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  1. lol finally another one without cell phone
  2. ddl

    Bulk Deer Tails

  3. ddl

    paint mixer

    omg guys , sometimes we can find something positive in every possible junk . my wife got is extreme back pain and she is using these https://www.amazon.ca/Homedics-HHP-350-Percussion-Action-Massager/dp/B008981SDI/ref=sr_1_12?keywords=percussion+massage&qid=1563050585&s=hpc&sr=1-12 ive made the test whit some wicked whit the binder that was fully separated of pigment . and in less than 20 sec the paint was fully emulsified. i just push the bottle against the balls. seriously it work like a dream .if you got some of these give it a try.i think it 's even more powerful than the things that have been made especially for that purpose .
  4. ddl

    paint mixer

    some paint seems to be almost un mixable whit hands. so ive found some really nice paint shaker,does anyone use some of these,for now i have look at the typhoon paint shaker and the vortex genie. lets see which one work well for you whit 2 - 4 oz bottle
  5. omg just for fun how much a piece of art like that would cost? almost to nice to be used
  6. ddl

    dropper bottle 30-60 ml

    1.25 each or 10 $ for 10 60 ml are white and the 30 are transparent blue. both are made of glass and has glass straw. really good quality. ty
  7. ddl


    as you can see there is parts of tails and full tails. perfect to do mouse,streamers, and spinnerbaits etc etc .that's a lots of material for such a low price .most of them are long and not wrinkled thanks for looking .
  8. ddl

    foiled smallmouth.jpg

    ive seen lots of smb and that one is clearly one of the nicest for sure. some canadian are doing flat one like that and they asked x3 the price that you asked and they paint like 6 yo lol . sometimes it's not how you look but who know you. would you take a perchbait for one of your lil lure ? pm your address ive got something for you
  9. ddl

    foiled smallmouth.jpg

    almost too nice to be used. did you add a bit of pigment in the clear coat,it look like the finish got a special something that i can't explain
  10. all the effect . i guess water based paint can't get the same effect quality than the urethane could get.there is nothing wrong whit them but they got lil choice and like i said it is a lot more subtle than let's saw house of kolors . there is a lot of choice at spraygunner but unfortunately it is impossible to get solvent based paint via air. and i cannot see a single review for any of these . ty btw you were a nice lil bb.judging by the picture style it must be a bb from early 70s im i right ?
  11. ddl

    vmc trebles hooks

    12 red one that cant be sell as new because some of them have been sharpened . the other one are 10 new vmc O'shaugnessy permasteel . i think both are 1/0 but cannot be 100 percent sure. i guess picture will help .10 dollars for the lot
  12. ty travis it's just that i feel that if i want cool effect im kind of stuck whit createx and golden. about golden it,s kind of stupid because some of their best effect are not suited for ab. interference is something really awesome , but it'S not for ab. if only i could find urethane paint at good price . cheers
  13. is that a good idea ? ive seen some really nice colorshift that i can't find anywhere else . which is best to reduce ? water or reducer 4012 or maybe something else ?
  14. was kind of funny because when you don't know anything you act like you know everything ,when i was kid i was looking at his show and was telling to myself can he stfu about his titanium white . white is white lol but i was dead wrong. it could do a huge difference . I've got a titanium golden fluid and that white is pop way more than the other white . i would almost call that fluorescent white . it'S really nice ,i guess that'S why ross was always using it . now i hope you know ross
  15. montess good idea. how many psi ? did you get that idea from a white guy white a fro ?
  16. that one ? https://www.mckenziesp.com/WA10-4OZ-P18900.aspx
  17. thanks to both of you ,some good info right there
  18. ive got 2 lil can of these but my lure are too long to dip. i'll try to find something like tennis ball container or something like that. that's what ive tried it was full of big particle that didn't dissolved whit the 4012. is that the opaque white that you talking about ?
  19. hey fellow lure makers what brand did you suggest me to cover quick and easy ? i was going to use createx opaque white but it was as thick as pasta dental and it was new, i have no ides what happened ,first time that i see that.i don't even know if it's a good one or not. for now the only white that ive used is aztek ,and it look like it took forever to make opaque finish tks
  20. ddl

    Garmin GPSMap 7612

    there is no price
  21. i feel so dumb .got it ty
  22. did you clic to my link ? there is just a bunch of link that can't be opened. that's why ive used it as example. or maybe you see pics like in your example ? that's not my case. tks
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