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  1. fluorescent?

    here is the email i just got from createx,i think it's a good info to share whit everyone Thank you for contacting Createx Colors. Please find attached our application guides. All fluorescent colors, including ours, are not lightfast as what makes them fluoresce, emit light , is that the pigment is decaying. Therefore, the color will eventually fade. The paint is made with a durable resin, so the coating doesn’t fial in the long-term, its just that fading is inevitiable.
  2. fluorescent?

    it's semi transparent.what org fluo brand did you use for woodie?
  3. Prepping plastic for paint?

    hey mark what brand of paint work best for plastic?
  4. fluorescent?

    I just get a new iwata eclipse it was gun fault,real trash from pawnshop needle and nozzel was no good there was also a nozzel cap from another model,really not something to buy used .at least not for a noob like me.yes paint was aztek. tks for the good words
  5. fluorescent?

    omg they were at 2 dollars per bottle at michaels,ive completely forgget your message and ive get just the gold and try it without a mask heart was pumping fast and lung and throat were kind of irritated lol.they sell out of all there airbrush materiel .there was nice copper and purple i think i'll get these two but there was not fluo at all.it smell really ad vs createx.do you like their metallic colors like gold ,silver etc better than createx?does it worth that horrible smell?
  6. fluorescent?

    yeah anyway if they are good they dont last for 10 years.yesterday i give my first test whit my eclipse at 40 psi,it was createx black but reduced by only 1 or 2 percent,at almost lowest triggering possible sometimes paint come out sometimes it don't ,lines were not continuous .is that an hardware trouble or paint or operator trouble ? btw my iwata is not new.look easy but it's not
  7. Createx Airbrush Thinning?

    so from what i see reducer can be also used as a cleaner?strange no?
  8. fluorescent?

    was going to buy createx airbrush colors red and orange fluorescent but here is what i've just seen from createx website The color’s fluorescence is due to the pigment being in a rapid state of decay.Fluorescent colors are not intended for permanent finishes. is that true even if it's sealed? if that doesn't work were im gonna find that kind of color out of createx airbrush colors?? it already begin to be a lot more complicated than what i tough ,by chance this forum and some good users exist. ps to make sure there will be no confusion i don't look at some glow in the dark paint
  9. createx

    do you think createx thinner worth the price vs homemade mix?
  10. createx

    yeah i think it's like you said,trial and error and i think i'll get hundreds of home made concoction to thin it. i'll try to see what most youtubers use.thanks
  11. createx

    strictly for a viscosity point of view doe's that one have to be thinned ?the result that i want is simple i want the same colors that i see on the bottle over my wooden baits lol.
  12. createx

    does that thing have to be used right out of the bottle or water have to be added just to help the paint to move out at the best way possible?this is opaque soi guess water is out of question ? http://www.artistsupplies.com/createx-createx-fluorescent-violet-2oz.html
  13. Cedar perch

    tuff to add less than 5 stars on that super perch.almost nicer than the one created by mother nature
  14. cedar baits

    what did you add there?
  15. search

    is that possible to make a search at just one specific section? ive try it even with advance option but i dont work heeeeeelp tks