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  1. ddl

    whopper plopper9

    giant bass will smash it ,no doubt.i like the style
  2. ddl

    SF true smelt

    do you have a vid of the cranks ? does it move like rapala scaterap?
  3. cheers! guys btw don't waist your time with createx it don't stick at all,even a wet piece of clothe will completely remove all the paints with just one pass.maybe auto air is better or wicked ? but once it don't stick at all like that even the best epoxy over it will not make miracle
  4. tks a lot .i'll take a look, i think that's a taxidermist co if my memory is good
  5. ddl

    muskie baits6.jpg

    i have seen a utube vid. the guys was using a water decal paper and a kind of transparent iridescent paper. maybe you see what i mean ,as you can see i don't remeber the job .i'll post the vid ,if i can find it.it was really nice. but these eyes are also really nice under a big part of epoxy or under glass cabochon
  6. thanks,did you airbrush it ,any brand that you recommand ?
  7. ddl

    muskie baits6.jpg

    crankbait for sure, that move as nice as he look . did you tried the eyes i gave you ? tks
  8. ddl

    muskie baits6.jpg

    sexy. must be 8 inch i guess. is that a crankbait or a twitchbait ?
  9. up . as george said it will not stick to chrome at all. you have to use a special paint that need to be backed but i don't know the brand . maybe someone want to share the process ?
  10. it was chartreuse powder, and i want to use all kind of colors , with powder we can't do complex desing like we can do with airbrush and real airbrush paint colors are just nicer
  11. im really disappointed ,ive just airbrushed autoborn sealer over baked powder paint spinnerbaits head and i can removed it just by sweeping my thumb on it ,it don't even need water just one pass and gone . so im sure you know what's my question , what's brand could stick on that ? it's not easy all ,even createx don't work at all
  12. ddl


    tks a lot. i'll try it pure with my iwata hp-th with the fan
  13. ddl


    lol good news ,i was sure it was not good for airbrush. my gf has a tons of em.how did you reduce it ?
  14. ddl


    is that water paint ?
  15. ddl

    Muskie baits3.jpg

    i hope you will asked more for that, they worth a lot more .perchbait that are made out of urethane cost more,im sure yours got a better action.wood is unmatchable for big cranks .anyway not my business ,it was just a personal opinion
  16. id like to see the action of that one ,kind of a big flatrap
  17. no doubt you are not in love with tupperware party ,and you don't own a single pink lure,just bubblegum one
  18. ddl

    musky bait36.JPG

    nice tight action
  19. ddl

    musky bait36.JPG

    almost too nice to be trolled .since how long did you make lure?
  20. i hope i'll be able to paint like it .imo it's your nicest one
  21. ddl

    Blade Baits

    lol that's what happen when i look eyes closed
  22. ddl

    Blade Baits

    all the blades came from 2 giant shop.one of them is http://www.lakelandinc.com they were selling small quantity to guys without co.my last order was 5 years ago maybe it change ? .let me know good luck
  23. ddl

    musky bait 33.jpg

    look your pm
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