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  1. Al, what makes some chartreuse bleed?
  2. I have found that applying a thin coat of the 100% silicone over the master, spraying water over that, and then adding additional silicone and water mixture to fill the mold box works. The silicone/water mixture sets overnight, and the pure silicone layer after another 24 hours. That way I was able to preserve the details on the master, and still have the silicone mold set up faster. I tried just using pure 100% silicone all the way, and it took two weeks to cure.
  3. Invest some time and plastic doing controlled batches to see what works best for you, and keep good notes.
  4. Man, you'll need a catapult to launch an A rig with 5 Muskie baits!
  5. Wow! Those are beautiful!
  6. Mike Iaconelli is sponsored by VMC, and he has a website. You might try posting about those hooks there. https://mikeiaconelli.com/?fbclid=IwAR3vwz9mLw9uZi8GGxtrGgcqaELU1j3Hf2q--buWbuCRDOMR6uTrA88i7i4
  7. I hold pressure on my injector for at least five seconds after I've filled my molds before I move to the next cavity, and no more dents. I also don't shoot above 325 degrees.
  8. That is the only way to safely use a router table to shape lures. It is amazing how fast a workpiece can be thrown, or pulled right into the cutter, along with you fingers.
  9. LPO's own Dollar Bill Lowen won his first Elite tourney, after 14 years! Big Congrats!!!
  10. I am a hobby builder, and i get mine at Lure Parts Online: https://www.lurepartsonline.com/Lure-Making/Shop-By-Product-Category/Terminal-Tackle-Wire/Wire/Wire-Forms?page=1
  11. I use this one: https://www.homedepot.com/p/3M-Medium-Paint-Project-Respirator-Mask-6211PA1-A/100653900?
  12. She's right, no matter what the color.
  13. Bob, the injector still works. I made some molds with a smaller sprue that it fills just fine.
  14. Before centering pins I used to make my own 1/4" diameter screws by winding spinnerbait wire around a 1/4" bolt that was held in a vise. I would wind 3" of screw wire, and then cut off what I needed for my lure. The larger size kept the plastic from tearing.
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