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  1. ddl

    legend paint.JPG

    super! sucker gold is a top color for sure
  2. ddl

    cedar baits 2020 2.jpg

    how could you do a finish that nice for ur jake lips ? it look like lazer job.
  3. ddl

    "Tutti Frutti" colour set

    let me guess. you came from australia and you want to fish for murray cod or baramundi right ?
  4. ddl

    cedar baits 2020 2.jpg

    they all look so sweet,the jake style look deadly.what is the length of all these bad boys ?
  5. ddl

    Deep diver.. golden shiner

    look really sweet.simple but im sure fish arr gonna love it. who's makiing pearl copper ?
  6. up for a mysterious paint that seems to be underutilized
  7. ddl

    20190816_195024 (1)

    it smell big lmb. but belly treble look a lil bit small. imo owner 1/0 st-36 would be perfect. not against kvd but owner is the sharpest hehe
  8. ddl


    70 shipped .pics are there.there is a lil cubes near the title clic at these. ive also been caught, first time ive seen it
  9. i guess he was talking when line ties is near the end of the lip?
  10. awesome.your paint really shine
  11. ty travis it make sense .did you put pics somewhere of some of your work whit folk art ? im always hesitant to buying it ....
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