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  1. Pam cooking spray last longer and does a better job vs worm oil. Shoot the plastic until it starts to stiffen up. Pull the injector handle(rod) all the way back,then shoot some PAM in the tube. Have a couple of paper towels handy when you push the plunger down. Wipe off the old plastic residue and you're ready to go.Some times,flat o ringers work better then oval rings.Never had a problem w/ Ultra-mold,hand injectors in 8 years.
  2. These clamps are available @ Lowes! The large size will clamp 5 injection molds together,eliminating flash and also provide a large handle to place the molds else where to set up and cool. https://www.zoro.com/bessey-dbl-anvil-c-clamp-6-iron-light-1200-lb-dhcc-6/i/G4407322/feature-product?gclid=Cj0KCQiAkePyBRCEARIsAMy5Scs06Zugo9yvx9n3XqfKns0n-Or-_n_PrQveuqF43lRcz3h464z5cDsaAiwaEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. You hit the nail squarely on its head ! 10k orders a month is a dream - how fast are you getting paid in full is reality. Do you get your basic costs up front?? You had better have deep,deep pockets to wait 90-120 days for your money and hope they don't go bankrupt or you're gone too! U.S.Patents mean zilch to copiers in China. You can go broke attempting to defend your patent in the U.S.A. too! The lure business is one backstabbing,cutthroat business-especially if the big,established manufacturers want to play hard ball w/ you.There are also the middleman who wants his palms greased for the privilege of opening doors for you .If you own a small,profitable lure company,stick w/ it as your dreams of getting big may destroy you mentally and financially.
  4. Bob Smith 30 minute slow clue epoxy
  5. That's why you use a stand-up jig head. I had 3 different styles and varied hooks custom made.Keep the salt out of your baits and they will float on a 45 degree head.
  6. If you pour a great deal of lead baits- 1- An adequate exhaust booth is mandatory when pouring indoors 2- Know THE TEMPERATURE OF THE LEAD IS WHEN POURING- some types of small pouring/ladle pots will heat the lead over 900 degrees. Spend the $ on a pyrometer 3- Have your lead levels checked annually- never assume your levels are normal!!
  7. Use lapping compound w/ the plunger on a drill@ low speed. Check the plunger end frequently for complete polishing and proper alignment.You;ll see the plunger end completely polished when you have completed the process.
  8. Salt makes a plastic bait sink.It's the design and stability of the jig head that gives the soft bait the desired angle of flotation! Test your baits and jig heads in a swimming pool or a 5 gallon bucket of water
  9. https://www.rotometals.com/lead-ingots-wire/
  10. https://patents.justia.com/patent/D334966#history
  11. Seach under the name of William E. Chambers Sr.
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