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  1. yes they are ,if they would not be dipped in fluid bed most spinnerbaits would be loaded of humps like mine. but it is not the case.tks god most of them got a smooth finish . like you said it is a job for the ladle since musky spinnerbaits heads are too large for bottom feeder at least according to do -it. what is a spotted fb ? what a great idea i guess you will get the ultra minnow 5 6 7 oz or something like that? btw i don't see why the wire is causing you trouble in the fluid bed ? instead of the vicegrip pliers that will hold your head in place it will be a wire you just have to put a lil bit of teracota over the hooks if you want to make sure paint will not stick to it and voila . hope it make sense ,at least it make one in my head hehe
  2. ddl

    looking for a good lead melter

    would like to add precision to my need but i can't change my post,just would like to don't waist peoples time
  3. ddl

    looking for a good lead melter

    hi bass sorry ,i would prefer one without a spout since i'll use it to pour big heavy head. ty !
  4. hey guys just would like to told you to be careful .one of the rare spinnerbaits head dealer is selling that kind of crap. ive never seen a job that ugly and beleive it or not the red that you see in the pics have been painted as fluo red or flame red lol .the good new is that i'll have to buy all the equipment to make my own. so if it look that ugly then it will be my fault hehe.ive never made a single one and i know right away that his head were way too hot prior the painting i don't even know if he use a fluid bed , it must not be that hard because like ive said ive never seen anything that ugly so...... maybe i'll need your help soon. btw if someone got anything related to that to sell shoot me pm ty
  5. they look so sweet ,bigger trebles would be a must imo
  6. ive never seen them ,they look exactly like what im looking for.can you use them as tandem ?the point kind of look like st-36c by owner ,it must be really sharp according to pics tks
  7. ddl


    super hot fool
  8. imo if your lure look like that after a fish ,you better change for better one.even easy to break biggame that are made out of balsa hold better
  9. was looking for something whit long shank and that could be use as as a trailer .tks
  10. ddl

    looking for a good lead melter

    please let me know if you got anything nice. ty
  11. hi will pay around half the price of a new one maybe a lil more . tks !
  12. does anyone know a good brand that is making these size ? looking for all kind of finish but ive got lot of love for black nickel
  13. ddl

    brown perch.jpg

  14. ddl

    legend paint.JPG

    super! sucker gold is a top color for sure
  15. ddl

    cedar baits 2020 2.jpg

    how could you do a finish that nice for ur jake lips ? it look like lazer job.
  16. ddl

    "Tutti Frutti" colour set

    let me guess. you came from australia and you want to fish for murray cod or baramundi right ?
  17. ddl

    cedar baits 2020 2.jpg

    they all look so sweet,the jake style look deadly.what is the length of all these bad boys ?
  18. ddl

    Deep diver.. golden shiner

    look really sweet.simple but im sure fish arr gonna love it. who's makiing pearl copper ?
  19. up for a mysterious paint that seems to be underutilized
  20. ddl

    20190816_195024 (1)

    it smell big lmb. but belly treble look a lil bit small. imo owner 1/0 st-36 would be perfect. not against kvd but owner is the sharpest hehe
  21. ddl


    70 shipped .pics are there.there is a lil cubes near the title clic at these. ive also been caught, first time ive seen it
  22. i guess he was talking when line ties is near the end of the lip?
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