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  1. Thanx, F.F. I use createx and struggle with it and It frustrates me! Maybe I just need more practice. Again great paint work and thanx for the info.
  2. Outstanding paint work. What kind of paint are you using?
  3. jbaits

    Fatfingers Flatshad

    I think this is awsome also, I just love the natural look that you achieve.
  4. jbaits

    Fatfingers Flatshad...

    I love your painting skills, this is awsome. What brand of paint to use? Are the strips done by a stencil? How did you achieve the splotchie look of the strips?
  5. jbaits

    little fatty front view

    Orginal Jay Baits design
  6. jbaits

    Little fatty

    Orginal Jay Bait design! 1 3/4" vmc s.s. hooks, 1/3oz. very tight wobble, 2'-4' depth Great in laydowns!(rarely get hung up) I make one a little slimmer than this one that I've fished since 06' both have tight wobbles, both catch bass, crappie, even a 12lb drum from the Ohio river. LOL I thought I had big bass that day!
  7. jbaits

    Jay Baits-shallow crank

    Uh, I don't have. My sister thinks I should be trying to sell them, I don't know. If your interested in something, leave me a message or E-mail me @ flynwings@yahoo.com. We can work something out.
  8. Try htt:/impact-mfg.com/clamshell If im not mistaken they offer to send a sample befor you buy. they will make to your custom size also..
  9. jbaits

    3" golden shiner

    Thanks Bob, I'm looking at the positive, plenty of time to make lures and time to test and fish....
  10. jbaits

    Foiled flat sided cranks

    cool, thanx for the compliment on my lures, the eye's on the latest lures is a result of the economy, I've been laid-off from a large steel company, so i'm trying to save money on 3d eyes. Thanx again diemai....
  11. jbaits

    3" golden shiner

    first attemp at raised gill plate, looks okay I guess. Going to try again, I like the shape a action of the bait.
  12. jbaits

    my attemped at sexy shad

    my attemped at sexy shad from the strike king series.
  13. jbaits

    Jay Baits-shallow crank

    2 1/2" All handmade balsa crankbait, weighs .450oz medium wobble. color: olive green/black back with pearlized purple. Like I said just started back with the hobby! comments welcome! Tell the truth good or bad!
  14. jbaits

    Foiled flat sided cranks

    Haven't posted in a couple of years or made baits! Ok start, just trying to get back into making lures. These baits are 2 1/4" & rattle, weight .350oz, cast very well with a nice tight wobble, great search bait. Let me know what ya'll think!
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