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  1. Micro bubbles

    Jesse. one way I found to get my plastisol to the right temp. consistently without burning it is to always heat the same amount, so I can eliminate the variable of quantity.
  2. Micro bubbles

    If you can, try a degassed plastisol, to eliminate having to degas it yourself.
  3. Mustad Triple Grip Hooks

    Every spring I check the hooks on my jerkbaits, and test them to see if they float, suspend, or slow sink in my 5 gallon bucket of water in my unheated garage. Once I've gotten a bait to suspend , I use my line choice to fine tune it on the water. It's all approximate, anyway, at least for me. Every time out the water temps and conditions vary, so I take a guess before I leave to fish, tie the bait onto whatever I think will match the conditions, and then go fishing. Where I fish, the water never really gets below 50, and there's usually some color in it, so I typically don't have to make major adjustments. If I need to, I'll switch setups to one with the line I think will help me match the conditions. That's why boats have rod lockers.
  4. Micro bubbles

    Maybe I've just been lucky, but I have never had bubbles in my BJ plastisol, even after I've shaken it. I typically shake it every time before I use it.
  5. New chrome brush on paint?

    A family member runs a plating company. When I asked him if plastic baits could be plated, he said yes. He also said that the baits would have to be primed first with something that could be polished, or the chrome wouldn't shine. He said that is why metal pieces are plated with copper first, so they can be polished before the chrome is applied.
  6. Kelvar mesh for strengthing soft plastic baits

    Plus "exotic" materials can come with their own set of issues. Years ago we were repairing some concrete pilings under a house, and the subcontractor was using some kind of carbon mesh. I asked him for some scrap to use as my swimbait hinges, and he sent me some, along with a handling regime that made me reconsider using it. Seems that inhaling any dust from it could cause real problems. I decided to stick with SST screw eyes and pins, and carefully disposed of the envelope and it's contents.
  7. Micro bubbles

    I'm spoiled. I always use BaitJunky's degassed plastisol. If you don't use degassed plastisol, and you heat in a microwave, you will have to degas it, so no moisture that might be trapped in the plastisol can expand to form bubbles when it's heated in a microwave. Otherwise you can expect to have bubbles to deal with. I am just a hobby pourer, so I go the degassed plastisol route and never have to worry about degassing myself, except after raw mushrooms.
  8. Help! Trouble making swimbaits

    From my experience, getting the plastisol up to 350 degrees is very important, or you can have baits that stay tacky forever. I use a cheap digital thermometer, and stir with a doubled over metal coat hanger that has a 1/2" flat section at the bottom, holding the two metal arms apart. Once I've gotten the plastisol up to 345 on the surface, I mix it so I bring the middle material up to the top, and check the temp again. The plastisol heat from the middle out, so the middle temp is always hotter, and that way I can get all of the plastisol up to 350 without burning it. I do add some heat stabilizer, just in case, but the Baitjunky's plastisol I use already had stabilizer in it, so I only add 1/2 tsp. per cup. Once I've gotten the plastisol up to 350, and it has become clear and runny, I never heat it past 335 again. I use the degassed plastisol.
  9. New chrome brush on paint?

    I can see you have a full plate, and a demanding quality control person, so I understand why you would declice. I can only plead sloth and poverty. I'm too lazy to go to all that work, and too cheap to spend $700 for four ounces of paint.
  10. Netcraft Tack-L Tool

    A split ring will let you change out a dull or damaged hook.
  11. New chrome brush on paint?

    Anglinarcher, that sounds like a perfect job for you! Hahaha
  12. Australian lures

    I still have two 40+ year old flatfishes in a tackle box somewhere in the garage. One is orange with spots, and the other is green with spots, if memory serves, but it's been a long time since I've actually seen them. They did have a great wiggle.
  13. New chrome brush on paint?

    Kasilofchrisn's video said it doesn't need a clear coat.
  14. Micro bubbles

    Sorry, I have no clue. Are you sure you're getting the plastic to the 350 degree conversion temperature before you begin stirring?
  15. Frog problem

    It's been my experience that a one joint bait like that has much less action, like an S waver, unless the legs are flexible, and have a down turned foot, to give the leg some kick. Like the boot tail on a soft swimbait. If you want more action from the legs, I would alter the foot section on the original two joint design to give the foot a boot tail shape. That way, the foot will catch the water and be forced up, and then fall back down and begin again. Hopefully....