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  1. perch12.jpg

    how long is the body without the lip ?
  2. walleye diver3.jpg

    another master piece.pure porn ! i hope you will continue to post them
  3. Titanium Shad

    another nice colors that we never see
  4. 41C0F84F-796E-4E5A-B035-DF4E56C2A55F.jpeg

    first time i see that it look so nice but im not so sure what's the transparent base ??do you have ever used any other of colors of these ?
  5. 41C0F84F-796E-4E5A-B035-DF4E56C2A55F.jpeg

  6. 41C0F84F-796E-4E5A-B035-DF4E56C2A55F.jpeg

    could you telling me the name of the kind of blueish colors paint near the back ? look sexy
  7. perch12.jpg

    another beauty
  8. perch11.jpg

    cedar i guess?
  9. perch11.jpg

    is that a perchbait or a wooden blank ? another super sweet lure,we don't see lures that nice every day
  10. perch9.jpg

    omg 5 stars for sure
  11. guys i was looking for a cheap fiberglass or e glass.7.7 -8 ' pwer med hvy , act fast ,lure 2 -11 oz.something like a twc extreme or a tiger rod .of course these numbers can be different tks a lot
  12. any superchrome user here?

    and yes i have seen a vid of a guy painting a flatfish
  13. any superchrome user here?

    well now it sound like a real nightmare.it's too expensive and i don't have a paint gun.it always sound easy and magic with infomercial style vids.could be good for someone that is selling 300 plus high priced cranks per season or someone that have tons of money to burn.not my case tks
  14. sound really good to me but maybe it's not? their youtube video sound promising but sometimes reality is different