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  1. Use lapping compound w/ the plunger on a drill@ low speed. Check the plunger end frequently for complete polishing and proper alignment.You;ll see the plunger end completely polished when you have completed the process.
  2. Salt makes a plastic bait sink.It's the design and stability of the jig head that gives the soft bait the desired angle of flotation! Test your baits and jig heads in a swimming pool or a 5 gallon bucket of water
  3. That's an accurate figure
  4. Don't quit your day job!!
  5. https://www.rotometals.com/lead-ingots-wire/
  6. https://patents.justia.com/patent/D334966#history
  7. Seach under the name of William E. Chambers Sr.
  8. Laminated tubes should display two contrasting colors
  9. Solvent based head cement from Component Systems !
  10. Malin (non-coated) or Malon coated wire. Coffee colored 7 strand wire. 60 or 90lb test will do the job.
  11. I use quite a bit of Sally Hanson's but it can't even come close in durability to Bob Smiths 30 minute epoxy
  12. Why but plastisol that hard packs?
  13. Never assume anything concerning the IRS-form #637 is signed by an IRS agent- call them and ask detailed question. Their name is on the bottom of your#637
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