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  1. Plastisol

    My experience w/ hard packing 1- MF - does not happen-PERIOD! 2- Chemionics- separates but no serious hard packing- easily stirred 3-Spike-it-minor hard packing over time- easily stirred 4-Lurecraft- hard packs like concrete!
  2. Plastisol

    NO- not in my experience. However, it will gain moisture inside which- 1- Will be a problem if micro wave heated 2- Not a problem in heated in pots w/ a mechanical stirror
  3. RCBS Pro Melt Hot Pot Problem.

    Correct-save the money and keep on guessing! I guess I'm old school. Many come on here w/ their problems associated w/pouring lead. Sometimes one has to chuckle w/ some of the responses. To each his own.
  4. Custom tube makers

    If you like 5-7 tails stuck together unless his finished product changed
  5. RCBS Pro Melt Hot Pot Problem.

    Temperature and the source/type of you lead is very important but most here will not spend the $ for a digital pyrometer.
  6. weedless tube jig issues

    I put a double L bend on the wire that goes inside the jig to prevent the wire from pulling out. This causes the wire to rest closely to the end of the cavity. I manufacture 5 different types of wire guard jigs ,some w/ single and some w/ double wire. Small cavity jigs including tube jigs is where the problem arises. This problem bugged me for quite some time until I decided to try something and viola,problem solved- no more holes. Inserting a single ,coated wire into a tube mold ,without a double L bend that is resting just inside the mold, w/not cause problems. That said, they will pull out prematurely and I can't have that happen. Smallmouth bass have an extremely strong bite and will loosen up a poorly placed,insecure wire guard w/out L bends. That causes them to loose position and render them ineffective.
  7. weedless tube jig issues

    Aren't you the gentleman that blamed 3 RCBS pots for not melting your lead when you were using FREE LINO lead that can have a BRN rating up to 22? Gimme a break w/ your lack of expertise. BTW- Surflon 90 coated cable is extremely heavy for a tube jig and will cause the angler to to miss bass in cold water w/ their sluggish ,mush-mouthed bite. The aforementioned statement is based on years of experience and thousand's of wire guard jigs sold and personally used.
  8. weedless tube jig issues

    Here's your problem- If the wire guard is plastic coated it's reacting w/ the hot lead.You need to strip a short section of the plastic coating w/ these- Available @ McMaster Carr- not cheap but it will stop your problem if you're using coated wire
  9. RCBS Pro Melt Hot Pot Problem.

    1- What is your source of soft lead ? 2- You must know the temperature of your lead a-A digital pyrometer is best b- infrared gun will not work on lead 3- what are you using to flux your lead?
  10. Clamping molds

    I use 2 -6x4" woodworking vises attached to either side of the outside of my exhaust booth
  11. Do you need an injector for a senko mold?

    With all due respect- hand pouring is for those who don't want to spend the $ for injection molds. I started out hand pouring 9 years ago and you couldn't begin to get me to do that neanderthal way of making swims,craws,creatures.lizards and worms-ever again. Too many caveats- not to mention trimming along w/ poor quality,finished product. !
  12. primer sealer?

    You miss my point. .024 is used since it makes a very small hole in the wood. It's for hanging not internal rigging
  13. Junebug / Green Glitter Help!

    Are you initially heating the June bug mix in a micro wave or from scratch in the shooting star?
  14. preping lead heads before painting

    If the lead has truly oxidized,forget getting paint to stick. Brush you lead jigs in acetone w/ a toothbrush in a well ventilated area to ensure clean lead prior to painting. Don't smoke around acetone..
  15. Junebug / Green Glitter Help!

    Are you heating your plastic w/a mechanical stirring system? Repeated micro wave heatings will cause problems.