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  1. I'm gonna respectfully disagree with the above post in regards to catfish poles for muskies....unless they are made of graphite, which most are not, you are going to be disappointed in the casting and hooksetting. If you would be strictly trolling for muskies they would be OK. I have not handled one yet but Cabelas has a couple musky models in their Pro Guide series now for $60 - or as mentioned Gander and Scheels both have rods to fit the bill without breaking the wallet.
  2. I've used Spiderwire Stealth and Stren Super Braid and have been happy with both, but I now have Sufix braid and it is the cat's meow. Go with 80 or 100lb. Stealth leaders are great, I think the 130lb would be a good all around fit.
  3. BassPro '08 Fishing Master catalog, p. 363 There is a link in the 'Skirt Material' post above in this forum as well.
  4. I saw in a BassPro catalog bulk starflash, however I couldn't find it on the website. I can check the catalog again to verify if you'd like.
  5. I think you'll be OK, lots of bucktails made like that - Mepps and Blue Fox Vibrax for sure. PA - which thread was that with talk of the #13 blades? Moore's had em and maybe someone else? I'm gonna hit the basement soon for a little bucktail makin.
  6. PA - Where did you find the #13s? Any pics of lures with them yet? If the bottle isn't big enough, you'll just have to buy several and pour them all in one big enough for the 13s! Oh yeah, do you know what the thickness is of the 13s and if there is more than one option out there right now? Thanks.
  7. Good stuff! I agree it would take more than one beer and since I grew up in the shadow of the brewery its Leinenkugel's!
  8. My experience with Stamina is they send me what they have in stock but you have to re-order what is out of stock - not thrilled with that. You call back in a couple weeks and one of the items is in but not the rest, so you end up putting in 4 different orders in addition to the original order. Oh well, they have good stuff and I've got my orders back in a hurry.
  9. Stamina makes a beauty in 1 oz - its the eagle eye musky spinnerbait or something like that.
  10. A fellow cheesehead had a birthday eh? Hope it was great! What part of the this great state are ya from?
  11. Good question, I'm wondering the same think. I believe Cabela's had it last year, don't know about now.
  12. Very nice, how do those combo type spinnerbaits work? I've only messed with the single and tandem style. You have owner hooks on those spinnerbaits? Poured them yourself? I love the way you tied that thin, tail piece of flashabou on the baits, nicely done.
  13. Just called and found out they had problems with their order person - all is back on track now.
  14. I place an order with fisherman's corner on Apr 4th, haven't heard anything. Emailed the guy on the order sheet last week and their sales dept on Mon - no replies. They that slow or out of business? Just called and found out they had trouble with their order guy - things are back on track now.
  15. I need a bass and some mice!
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