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  1. Sealing Wood

    This was my experience, too. It takes a while for all the solvent to off gas, because the hardener is wicked so far into the wood. Don't rush it, or your paint scheme will be ruined by bubbles when you heat dry your paint.
  2. Who Wears A Respirator?

    When I spray rattle can sealers and primers, I always do it outside, even in the winter (unless it's raining). Those fumes are much worse than soft plastic. Funny how they reformulated paint to protect the Ozone layer in the atmosphere, but not to protect the people using it.
  3. Sealing Wood

    Use two coats of Etex.
  4. Who Wears A Respirator?

    I use one in the winter, when I can't paint or pour with the garage door open and a 20" box fan blowing past me out the door. Generally speaking, anything in bait making that you can smell isn't good for you. I keep one fan blowing across my workbench when I'm super gluing and painting, and another across my pouring station when I'm pouring soft plastics, and I stay "upwind" of the plastic. Fan speed is a function of how much I need to not smell anything.
  5. Sealing Wood

    I tried it years ago. It works for one piece wooden baits, as long as you have a really strong, flexible top coat like Envirotex epoxy.
  6. Spinner bait heads

    Try mixing Glonation green/white glo powder into some clear nail polish, and then coating your white blades, as well as the heads on your spinnerbaits. The more powder you add, the stronger the glow.
  7. Spinner bait heads

    I think you'll get better results if you post this in the Wire Baits Forum.
  8. Carving Custom Whopper Plopper

    Nice bait!!! I really like how you made the plopping tail! Thanks for the fun video!
  9. crankbait bills

    If you use a paper template glued to the bill material as a pattern, try folding the template in half first, and using a ball point pen to make a center line on the fold. It will help you keep the bill aligned when you glue it into the bait.
  10. aluminium mold

    There are several aluminum mold makers on the Soft Baits forum. Try posting your question there. Here's a link to the mold maker sticky on that forum:
  11. Site Software Update

    Thanks Curt. I thought it was just me screwing something up on my computer. The activity tab shows for a split second, and then disappears.
  12. Wire Size for line tie

    I would suggest you contact Etex directly. Their technical reps. are very knowledgeable and helpful.
  13. site update

    Thanks. I was sure I'd done something wrong.
  14. site update

    Did the site update it's software? I have a white band across the top where the forum choices used to be.
  15. Need help clear coating blades

    I forgot to mention clear nail polish. I like touse Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails clear, but even the dollar store clear works.