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  1. mark poulson

    Glitter nail polish

    Do a test first, so you don't mess up a bait. Apply some nail polish over a test painted scrap piece, let it cure overnight, and then apply KBS. If it works, great. If the KBS dissolves the nail polish, try putting the KBS on first, let it cure for a couple of days, and then apply the nail polish.
  2. mark poulson

    Help with jointed glide bait

    I learned that a really free moving hinge joint was one of the keys for my glide bait success. For me, a double screw eye and SST wire hinge pin gave me the most freedom of movement in my V shaped joints. Plus, it allowed me to adjust both the joint gap and the alignment of the sections so I got the S action I wanted, and a symmetrical water flow over the bait.
  3. mark poulson

    How do I secure screw in hardware?

    I've had the opposite experience. I actually use runny super glue to reinforce the thread holes in my balsa baits. I drill a small pilot hole, run the screw in and then back out again, to cut the threads in the wood. Then I put a drop or two of runny super glue over the hole, using a wire to get it down in, and let it soak into the wood. I think the glue soaks into the wood and reinforces the area around the hole. After a minute, I coat the screw threads with brush-on super glue, which has a longer setting time, and run the screw into the hole again. I don't have screws seize before they are in position, and the squeeze out forms a locking "faring" at the base of the screw eye, to further prevent unscrewing. I've never had a screw eye pull out, or unscrew.
  4. mark poulson

    Chatterbait technique

    My friend pours my 3/8oz and 1/2oz weedless arkie head jigs with Mustad 32786 BLN hooks, 4/0, and I can open the eyes with an awl and hammer to get the blades on, and then squeeze them closed again with a pair of pliers.
  5. mark poulson

    Help with jointed glide bait

    For the record, Dave "Vodkaman" is the reason I was able to make a successful glide bait.
  6. I've read here on TU that you have to really careful using Future, because it sets up so hard if you don't clean your airbrush really well, and really quickly. Does your mixture have that same characteristic, or is it more forgiving?
  7. mark poulson

    Clear Coat

    For a buck, isn't it is worth a try?
  8. mark poulson

    Clear Coat

    I use clear nail polish from the dollar store. Quick, convenient (each bottle has it's own brush), and as durable as I need. Try a bottle. For a buck, what do you have to lose?
  9. mark poulson

    Bladed Jig head recommendation ???

    Would a narrower head allow more side to side movement of the blade? If so, I think that's a good thing.
  10. mark poulson

    help matching colors

    Those look really close. Thanks.
  11. mark poulson

    using enamel paint

    It looks SOOOO good!
  12. mark poulson

    help matching colors

    I want to match both the watermelon/copper flake and the orange/red flake in the Yamamoto Flappin Hog. I can get close to the watermelon, but I'm having trouble with the orange. My orange looks more muddy than their orange. Any help would be appreciated, since I am now making two 6 cavity molds, one of the 3 3/4" and one of the 4 1/2". I've gotten close before, but I'd really like to nail it. Thanks ahead of time.
  13. mark poulson

    Soft plastic paint

    Do you use a base color for your plastic baits, and then paint them, or pour them clear?
  14. mark poulson

    using enamel paint

    Is that a photo finish?
  15. mark poulson

    New Guy Here. Advice on which vise to buy

    Just remember, vises are like vices. You gotta pay to play!