buster Molds , Cant Find !

    Mark, I think it would be possible but would be very slow going. I cut grooves in bullet weights all the time with a hack saw but I think it would take a long time to form an egg sinker into the shape he is looking for. I make a skirted lead bullet weight by chucking a bullet weight in my drill press with pointed end down. Raise the table up so that the cone end is inside the hole of the table and just enough of a gap between the table and the three jaws of the chuck to slide two hacksaw blades on a frame in against the weight. I then turn it on and apply a little pressure and pull on the saw handle I have the blade teeth so that it cut as I am pulling the saw torward me. It cuts a nice groove in the weight that allows me to tie a couple tabs of silicone around it. One of the advantages of this that I never thought about when I started making them is that It doesn't snag nearly as much as a bullet weight without a skirt. John