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  1. Baby Bass Plopper

    did you paint it or it's a printed image ?
  2. Sworming Hornets Craft Hair Tie

    it would look less good with deer hair but it would move way better than this fake hair
  3. 16lb Foam Questions.

    i will have to try them.do you know if flow have some ??
  4. 16lb Foam Questions.

    george nice bait did you make your mold out of an invincible?
  5. Kbs clear dip

    like bob said 5 min epoxy is a big no no.
  6. gold and silver paint

    out of all the brands out there who make the shiniest gold and silver? something that can be use over acrylic paint only. for now i have createx and auto-air and aztek i think aztek seems to be the best out of the 3 but im sure someone know something brighter
  7. sound really good for a lazy guy like me,no sanding or anything like that .product is called superclean .i have not testing it yet,maybe someone have?if it can remove paint from a quickfish then it sound promising
  8. Foil On Etex Instructions

    mate cheers
  9. clear pearl film

    doe's anyone know here can i get that ?unfortunately the guy is a Japanese that can't say a single word of English lol.anyone speaking japanese here ? iv'e google all kind of name to find that but i have not find anything that nice
  10. Foil On Etex Instructions

    tks a lot.it turn really sweet .that thing is not easy to find i found just 2 at amazon.does anyone have any other source for holo foil that is really thin?
  11. simple question for zinsser bin users

    i guess dipping and airbrush gun is just about speed nothing more? cheers
  12. simple question for zinsser bin users

    would you trust the advanced based at this test ? it look really solid for something put over varnish ,it smell almost nothing,just like latex paint.tks for your reply
  13. sorry to ask question again ,even if everybody is talking about zinsser bin i have never seen anyone talking about bin advanced,that's why i think i made a mistake.i just got this one which is bin advanced shellac https://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/zinsser/primer-sealers/b-i-n-advanced-synthetic-shellac-primer-white is that the one everybody's talking about to use with acrylic and thinned epoxy ? at that price i hope it's the good one. would you use a paint brush or a foam brush (sponge on a stick)? cheers
  14. was looking to get info about psi so i make a search but it look like the word is too small.does anyone know a trick?