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  1. Dirty water/paint can get into the trigger recess when you backflush. Try disassembling the brush, and soaking it overnight in Restorer.
  2. Thanks for 'splainin it, Lucy! Hahaha
  3. What is Halo glitter?
  4. For me, a great example of how density works is seeing steel hooks floating on top of molten lead. The lead is heavier/more dense, so the steel is forced up as the heavier molten lead moves down past it, and the steel then floats on top of the molten lead.
  5. Could an improperly mixed resin cause this?
  6. Does Polysol take color the same way? Can you make transparents? Is it as tough as, say, Baitjunky's medium? So many questions, so little time! Hahaha
  7. Get well soon!
  8. I add it before the first time I heat the plastic to 350. It probably wouldn't hurt to add it after the plastic has been heated the first time. Just stir it in well, and reheat to pouring temps.
  10. Bear in mind I am a hobby pourer, and pour only a couple of days a month. I spray the barrel of my injector between loads with Spray PAM, and, although I hear the glass medium as I push the plunger, the O rings have held up for three years+ so far.
  11. The AZEK decking I use is the same weight at poplar, and the AZEK trimboard is close to heavy balsa. I haven't built with cedar, so I don't know how the two compare to it.
  12. After three marriages, my definition of fun has changed.
  13. And the winner is????
  14. Yeah, no one likes paying taxes, but we all like our public services, like police and fire protection.
  15. Have you tried a waterproof building material, like PVC? I use it, and don't have to seal anything when I float test and ballast my baits.