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  1. ddl

    perch eyes 3.jpg

    will not be missed lol
  2. ddl

    10 inch baits.jpg

    the head of that walleye is awesome .
  3. did you put a window screen under the foiI ??
  4. another thing to test,but for now im happy with art resine. tks
  5. ice is near 3 inch thick here.
  6. is that something we should avoid at all cost or it,s not that bad. what happen exactly once it as frozen ?
  7. ddl

    a good epoxy review

    personally i would try the one that made less bubbles.if it make less for something that thick there is a lot of chance it will be the same thing with a thin coat.it,s kind of an extreme test .i would be more than happy if i can skip the torch
  8. work like a charm for my hp-th .unfortunately my cleaning station don't work to hold the th which got a trigger https://www.ebay.com/itm/Garage-Storage-Metal-Hook-Wall-Mounted-Heavy-Tool-Weed-Eater-Trimmer-Hanger-Rack/123404680269?hash=item1cbb7dfc4d:m:mtqjWKtU5cAIqvTAP_frFPA:rk:12:pf:0
  9. ddl

    10 inch perch.jpg

    lol will give you the address of my Christmas tree just in case
  10. im pretty impressed by mostof your paint job .is that createx ?
  11. ddl

    line thru crank bait

    what a great idea.that thing got all the chance to be copied
  12. ddl

    10 inch perch.jpg

    is this my gift for christmas ??
  13. ddl

    foiled glider2.jpg

    is many eyes is your kid or something ? sweet as usual
  14. it look like a ice solvent base paint but there lil to no info about it https://spraygunner.com/blog/inspirewho-what-and-why/
  15. ddl

    muskie gill2.jpg

    what did you use as a topcoat when you paint believer,jake and all kind of plastic lures ? urethane is supposed tobe good but i don't know the good brand
  16. ddl

    muskie gill2.jpg

    mate and the one behind ,don't deserve a pics ?
  17. ddl

    SF true smelt

    did you bent the lip wit a torch or something like it?
  18. ddl

    whopper plopper9

    giant bass will smash it ,no doubt.i like the style
  19. ddl

    SF true smelt

    do you have a vid of the cranks ? does it move like rapala scaterap?
  20. cheers! guys btw don't waist your time with createx it don't stick at all,even a wet piece of clothe will completely remove all the paints with just one pass.maybe auto air is better or wicked ? but once it don't stick at all like that even the best epoxy over it will not make miracle
  21. tks a lot .i'll take a look, i think that's a taxidermist co if my memory is good
  22. ddl

    muskie baits6.jpg

    i have seen a utube vid. the guys was using a water decal paper and a kind of transparent iridescent paper. maybe you see what i mean ,as you can see i don't remeber the job .i'll post the vid ,if i can find it.it was really nice. but these eyes are also really nice under a big part of epoxy or under glass cabochon
  23. thanks,did you airbrush it ,any brand that you recommand ?
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