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  1. I have a 14ft Jon with a deck like a big bass boat and a foot controlled trolling motor. when i am fishing alone i love it! but when i bring a friend to fish out of the back it can get a little tough. If one of use moves a foot it will really move the boat. I haul mine with a Mercury tracer which is a really small 4 cylinder car without a problem. I work at bass pro and from what I have heard from people I should upgrade to a 16ft to solve the stability problem and be able to fish open water a little more(which I do a lot). Its great for ponds or small lakes which is all i really do. But bring
  2. I had someone bring it what i though was a copy of the old green shimano curado that was like sports car red. It was really cool.
  3. I want a reel for 10-18ft deep cranks. I have one 7ft med. rainshadow rod that i will use for the 10-14ft cranks and then I have a 7'6 med. crankin stick i will use for the dd22's and fat free shads. i need to know what reel i should use. oh I use 10lb flourocarbon if that helps at all. Right now I have a 5.4:1 David fritts cranking reel for the 10-14 and a 4.7:1 David fritts for the 14+ cranks. I dont know if there are any better options out and since i utilize cranks a lot, i want to make sure i get the right set up! Any input is appreciated! Thanks!
  4. miles

    Banjo Minnos

    i work at bass pro and we sell the crap out of the banjo minnow kit, its literally one of our best sellers. I have used the baits myself(my mom got them at a goodwill store, hm look at that) and I think they did catch fish pretty well. they have great action but their one flaw is that the hook is way up front. Too many short strikes for me.
  5. I saw the post about someone doing a jon boat conversion to make it have a deck and be suited for bass fishing. I got a 14ft v-hull and I was thinking I could do the same thing with it, but after being on the water on it yesterday, I noticed it has next to no balance while standing inside of it. What I want out of my boat exactly what was shown on the post, it was in the hombrew tools section title 14ft lowe jon boat conversion. And I am thinking that my boat will not be near stable enough if I put a deck on it. I am thinking I should sell/trade it and get what I want. Any inputs or sugges
  6. okay cool. i am starting to get into cranking a lot and i am using the BPS david fritts reel. It has a deep, solid spool so it would be perfect for using with dd22 or dt16 ect.. since it is a BPS reel and almost all spools on their reels are interchangable, i can switch out the deep solid spool with a shallow wiffle spool since I use only BPS reels. I appreciate everyones input! Thanks!
  7. so then basically lighter spools(like wiffle spools) for lighter baits(1/4 oz or smaller) and deep, solid spools for heavier baits.
  8. I saw a thread somewhere about spool weight and how different spool weights handle certain baits better than others. im using a deep spool for my crankbaits and I dont know if that is the right option. Deep spools are good for long casts because of the line capacity, but when your using 10 lb test, you dont need all that line on the spool. Would it be a better option to switch it out with a wiffle spool? And what are the advantages/disadvantages of each type of spool? Thanks!
  9. okay thanks for all the help! janns netcraft actually makes a split grip handle for 25 bucks, so its kinda pricey. if i have any other questions i know where to go, thanks!
  10. okay, I got a couple of questions that I want to know so I can Build rods well. 1-what is a popping rod blank? i have no clue what popping means 2-does module rating matter? i know that the higher the rating the more sensitive, is that true or just a sale gimmick? 3-does a gloss finish on a rod damper sensitivity and add weight? or is it just buffed to get the gloss on it? 4-do split grip handles help with weight and sensitivity? if they do, then do you have to buy a kit to make it, or can you make it yourself? 5-what are the best type of guides? 6-can someone tell me more about the fle
  11. here in the next couple of days me and my science teacher will do another test to really find out. once i do i wll tell yall. im pretty sure its just tin.
  12. so you really think it might be indium? i just have a feeling it it tin, if i could only give you a picture of it so you could see it, maybe that would help out.
  13. when i bought my lead production pot a while back i got a block of metal that says 'indium' on it. when i went to school today me and my schience teacher did a test to see what metal it was. it came out with a weight of 7.15. indium and tin have a weight of 7.31. so thats what we think it is. but from what my teacher says indium is hard to get ahold of. could it be tin?
  14. well i think what my best bet will be is to get in from my relative at the recycling center. there are two other problems now that im stuck with. one is getting all the bad stuff out. how do i melt it down to get all the bad stuff? do i just put it in the production pot? the other thing is that dang production pot. its clogged up like no other. i have tried a paper clip and it doesnt work to well. it cleaned it out a little and now it drips out, or comes out at an angle in a slow stream........i dont know how to get the junk out very well.....
  15. i do a little pouring and an kinda wondering what the cheapest way to get lead is. at work we sell it for 8.49 for 5 lbs. i get a 40% discount so thats like what, $1.03 per pound? does that seem like a decent deal? i also have a relative that i can get lead from for like 10 bucks/25lbs, there are impurities in it though, and thats the only problem. are the impurities in it that big of a deal? he runs a recycling center and thats why its not pure. good deal though, if i could just get those different metals out.
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