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  1. cadman tks a lot.

    it is a lee whit a spoon  to take the lead from the top,ive got no trap .do it says that trap is not good for large head so ive follow their claim . what's the problem whit ultra minnow spinnerbaits  mine is a custom one made for spinnerbaits? what kind of things got soft lead at junkyard ??

  2. because this is  mainly what peoples suggest . it is for ultra minnow 4 oz. according to the seller these bars were supposed to be almost pure. but ive got doubt since he tried to sell me a x ray blanket that was gray and full of plastic. i guess i made a good move when ive said no........ why soft one is supposed to be better then ?

  3. lakeland is the best for price and quality .at least if they answer you.that co was the best 10 years ago,and for some reason it look like they don't want to sell.if you could be served go for it .do not listen to the guys tat are talking about the high minimum ,it is not true.you just have to pay a lil xtra fee if you do not buy 1000 but it will still really low

  4. are the lead sheets are almost pure? i can get some but the guy told ma that there is a kind of lil plastic film on .is that something that should be hard to remove or i can put it straight into my lee melting pot ?? the guy also got battery pole is that a better option than the sheets ?

    tks in advance

  5. On 5/15/2020 at 1:58 AM, Kasilofchrisn said:

    Do not use a union!

    Take a 3" flat cap ABS or PVC doesn't matter and drill a hole near the bottom to fit an aquarium valve.

    Hot glue in an aquarium valve.

    The hot glue makes it easier to replace a bad valve later on.

    Take a section of pipe for your cup and put in a knock out test caps. Knock out the center and discard.

    Remove the remaining ring of the test cap and set aside.

    Place your membrane over the section of pipe and replace the ring.

    Trim excess membrane material.

    Use a second knock out test cap for a cover.

    Make as many cups as you want for cheap.

    Change/replace membranes in seconds.

    I rarely ever clean a cup. 

    Store my paint in them as well.

    Want a 2" cup? Put in a 3x2 reducer fitting and make a 2" cup.

    Same for 1.5"

    Change sizes in seconds.

    Change cups in seconds.

    mate thanks . i think ive got almost everything now,just missing the test cap. now i know the reason of the plexiglass sheets. his flat cap must be empty like mine, so ill have to seal it against something

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