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  1. Glitter and Epoxy

    I add some .008 glitter to some transparent base, and brush it on over my paint scheme, before I top coat. Use a soft brush, and don't over brush, or you can move your paint.
  2. Lure eye placement

    After I draw my bait's outline on a rectangular blank, including the eye location, I drill a small pilot hole for the eye all the way through on my drill press. That way, no matter how much material I take off in the shaping, the eye locations on both side of the bait are the same.
  3. how i make my spinners

    Really nice!
  4. Plaster of Paris issue

    Thinned epoxy actually penetrates into the POP, give a good mechanical bond for the second coat, and making peeling minimal.
  5. Designing and building a popper cork

    That is a really well thought out and executed idea! Congrats.!!!
  6. Spinner Body Weights

    If you want a 1/4 oz finished bait, take everything you want to use, except the body, and weigh it. Subtract that weight from .25 oz, and whatever is left is the weight you want your body to be.
  7. spin cast molds

    I wonder if hilite powder would also move to the tails. I also wonder if you could do a two color with chart. tails and another color for the bodies. It looks interesting, but I don't think it's for me.
  8. I just figured out how to put a small amount of dip and dye on my plastic baits, without dunking them and going too deep. I shake the plastic bottle, set it down, take the top off the bottle and lay it next to the open bottle. Then I take the claws, or swimbait tail, that I want to dye, and push it into the cap. There's enough dye left from me shaking the bottle to dye one bait, and that way I have more control over where the dye goes. I use the pens as well, and actually prefer to use them, but I carry a bottle, too, because the pens dry out sometimes. Just something that works for me. Do not try it on a windy day, or in rough water, unless you have a dye-proof area in your boat to do your dye work. Otherwise you will wind up with chartreuse carpet, sooner or later.
  9. Best way to drill into circuit board lips?

    I don't know either, and I'm too cheap to buy one just to find out! Hahaha
  10. Whopper Plopper knockoffs

  11. Plaster of Paris issue

    No, the D2T I'm talking about is Devcon 30 minute epoxy, better known here as Devcon Two Ton (D2T). I mix the two parts of the epoxy thoroughly, and then add some denatured alcohol to thin it, so the first coat is absorbed by the POP. A second thinned coat completes the sealing of the mold. I add the carpenters glue after I've mixed the POP, and before I pour, so it adds to the POP's strength.
  12. Plaster of Paris issue

    I think your problem is the acrylic sealer. All the acrylic clears I've tried as sealers for hard baits, from spray clears to concrete sealers, react to the plasticizer in soft plastic and melt. I keep those baits separate from my soft plastics. Find another sealer for your molds. I mix some yellow carpenter's glue into my POP to make it stronger, so it holds details better, and seal my molds with two coats of D2T, thinned with denatured alcohol after they're thoroughly mixed. Last, I spray my POP molds with PAM cooking spray before each pour.
  13. Best way to drill into circuit board lips?

    Bob, A while back a squarebill with a self-adjusting line tie was the big thing. Do you know how that worked?
  14. Oiling Your Injector?

    Yes. If you can find garlic flavored PAM, that's a bonus.
  15. Whopper Plopper knockoffs

    Thank you.