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  1. ddl


    i hope i'll be able to paint like it .imo it's your nicest one
  2. ddl

    Blade Baits

    lol that's what happen when i look eyes closed
  3. ddl

    Blade Baits

    all the blades came from 2 giant shop.one of them is http://www.lakelandinc.com they were selling small quantity to guys without co.my last order was 5 years ago maybe it change ? .let me know good luck
  4. ddl


  5. ddl

    musky bait 33.jpg

    look your pm
  6. ddl

    musky baits19.jpg

  7. ddl

    musky baits19.jpg

    btw i hope you will post another pict once clear coated. is that a green of your creation or it just came out of the bottle like it?
  8. ddl

    musky bait 33.jpg

    really sweet especially the entire head with the shadow .i have some really sweet natural eyes to give you. let me know if you want to see them cheers keep posting them !
  9. ddl

    musky baits19.jpg

    as usual .he can't do no wrong
  10. ddl

    Lisa and eds eyes

    to give you an idea i have been fully refund by paypal . nathan i understand that it's not an easy subject to deal with,especially when it's about a co that is giving money for the forum. i understand it and i really appreciate the fact that you give us the possibility to talk about good and less good transaction .btw i can give you the paypal proof if you want .it will be a pleasure . ive go the wrong color and he simply ask my to pay for all the shipping which would have been 30 usd ,that's totally ridiculous especially when it's not my fault.by chance paypal is there .and i didn't talk about the fact that my order have been shipped 6 days after payment ....... it look like im out of luck for eyes the 6060 eyes co is now closed. quality was top notch and clara was a really fun woman to deal with cheers
  11. ddl


    BADger really cheap
  12. ddl

    beads into paint bottle ?

    did you add some stainless steel beads or something else when you've got bottle like createx that doesn't have some ? what size should be the best for 4 oz bottle ?
  13. ddl


    another sweet paint job.really unique style