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  1. Thank you Nathan ill check that out
  2. Hello Tu hard bait guys ive been out of painting Crank baits for awhile and was wondering whats the lasted craze in clear hard coat for baits ive always used slow cure epoxy ?
  3. Moon39

    Wood Grain

    Thanks I think i'll give propionate a try.
  4. Moon39

    Wood Grain

    Thanks for the good information I have another question,from this forum I got the disolved plastic cup method for a water seal dip dose the propionate dip do something different from that? I have never dipped a bait more than 3 times in the plastic cup dip but 3 times dose not fill in the grain to a smooth surface.
  5. Moon39

    Wood Grain

    what is the best way to fill in the wood grain on balsa wood baits? Is there a dip or spray on undercoat someone could suggest . Thanks
  6. Moon39

    bucktail ?

    I was on crappie.com in the jig tying section and saw a link for dyeing buck tails useing coolaid it tells you the whole process.
  7. I just finished converting a bench top drill press into a lathe and so far it works pretty good, if I can figure out how to post pics I will later.
  8. I buy my curcuit board lips from jennsnetcraft, for you guys who cut your own lips from curcuit board material I would like to know what you use to cut them out.
  9. First time poster long time reader and I must say this is a great site I have learned alot from you guys. My question is what would you say is the most popular clear coat among everybody? I have been yousing the 2 ton and it works great.
  10. Big Lots has one for $44.00 bucks I have one it dose what I need it to worth the price.
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