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  1. mark poulson

    Top coat question

    One of the reasons I moved away from building wooden baits, other than balsa cranks, is because I could never get my jointed swimbaits sealed completely, even if I heated the sections before sealing. They all seemed to fail eventually, because there were so many points of possible water intrusion at the hinges. JR Hopkins suggested I try AZEK PVC decking and trimboard as a building material, and all my sealing problems went away.
  2. mark poulson

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    I think Travis said it perfectly. I would just add that this site has always, to me, been about learning and sharing. There are a lot of "real" custom lure makers here ( Travis mentioned Vodkaman, Nathan is another, there are lots more), but they are all open and sharing of their knowledge. When I first came here, I knew almost nothing about making crankbaits, but the members were generous with what they knew, and shared with me, and everyone else here. Thanks to everyone here, I now know how to build lures that work' and enjoy doing it. I want others to have a chance to get the same enjoyment. To that end, when I build a lure that I think will add to the group, I post it in the Hard Baits Gallery, along with schematics and explanations, like how to make a crankbait erratic (hunt) by adding moving ballast above the centerline of the bait, or how to achieve a wobbling fall in a spybait by raising part of the ballast above the lure's centerline, and giving it a flat bottom. It's not like any of us is going to get rich building crankbaits. But we can all still get the thrill and satisfaction of catching fish on something we made. There are lure building tricks and secrets, sure, but, to me, they really aren't worth much unless they're shared, and that's what makes this site so great.
  3. mark poulson

    Vibrating Jig Blowing Out

    I had forgotten about this when I replied earlier (CRS). When the chatterbait first came out, I used a split tail as a trailer, and burned it over grass beds. It was so erratic that I had bass chase it down and sometimes miss it, but they would hit at it repeatedly until they got it. So try burning it up on top to see if it will do that, once the water warms up above 55 again.
  4. mark poulson

    #11 pork frog look alike?

    Travis' solution of putting a small patch of mesh in the area where the hook penetrates sounds really neat! That would let you pour soft plastics without having them tear off the hook on the cast, or on the first fish.
  5. After reading about azek I stopped by lowes this morning and found a 16 foot piece for 1 buck cheapest thing I bought today.  I've read your post Why Pvc pretty much covers it all. Thank you Im along ways from finishing I'm just curious how the concrete sealer worked out for you. Will I get a smooth finish. Anyway thought I'd keep you posted.

    1. mark poulson

      mark poulson


      I've used concrete sealer in the past.  It works well as long as the finished bait isn't left in contact with any soft plastic.  I think the softener in the plastic affects the sealer over time.

      I solved this problem on some rats I made that had plastic worms for tails by coating the butt section around the screw lock connection with clear nail polish as a barrier.  When I finished fishing that rat, I would remove the plastic tail before I put the bait away.

      I keep my rods with soft plastics on one side of my deck, and rods with hard baits on the other, just to play safe.

      Good luck with the PVC.

  6. mark poulson

    Lead cleaning and fluxing

    Try posting this question in the Wire Baits Forum. Those folks know all about lead and lead pouring.
  7. mark poulson

    Color Palette

    Maybe offer them without hardware, and a separate price for whatever hooks and split rings you would normally add.
  8. mark poulson

    Vibrating Jig Blowing Out

    I found that bending the top of the blade lets me fish a chatterbait faster without blowing out.
  9. mark poulson

    Soaking Airbrush Parts

    Use a glass pickle jar, or salsa jar. The soaking material will stay in good shape for your next soaking. I have a pickle jar of Air Brush Restorer (thank you Ben) that's five years old and still going strong.
  10. mark poulson

    #11 pork frog look alike?

    Me, too. I think today's plastics can be just as flexible in cold water, but there is no more durable bait than pork, and it stays salty much longer.
  11. mark poulson

    Berkley powerbait worms

    Just in case you haven't found a mold yet, TW has the 8.5" on clearance sale right now.
  12. mark poulson

    #11 pork frog look alike?

    I just looked at the Berkley Maxscent Power Chunk. Looks like it might work, but I haven't tried them yet, so I don't know how durable they are.
  13. mark poulson

    Extending pot life of slow cure epoxy?

    Do you need to clean off the excess immediately, or can you clean it off after that first hour?
  14. mark poulson

    Obsolete powder paint

    I resemble that remark! Hahaha
  15. mark poulson

    Florist’s Wire

    I have to have something to do when it's cold and nasty! Hahaha