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  1. I just like the paint jobs and wire tied skirts too much to just toss them. Plus, they have a really good hook, so I reuse them instead of tossing them. It's really easy to put an eye bend in the wire close to the head, clamp that eye bend into a vise, and then use a pair of needle nose vise grips to do a couple of wraps with the tag end around the base of the eye. A dremel with a cut off wheel gets rid of excess wire, and, Wham (Deadpool reference), you're done.
  2. I've made some of those, too, but I think the Arkie head jigs make a better head for those. The blade hits that head, but not the thin spinnerbait heads. That thin head helps the swim jig pass through grass and tules better, too.
  3. I don't do 3D printing. I barely type. But I carve lures out of PVC, so I have some experience with trying to achieve a particular action. My rule of thumb is rounder lures have roll, flatter sided lures don't. Something to do with how the shape affects the water as it flows past (thank you Dave). If I were you, like Wayne said, I would make some wood mockups of different cross sectioned lures that were otherwise similar in size, length, lip, and attitude in the water, and begin to experiment until I got a shape that acts the way I want it to, and then do my 3D printing based on that lure.
  4. Am I the only one who repurposes my "over bent" spinnerbaits and turns them into swim jigs? Even though I use 28 gauge wire to reinforce the R bend, the wire is eventually opened up a couple times anyway, and then it's time to retire them, before I lose a good fish when one breaks. The wire coming out of the head is still plenty strong for this, and it's easy to make a loop bend tight to the head for the line tie. I use Lurepartsonline spinnerbait blanks, and their heads come through grass and tules really well.
  5. I lay then out on an old metal baking pan that has had it's teflon coating worn almost completely off. That was the only reason I could sneak it out of the kitchen. The thin metal draws the heat away quickly. I always worry that an ice bath will leech out some of the salt in my senkos.
  6. If it's a new airbrush, send it back. If it's used, break it down completely and soak it overnight in Createx Airbrush Restorer. https://www.coastairbrush.com/proddetail.asp?prod=Restorer
  7. The obvious answer is to fish more! Hahaha
  8. It's your design. I just tweaked it a little, so thank you.
  9. Sorry. I now get mine shipped to my local Home Depot. There minimum order is small.
  10. Try using medium super glue, like ZAP Glue's medium, and some of their accelerant. That's what I glue my weed guards in with, and then don't come out. Here's where I get mine: https://www.amazon.com/Pacer-Technology-Zap-Tube-Adhesives/dp/B000BQSKFU
  11. You came to the right place. These folks know everything about pouring, and will gladly share their knowledge with you if you ask.
  12. See if your local lumber yard or home center can order just one length for you.
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