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  1. Looks good! I have no idea what a European Bream looks like, but do know what good carving looks like, and this is it.
  2. Man, you're way ahead of me! Of course, my kids will tell you that's nothing to brag about. Hahaha Time for a dumb question. Can you take one of the Do-It mold blanks and just carve what you want? I'm a carpenter, so I have no idea what's involved in doing something like that.
  3. That is very generous of you, but I'm not able to do hand carving anymore. Old hands taking their revenge for too many years of abuse, I guess. But I still enjoy seeing the beautiful stuff you and the other builders on this site make. Keep it up!
  4. It must be a very rare mold. You might try contacting Do-It, and asking them if they recognized the mold. They have been making molds for a long time, so they would probably recognize it, even if they didn't make it.
  5. Try the 4 rpm motor to see if it will work. I built a Ferris wheel type turner like Toadman's, and used a 1 rpm rotisserie motor, and it worked fine.
  6. You are really talented. What tools do you use for your carving?
  7. Nice! I think you're right. We learn as much, if not more, from our failures. Of course, if failures are any indication of how much we learn, I'm working on my Masters degree! Hahaha
  8. mark poulson


    No fair! You clearly know how to paint!!! Beautiful, like all of your paint jobs.
  9. Just knock the shine off the D2T with a scotch pad, or steel wool.
  10. First, check to see that your uv lamp is the right one for your resin. Then, use more than one light. More light, closer to the bait will speed up curing.
  11. I wonder if runny super glue would work?
  12. Did you shake or stir it well?
  13. Leonard, what it the firmest plastisol that can still be injected?
  14. I sometimes do this, too. I cut the lure's profile, clamp the blank in a vise so that the pencil line for the lip slot is just clear of the jaws, and then use a fine hand saw to cut the slot.
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