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  1. Thanks.
  2. wchilton, Thanks for the confirmation. Do chartreuse and red pigments smaller by nature? I noticed they seem to both bleed, whether it's paint or a sharpie.
  3. I turn the hook hangers for treble orientation. It keeps the hook rash down on the belly hanger, and let's me put the odd hook up on the tail, which I think makes the tail hook a little more snagless.
  4. How big is that grub?
  5. Contact MF and ask them. Your family is too important not to get it right.
  6. Think burnt plastic.
  7. Kris, That is the age old question for retailers. How much is too much? Generally speaking, it's better to run out a little too soon than to be stuck with a ton of unsold inventory. Being able to make that judgement call is why good buyers are so important for retailers.
  8. I think it has to do with the size of the pigment particles.
  9. You think it was tough to get? It is even harder to get rid of!
  10. If I had to pick one source for all things associated with soft plastic for the hobby person, like me, it would be Baitjunky's. Good pricing, great service.
  11. I am a hard core lure junky. I admit it. I check the Hard Baits Forum often for inspiration, and always come away amazed at the work the folks here do! Hat's off to all!
  12. Getting stuck with too much inventory is what kills retailers.
  13. You give yourself too much credit!
  14. I made this years ago with a BBQ rotisserie kit and plywood discs. I suspended my 8" to 12" jointed swimbaits between the two discs, and coated them once they were "on the rack". The motor was 1 rpm, which was perfect for my E tex coatings.