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  1. mark poulson

    Just Getting Started!

    I use etching primer (thank you Cadman), Createx painted with a small artist's brush, and clear nail polish for my spinnerbaits, swim jigs, and chatter baits. I powder coat my jigs.
  2. mark poulson

    Sealant For Pop Molds

  3. mark poulson

    Stone composite molds???!!!!

    I spray my stone mold with PAM before each shot, and the baits are smoother.
  4. mark poulson

    How do lips/bills work

    I stole the idea from a Yozuri 3D vibe lipless.
  5. mark poulson

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    I hand shape my cranks, which I make from either balsa or PVC. I also use a bandsaw to cut out the profiles, and an oscillating belt sander to do my major shaping. The balsa shapes so easily that I do it with just sanding blocks. For my finer shaping on PVC baits, like gills, fins, and craw sections, I use a dremel with a flixible shaft, and sanding drums. It's much faster than carving.
  6. mark poulson

    UNBELIEVABLE clear coat!

    You're a cruel mon Skinner!
  7. mark poulson

    Sealant For Pop Molds

    How long does that paint last?
  8. mark poulson

    How do lips/bills work

    Back when I was playing around with moving ballast I made three "identical" crankbaits, using an already successful design. All of those had a concave forehead, leading to the back (I misspoke when I said concave back) . They had a tight Xing (wiggle) and ran down to 6'+-. Without the concave the same bait would only run down 4'+-. The moveable ballast was at the kill spot. The higher the ballast, the more erratic the bait would act on the retrieve (hunting).
  9. mark poulson

    Ned rig or TRD style mold

    How do you get that two color pour? It looks great!
  10. mark poulson

    Adding hardener to reheats

    Dude, now you tell me! Hahaha
  11. mark poulson

    Newbie with newbie questions

    I would not cook soft plastic indoors. The fumes are very unhealthy.
  12. mark poulson

    Clear Coating

    I've found that, for large wooden baits, a decoupage epoxy, like Etex, works better for me, because it moves with the wood as it expands and contracts. D2T is a glue epoxy, and specifically design not to move, or creep, so I used it on small plastic cranks, where movement isn't as much of an issue. Bob P has perfected using D2T on wood baits. My hat's off to him.
  13. mark poulson

    Adding hardener to reheats

    I wanted to add some hardener to my already cooked GP swimbait plastic that I'd mixed and poured once. My first swimbaits were just too soft. I'm still working on a pint jar of hardener from Bear, so that tells you how old that stuff is. I didn't want to add the hardener to the old stuff after it was heated, because I knew from experience that adding fresh hardener to hot plastic makes it set immediately, and just produces lumps. Been there, done that. Since I typically add additional new plastic to my reheats, to replace what I've already poured, I took that fresh plastisol and mixed in the hardener, enough for the whole finished batch, old and new. Mixing the hardener with the fresh cold plastisol gets it completely dissolved in the plastisol, so there was no danger of lumping. I also added some heat stabilizer, since I reheat a lot. Then I added the new hardener plastisol into the older cold plastic, and heated it all up to 350 again, to get the new stuff to convert. Once it was all up to temp, I stirred it again to get any lumps of older stuff mixed in well, and then heated it for another 30 seconds. That got any remaining lumps melted. The new mixture was about 335, shot great, and the swimbaits were the right hardness. It works for me.
  14. mark poulson

    Lead Question ( I'm no expert)

    I guess I should have bummed more lead from the plumbers on my jobsites, way back before ABS.
  15. mark poulson


    Well then, I'm totally clueless. I don't dip that often, so I add the KBS thinner every once in a while to keep it from getting too thick. I store it in a glass jar with a layer of baggie under the top to keep it from sticking and the KBS version of bloxygen sprayed into the jar before I reseal it.