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  1. are the lead sheets are almost pure? i can get some but the guy told ma that there is a kind of lil plastic film on .is that something that should be hard to remove or i can put it straight into my lee melting pot ?? the guy also got battery pole is that a better option than the sheets ? tks in advance
  2. ddl


    im sure it is harder to do than it look.the previous message was more accurate,it look more like a canadian wiggler or a lazy ike. flat fish are more flat. one thing is sure these lures are not made to old 5 mph speed.my flat fish for sky got 3 sections.you have to buy 3 to make one,you need to cut the front part.once again it is really sweet.what's the length ?
  3. ddl


    awesome.one of the best carnivorous lure ever made. look like a flat fish . how long ? do you got a video of the action ?
  4. i also like maple.their price for ab is pretty low
  5. ddl

    Moores Lures

    worst co ever,always missing things in the order ,wrong items, and horrible paint job for jig heads . ex you ask for fluo red jig head and he paint you firetruck red ,yeyes 2 times too small. by chance my credit cards gave me full refund .paint job was dead perfect each time when his guy was painting for him ,but since he start to paint good luck ! ivre made a post about it if you want to see that he is far to be picaso. a dishonest old guy that better retire if you ask me .to gave you an idea there was something wrong out of at least my last 3 orders. enough is enough
  6. ddl

    High Rock Molds

    does anyone could enter here ? site is blocked
  7. guys once properly cleaned . how many scrap are you supposed to get per pound once you use a ''pure'' ingot ? don'T need precise number just to get an idea
  8. brand new ,pics will be taken if someone need it. here is the info. nothings wrong unfortunately ive ordered the same model twice .perfect to carve wood to make cranks or anything else https://www.foredom.net/product/h-30-handpiece-general-purpose/
  9. ddl

    mustad 3407 or 3406 9/0 ,10/0

    will pay almost price of new 50 to 100 hooks all finish should be ok ty
  10. im looking for a good place to buy these ,i would prefer black nickel finish but the others are ok 2 btw they are aka 3407 please no ebay or even worst amazon .canadian dealer would be a must but im ok whit usa shop 2
  11. done , i hope it is not too late. by chance you are here. ty for all the help. im gonna order battery pole
  12. smalljaw i blieve you.question is did i have to run and removed it right now or i could wait couple of days ?
  13. how it could ruin my pot,mine got no sinkhole . is that normal to already got that brown color that look like rust ?
  14. babbitt is that the thing they add into the weel lead ? ingot have been sell to me as pure soft lead. it was my first pour ever ,it was not nice
  15. was looking for large hook model that do not got the large head of the trailer hooks for large 4 oz spinnerbaits
  16. hey no flux ,was a brand new lee at 9
  17. is that normal to removed 80g of trash from pseudo pure lead ingot ? to give u an idea the lee furnace was just nearly fully loaded ,so imo 80g seems to be a lot no ? and why that golden rainbow film ? the pour was not easy at all
  18. mate thanks . i think ive got almost everything now,just missing the test cap. now i know the reason of the plexiglass sheets. his flat cap must be empty like mine, so ill have to seal it against something
  19. ddl

    black nickel powder

    that's because many guys are calling black nickel blades smoke . so once i saw that color from pro-tec i taught it was the same one . i think it must be made by a chemical reaction it never chip but it kind of discolors. if a candy black or candy gray colors would exist i guess it could be a lil bit like that if painted over nickel. tks you just save me money
  20. ddl

    black nickel powder

    at the pro tec site,under name smoke i think
  21. does the black nickel paint over nickel by pro tec look like the black nickle blade ? if not is that possible to do it by an diy process ? be safe
  22. i guess it is just to make sure it will be more stable ? so it should look like that ? lil dots= cut and the strange things is the valve.im not picasso as you can see
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