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  1. Stringjam

    Question For The Automotive Topcoat Users

    I recall reading an article on the HOK forum about Bulldog adhesion promoter, with input from the guy who writes the HOK tech sheets. I believe he suggested that there is a time window to apply the basecoat after the adhesion promoter has been applied, and that the adhesion promoter must be applied VERY THINLY.......and if I remember correctly, he sprays the Bulldog onto the plastic part and actually wipes it off - that's how thin the coat needs to be. I was led to believe from the article that if the above wasn't done accordingly, that the adhesion promoter would actually be detrimental to adhesion.
  2. Stringjam

    Ca. swim bait

    Those look killer! Great job!
  3. Stringjam

    Crankbaits That Hunt....why?

    I have a lot of crankbaits that hunt, and IMO it is an overrated attribute, and one I actually find undesirable in anything but a shallow crank. The only plastic bait I've used that hunts out of the package is the Lucky Craft Flat CB SR - which is discontinued. They're great crankbaits (IMO one of Lucky Craft's best designs). I can impart all the action I want to with my rod tip and retrieve a crank responds to those inputs is far more important to me than whether or not it hunts.
  4. Stringjam

    Little Petey Question

    If it's one of Pete Reynold's baits it should say "Little Petey" along the bottom of it:
  5. Stringjam

    Little Petey Question

  6. Stringjam

    Little Petey Question

    That's hard to say . . . I bought a pair of originals off eBay (in new condition) for about $25. I've seen a few go for a lot higher. It depends on how much the bidders get into it. Now that Pete Reynolds is making them again, I really don't think the Petey is going to go the way of the crazy Bagley collectors........that and everybody with a knife and a piece of balsa is making a copy of it.
  7. Stringjam

    Best Place To Get Crankbaits

  8. Stringjam

    Pvc Board For Deep Diving Crankbaits

    I've just been using super-glue.........but I haven't long-term tested any baits so I'm not going to say that's the way to go. I used it based on a test I read rating various types of epoxies and glues at joining PVC. The thin (not gel) super-glues ended up winning. I cut my pieces both for side profile and for vertical profile, so I have no need to find a perfect stock width. Sintra has a "skin" on the outside anyway that needs to be cut off (I know some guys run their pieces through a saw to start with to get rid of the skin. There are several people on this board with a lot more experience than me using PVC....hopefully they'll give you some better answers.
  9. Stringjam

    Pvc Board For Deep Diving Crankbaits

    If you want Sintra - you'll need to look at sign shops......or you can just order it online. I bought mine from It isn't cheap material, though. You'll need to laminate it to get enough thickness for a deep crank. I buy the 1/2" sheets.
  10. Stringjam

    Pvc Board For Deep Diving Crankbaits

    I built a deep diver out of Sintra and was very pleased. The lure behaves very similar to a DT-16 (which was a bit of my intention). I experimented a lot with ballast......if you want you can go light enough that it will pop up like a cork (think Bagley DB3). That, of course, really hurts the casting distance. I prefer moderate to slow float most of the time with my deep divers so I weighted it down. The lure is very lively and in the end I was able to get exactly what I wanted out of it, so don't hesitate to give it a try. It's versatile enough that you can design around a high-buoyancy bait or a slow floater.
  11. Stringjam

    Big O type

    Great looking crank!!
  12. Stringjam

    Albino Shad

    Beautiful bait . . . super clean!
  13. Stringjam

    Mackerel and Herring

    Always amazed at your work, Rowhunter. Superb.
  14. Stringjam

    5 1/2 inch Flatshad

    Very cool!!
  15. Stringjam

    Small Cover Crank

    Sintra is an expanded foam board (PVC)'s not as buoyant as balsa.