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  1. ddl

    Rainbow bait.jpg

    awesome as usual
  2. ddl

    Mega lipless 5"

    gj ,kind of paint job that look ever nicer when ypou got it in front of you
  3. ddl

    12” cedar musky bait

    the upper slit part look too thin, if you bang rock at 4 mph plus or if a big fish trash hard in the net it will break. but it is a damn nice lure. just a simple observation from a musky angler. drilling the lips over the head would probably look less sexy but it would be more solid and maybe it would swimm a bit like a believer
  4. one of the best painter for sure.its almost like a real one
  5. btw sorry for caps guys ,for some reason when ive past the word polytranspar it turn the rest into big words
  6. bob did you have ever tried autoborn sealer white. just would like to know if the poly is better than that ,because that what ive got. tks dinger did you got pics somewhere ?
  7. does anyone could share pics of a lure that have been painted with polytranspar ? im looking for some good paint to do walleyes
  8. Sand plus white would be my guess
  9. im not a pro but i really like the golden high flow and wicked
  10. you should give a try to artresine a lot more clear and more durable.and it smell almost nothing at all
  11. ddl

    custom creative paint

    bob i said that i prefer paint that got unnatural colors in their lineup .maybe im wrong but i think taxidermist paint are not doing anything like the needed paint to paint let,s say a firetiger .btw when they said solvent does that basically mean everything that is not water or it,s a particular product like urethane ?
  12. ddl

    custom creative paint

    i think their lineup is mainly natural,i like the unatural one like chartreuse org flo etc etc
  13. omg there no way water based paint can look like it
  14. hey guys im looking for someone that got the luck or the bad luck to work with custom creative paint with an airbrush .there is not a lot of ready to use solvent based paint out there and would like to know if that brand is good,and if the smell is really horrible .here is the link https://spraygunner.com/custom-creative-paints/ tks for any info
  15. ddl

    14” cedar musky lure

    lol it look like ive asked you the same question 2 times.weed is now legal here,that,s the result if you abuse .sry for wasting your time
  16. ddl

    14” cedar musky bait

    damn ,that,s why it look that nice ,unfortunately i have no space to deal with that smell and house of kolor is too expensive .at least i think smell is too hvy but to be honest i have never smell it ,so im not that sure. i think i,ll give w try to this https://spraygunner.com/custom-creative-paints/ it look like all eyes is really happy with his paint,his job is top notch tks man
  17. ddl

    14” cedar musky bait

    man that,s another super nice one.what,s the paint that you use for the scales ,it look really smooth
  18. ddl

    14” cedar musky lure

    really nice,is that possible to know what,s the paint thatg you use for the head,it look smooth
  19. ddl

    black perch2.jpg

    wrong eyes.let,s see it
  20. ddl

    black perch2.jpg

    the 14 inch pics didnt work,i can,t see them
  21. ddl

    black perch2.jpg

    is that solvent base paint.it look really clean
  22. ddl

    perch eyes 3.jpg

    will not be missed lol
  23. ddl

    10 inch baits.jpg

    the head of that walleye is awesome .
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