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  1. ddl

    cedar cranks10.jpg

    eyes killer for sure
  2. good ,almost like a a flat fish (or kwick fish) a i guess
  3. fish loves to live near things that cost lures lol.does it moves well?
  4. ddl

    8 inch jointed firetiger.jpg

    i hope you will share pics of the straight
  5. ddl

    8 inch jointed firetiger.jpg

    this is a fireperch . not the bs you saw on t rhino. many of their paint job are dead wrong . the belly is fluo red not fluo orange
  6. i don't know what kind of ab you own but most of them can handle solvent base paint and top coat.at least i know that iwata can handle it .kbs look good but the life but look bad for a guy that is not doing many lures like me .ty
  7. anyone ? i would like to repaint plastic crankbaits and it is out of question for me to use 2 parts epoxy on them
  8. ddl

    8 inch jointed firetiger.jpg

    just put gold scales and u got one. my best drifter pattern ever
  9. ddl


    oh mamamia
  10. ddl

    8 inch jointed firetiger.jpg

    nice kind of fireperch,
  11. ddl

    jointed bait finished.jpg

    it should clack
  12. ok ive seen some at 6000 lol
  13. will take a look at it ,if it's cheap i'll get one for sure.tks !
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