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  1. they look so sweet ,bigger trebles would be a must imo
  2. ive never seen them ,they look exactly like what im looking for.can you use them as tandem ?the point kind of look like st-36c by owner ,it must be really sharp according to pics tks
  3. ddl


    super hot fool
  4. imo if your lure look like that after a fish ,you better change for better one.even easy to break biggame that are made out of balsa hold better
  5. was looking for something whit long shank and that could be use as as a trailer .tks
  6. ddl

    looking for a good lead melter

    please let me know if you got anything nice. ty
  7. hi will pay around half the price of a new one maybe a lil more . tks !
  8. does anyone know a good brand that is making these size ? looking for all kind of finish but ive got lot of love for black nickel
  9. ddl

    brown perch.jpg

  10. ddl

    legend paint.JPG

    super! sucker gold is a top color for sure
  11. ddl

    cedar baits 2020 2.jpg

    how could you do a finish that nice for ur jake lips ? it look like lazer job.
  12. ddl

    "Tutti Frutti" colour set

    let me guess. you came from australia and you want to fish for murray cod or baramundi right ?
  13. ddl

    cedar baits 2020 2.jpg

    they all look so sweet,the jake style look deadly.what is the length of all these bad boys ?
  14. ddl

    Deep diver.. golden shiner

    look really sweet.simple but im sure fish arr gonna love it. who's makiing pearl copper ?
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