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  1. Trollingbait.jpg

    sweet it move a lil bit like a believer shallow setting.a good esox lure for sure.love your iron cross tattoo,but swastika is nicer imho ru you in america? cheers happy new year
  2. Trollingbait.jpg

    do you have a vid of the action of it?
  3. Cedar squarebills

    Clean!simplicity is far to be something bad for fish
  4. gold and silver paint

    are you the guy that is making beaver tail or something like that?your big bullets head look really nice is that a custom mold?
  5. big lure holder?

    ddl a simple "I don't see a photo:, would have sufficed. The link is to google pics, supposed to be able to share photos. Simply posting photos to this site got me limited out and the system refused to accept any more. What do you see when you click on the link? relax you will live a longer and better life
  6. big lure holder?

    my god so many guys that cannot post a pictures lol tks for trying
  7. gold and silver paint

    now you got it.tks mate!
  8. gold and silver paint

    Cant't see them,does anyone else also got this problem?
  9. gold and silver paint

    thanks a lot for sharing these picts and of course for taking the time to make that test.i really like golden co.i have just one bottle from them and i'l be happy to buy more because imho it's more user friendly than any createx product i have so far cheers!
  10. big lure holder?

  11. 6 inch cedar bait

    another master piece no bs,no useless details.im sure musky would smash that
  12. Trollinbait.jpg

    wow very sweet .does it move erratically a lil bit like a kwickfish?
  13. gold and silver paint

    tks a lot!