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  1. I guess we're all lucky we still work+-.
  2. Bob, you're exactly right when it comes to darker paint schemes, but I don't really notice it on lighter stuff. I'm still using the original Dual Cure Polyester Resin that was designed for surfboard repairs. I only build for myself and a couple of buddies, so I'm not so worried about the cloudy issue. The baits hold up and catch fish.
  3. In the past I used AC1315 concrete sealer for top coating cranks. It works, but you can't let it lie in direct contact with a soft plastic bait for more than 30 minutes. Longer than that, and the softener in the plastic bait will soften and melt the concrete sealer. I would suggest doing a test first with a small test blank, to see if that is true for your concrete sealer. I still fish some of those cranks with concrete sealer top coat. I am just careful not to let them lay against any soft plastic baits.
  4. I use runny CA glue to seal my balsa baits, two coats. Then I sand, paint, and top coat with Solarez. I like the balsa because it is so light and buoyant, but it is still not as durable, even after two coats of the CA glue, so I top coat with Solarez, for additional hardness.
  5. When I first tried the Minwax wood hardener, I tried soaking my wood bait overnight, to really let it penetrate. It worked too well. The hardener bubbled out of the end grain every time I hit it with the hair dryer for a week! I settled on just a quick dip and hang, and that worked much better.
  6. Maybe he could make the mold with the larger tails, and also make an insert to let you cut down to the smaller tails.
  7. I ordered #5 and #6. I'll use them for 1/2 tandem spinnerbaits, where I'm using a big Indiana (#5 or #6) on a swivel now. I love the thump and flash I get with the big Indiana, especially in the tulles. I think it represents a bluegill, because of the bigger, slower vibration. I know they find it, even in the thick stuff, or in low light.
  8. For me, it was so much simpler than boiling, and easier to control.
  9. Since Bait Plastics was so helpful when you bought the clear, why not call/email them and ask for some help. Maybe there's a secret word or handshake you need to use. Seriously, they sound really helpful, so I think it's worth a shot.
  10. I've bent Lexan over a wood form, using a heat gun. Just take your time, or you can scorch the Lexan, and it will discolor and become brittle.
  11. Clever idea! Bub Tosh sells something similar he calls the Nose Job, that goes in front of swimbaits to impart a more erratic action.
  12. I hope you're right. I just ordered some to try. If I don't catch fish, it's all your fault! Hahaha
  13. I subscribed to his You Tube channel (thanks to the link you posted), so, hopefully, I'll get to see and here him more.
  14. I really appreciate you sharing what you've learned. Everything I know about lure making I learned here on TU, from lure makers, like you, who were also willing to share their hard earned knowledge.
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