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  1. hey ju just for fun how many different colors did you use for that beauty ?
  2. ddl

    Threadfin shad

    the guy that gave you 1 star for this is obviously jealous or a pure mongoloid lol
  3. ddl

    Mega lipless 5"

    thanks,it look like i will need to get another product
  4. ddl

    12” cedar musky bait

    mate btw ive got near zero experience at crankbaits construction , but after more than 20 years of musky fishing i have seen lots of bait getting destroyed in the net. from biggame to rapala fmag18,wiley . these lil bitch don,t fight hard but they trash hard once they are netted. continue to post pics i look all of them and the one from your friend eyes
  5. ddl

    Imposter Perch.jpg

    you kidding, it look even nicer.hosebait paint look pretty basic to stay polite
  6. ddl

    Rainbow bait.jpg

    awesome as usual
  7. ddl

    Mega lipless 5"

    gj ,kind of paint job that look ever nicer when ypou got it in front of you
  8. ddl

    12” cedar musky bait

    the upper slit part look too thin, if you bang rock at 4 mph plus or if a big fish trash hard in the net it will break. but it is a damn nice lure. just a simple observation from a musky angler. drilling the lips over the head would probably look less sexy but it would be more solid and maybe it would swimm a bit like a believer
  9. one of the best painter for sure.its almost like a real one
  10. btw sorry for caps guys ,for some reason when ive past the word polytranspar it turn the rest into big words
  11. bob did you have ever tried autoborn sealer white. just would like to know if the poly is better than that ,because that what ive got. tks dinger did you got pics somewhere ?
  12. does anyone could share pics of a lure that have been painted with polytranspar ? im looking for some good paint to do walleyes
  13. Sand plus white would be my guess
  14. im not a pro but i really like the golden high flow and wicked
  15. you should give a try to artresine a lot more clear and more durable.and it smell almost nothing at all
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