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  1. FishPA

    Help with Balsa and through wiring

    Gator, I have a few baits I made the same way out of balsa, with the slot for the thru-wire. I epoxied the wire in and never had any issues with it. I still use basswood instead because it's a pain to weight the balsa....
  2. FishPA

    bondo not holding well

    I'll second the epoxy putty! That stuff saves me from alot!!
  3. FishPA

    Whats on your work bench right now

    Welcome to my humble abode. You can find pretty much anything you might need here... if you can find it.... And my latest project, just finished painting and now ready for some clear...
  4. FishPA

    Walmart quit selling D2T?

    I just got off the phone with Harbor Freight customer service and they said they've discontinued it as well....
  5. FishPA

    Walmart quit selling D2T?

    ITW makes Permatex and Devcon!
  6. FishPA

    Flexcoat rod builders epoxy for clearcoat?

    I know a couple guys that use it and they're pretty well known, Amma Bama lures
  7. FishPA

    Walmart quit selling D2T?

    Hey bob. They are both made by the same company so the products should be very similar. The issue with WalMart not selling it isn't that it's not available, it's not available for the prices that Walmart was charging. Essentially it went from $2 for 25 mL to $4.95 at the local harware store. Luckily HF carries it for $2.50 and they are much easier to work with than the WalMart staff They will even check their quantities for you over the phone.
  8. FishPA

    Which clear coat to save work?

    you can use a krylon clear over it, heat set it, paint over top, and if you don't like the top paint, hit it with windex and watch it come right off.
  9. FishPA

    Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    I think it has to do with the fact that you can relate any bait to another within a 10% range...all of those baits look like squirrely phantoms which look like muskietreats, which look like...and this roundabout continues. How about the WTD topwaters?? Just a way of life when you're all trying to mimic the prey of a fish with the same materials.
  10. FishPA

    Walmart quit selling D2T?

    I just got off the phone with a retail distributor from ITW who told me they are no longer supplying Wal Mart stores.
  11. FishPA

    Signing your baits

    Industrial Strength Sharpie!!
  12. FishPA

    10" Basswood Troller- Shad

    Close up of the scales and detail of the shad.
  13. FishPA

    10" Basswood Troller

    10" long made out of basswood, goes from white scales on white to gray on white, gray on gray, and then black on gray, and a bullseye target for the fish to aim at!
  14. FishPA

    4" Resin Twitchbait

    This bait was molded out of 2 part resin, and is a lightly weighted twitchbait for use during cold water.
  15. FishPA

    5 1/2" Maple Glider

    Shad pattern, first bait ever painted with an airbrush. Working on getting some shading and detail.