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  1. willie525

    see ya guys on sunday.

    im leaving for the boundry waters tomarrow. hope to catch some smallmouth and pike. this is gonna be different from the Loomis's and Stradics; now its ugly sticks and Diawa 1600 SS, theres nothing wrong with that reel AT ALL(except the anti-reverse squeaks). ttyl Willie525
  2. willie525

    Jig Hooks

    i think gamakatsu makes one of those hooks.GAMAKATSU EWG HEAVY WIRE JIG HOOKS i dont know id youd thinks its heavy enough though
  3. willie525

    anyone got an idea?

    ive got the shakey head mold. i want to put a hook like Zappu uses in it, i wonder if that Vanfook hook thing sells jig hooks?
  4. willie525

    anyone got an idea?

    anyone tried to make a regular roundhead jig mold into a flick shake mold that uses a hook similar to the ones used by Zappu? i know theyre made out of tungsten but i dont think i could get the lead pot to 3000 degrese. thanks Willie525
  5. willie525

    Got rid of the braided line back to mono

    use power pro. ive never had any trouble out of it. but if youre fsihing high pressure id use a 3 foot leader of 15 pound invisx. but if you could go without the braid id got to flourocarbon(Seagaur, Trilene 100% dont get vanish it sucks) or a GOOD mono or co-polymer(most p-lines, sunline stuff like that, premium). i can tell someone gonna not agree with me, but you dont really need braid around here except one lake where you might lose a buzzbait via muskie. there really isnt a reason for braided lines here so ive just messed around with 30 PP and 65 PP
  6. willie525


    well if you look at the pic of mac on the dock he has the fish turned the other way and you can see the spot
  7. willie525

    Anyone else get this private message?

    why dont they spam a hippie forum where the people there care
  8. willie525

    ordered my new bass boat

    they should make a canal in those big salt flats in Utah and see how fast it will really go. or take it to the great lakes
  9. willie525


    i saw it BASSMASTER but i didnt see the spot on her gills. thanks. thats a shame she had to die
  10. willie525


    Did they really find her dead or did someone just make that up so Dixon would get less pressure?
  11. willie525

    Reel ?

    the only problem with Shimano is when they redesigned the curado they dont carry replacement parts. ive got one that a friend gave to me that has a little plastic part that holds in the gear that turns the spool is worn out and i need a new one...
  12. willie525

    ordered my new bass boat

    the whole hull is the gas tank
  13. willie525

    Reel ?

    my favorite reel hands down are the old curado SF 200. the older the better. ive got one on a Powell 763 ML and i can throw a Luhr Jensen 3/4 Hot Lips 150 feet easy with 10 pound evolution. im sure you could find some pretty cheap ones one Ebay
  14. willie525

    Who makes the best Jig head you ever used and why.

    mine, i dont make many so theyre all custom and hand crafted. Mustad hooks, Stan Sloan powder paint, Fluid bed painted, and made with a custom skirt.
  15. willie525

    What makes a good spinnerbait?

    vibration, flash, wire diameter, hook, head design, and the ability to catch fish without breaking