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  1. bassguy

    Where Do You Buy Your Devcon Epoxy

    Onlin, I believe it's same place as BobP.
  2. bassguy

    Craw Pattern

    Ill bring the popcorn!
  3. bassguy

    1St Attempt Airbrushing. I'm Hooked!

    I wish my first attempt with my air brush came out that good. Nice!
  4. bassguy

    2nd PVC carved swimbait

    That's a real beauty!
  5. bassguy

    Stencil Plastic

    I picked up some material from Jo-Ann fabrics and crafts near where I live. It's nearly transparent and might work well for vacu-forming. I picked it a while back for flat stencils but can't remember the manufacturer. Jerry
  6. bassguy

    Just Thinking...

    Getting back to the original question....My humble opinion is that the large lure companies paint baits that catch fishermen. I'm not saying these baits don't work; oh indeed they do but to me a bass feeding by reaction or impulse; do not really get a good look at what they're eating. I'm not a great painter nor have the skill to either so I really look up to the great painters on this site. I have to rely on the "essence" of the bait pattern. If I can capture that, then that works for me. Jerry
  7. bassguy

    How Can You Fix A Run In Epoxy Topcoat?

    I've had to address that problem before because I haven't built a lure turned as of yet. Sand down the run flush but don't be over zealous with the sanding, believe me on that one. Rough up the rest of the finish and reapply the new coat of epoxy with a little DA to thin. Maybe if I have the time today, I'll make the turner. I have a rotisserie motor I found and some plywood, so I have no excuses. LOL.
  8. bassguy

    What Does Your Tackle Lair Look Like?

    Mark I hear you. I know it's not as cold as in some places around the country but it's really cold here. A small heater in the shop turned on for about an hour does the trick. The heater has a built in timer to shut off after 4 hours. Jerry
  9. bassguy

    Where To Buy Bulk Balsa Wood

    Marty, maybe this will help. Jerry
  10. bassguy

    Hanging Vs Rotating

    This is what TU is all about! Very generous! Jerry
  11. bassguy

    Best Or Favorite Airbrush Paints

    I haven't veered too far away from Createx but have checked out the "patio paints". The seem much thicker but do have a varied color selection and are easily thinned with water.
  12. bassguy

    Outside Temperature Spraying Your Crankbaits

    A small heater works wonders if you have an area in which to paint. I generally crank up the small heater in my shop. Granted, I live in California but it does get really cold where I live. Oh, one more thing, if you are using automotive paint or other flammable types a heater shouldn't on while painting. I know that sounds quite obvious but there are people out there that clean there guns while loaded and their guns are loaded too.
  13. bassguy

    When To Install A Lip

    I've found installing the lip after paint is much easier and no masking is necessary.
  14. bassguy

    What Does Your Tackle Lair Look Like?

    Here's mine. Little messy but I know where everything is, sort of, lol.
  15. bassguy