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  1. smallmouthaholic


  2. smallmouthaholic

    Drop Shot Hook Making ?

    I guess these don't work any more?
  3. smallmouthaholic

    Merry Christmas Guys

    Wishing all TU members and their familiesa safe and healthy holiday season
  4. smallmouthaholic

    Patent VS Production Molds

    Selling large numbers of chunks for years that had a patent- certainly not a smart move knowing Chambers @ Zoom will protect his interests w/ a legal C&D to those who copy and sell. It sounds like you support patent infringements on a smaller scale.! Have a nice Holiday season!
  5. smallmouthaholic

    Patent VS Production Molds

    If they have a website,big brother has an eye on them! Competitors will dime them out.
  6. smallmouthaholic

    Patent VS Production Molds

    I would appreciate you elaborating on your statement. Millions in revenue over a few days for soft plastic baits?
  7. smallmouthaholic

    Patent VS Production Molds

    Patents are only as good as the money and lawyers you have to protect them.A basic trademark infringement suit can be expensive,but patent infringement suits can be prohibitively expensive- especially if you loose.If you create a new product and sell it,others can't patent it on a later date and send you a C&D. It gets real tricky and expensive when some changes are made to your patented baits and you object. Quoting the" Paper weights" Dave Mc1 mentioned concerning the production molds Carolina Mike had made- most patents have an expiring date so you write them(the molds) off on an accelerated depreciation schedule and continue w/ your business until the patents expire,then flood the market w/ them-if they are still popularand you're in business New plastic injection designs seem to appear every couple of months. 10k worth of molds is not a big deal to someone in the business full time. That said- Most,if not all posting on TU are NOT getting rich in the business
  8. smallmouthaholic

    Patent VS Production Molds

    It certainly does- shows a lack of business / patent investigation maturity before spending the $ on production molds. Ed Chambers of Zoom protects almost all of his baits .You didn't need a law degree from Harvard to investigate Chambers/Zoom patents. You need deep,deep pockets to challenge the big boys and the $ to pay their legal fees if you loose in patent/trademark court Additional content concerning Zoom Baits- Interesting facts about Zoom: - 102 full-time employees and 52 part-time employees at full capacity - 45,000 packages a day can be produced when running at full capacity - 40 worms a minute per station and there are more than 30 stations - 8,000 gallons of plastic are used in about 10 days at Zoom. - 100 packages per case of regular to small baits and 50 packages per case of big baits - 303 colors on the books at this time - 40,000 square-foot facility
  9. smallmouthaholic

    Patent VS Production Molds

    I believe Carolina Mike is no longer in business
  10. smallmouthaholic

    Best worm oil

    I agree that baits that extrude secondary plastisol in a short period of time are messy.I believe the salt content of the soft-bait will draw in worm oil. Salted baits also attract moisture and can create one helluva mess w/ various plastisols.Place you freshly poured baits on cardboard for a week or so to remove excess oils I tried mineral oil years ago and I thought it made the baits harder and a bit smaller. Possibly there are different types of mineral oil
  11. smallmouthaholic

    Wacky Worm Weight

    IMO and experience, a complicated and laborious set-up that puts more holes in the worm making it weaker. Nothing beats a properly designed and weighted hook that excels in simplicity,speed and performance
  12. smallmouthaholic

    Fusing plastic

    Mend-it contains MEK and will not hold small parts together- I 'm not aware of any plastisol glue that will do so
  13. smallmouthaholic

    Best Lead Melt Flux?

    Good luck!
  14. smallmouthaholic

    Best finish coat to use over CS vinyl paint

    Use 2-3 coats of CS seal coat if you're looking for a spray able.easy to apply coat of protection. I agree w/ APdriver 100% that no top coat,epoxy or otherwise will last forever . I want to try Bob Smiths.brush on - 30 minute epoxy before placing the lead baits on a turning wheel to dry evenly.
  15. smallmouthaholic


    My experience w/ hard packing 1- MF - does not happen-PERIOD! 2- Chemionics- separates but no serious hard packing- easily stirred 3-Spike-it-minor hard packing over time- easily stirred 4-Lurecraft- hard packs like concrete!