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  1. TwistechMagnum and R-bends

    Try contacting whoever you bought it from, and asking for their help. If they can't help you, they should have a contact for someone who can.
  2. PVC.... Azek or Choice Dek?

    The Azek trimboard I usually use is strong enough to hold screw eyes, provided I drill a small pilot hole, and, after I've run the screw in and back out again, coat the threads with gap filling super glue before I run them back in again.
  3. Air pocket in tubes

    Do you hold pressure when you inject? I have had to scratch vent lines into the ends of thin details to get them to fill, but your skirt looks like it's filling fine. If that little nib is where you have a vent in the mold, maybe air is being sucked back into the vent as the plastic cools.
  4. Cutting the bill slot

    I always cut the slot and attach all my lips, hardware, and ballast before I paint. I use PVC, so I can actually test my baits unpainted without worrying about water intrusion. Once I'm sure the lure is working the way I want it to, I take the hardware off, mask the lip, and paint and topcoat.
  5. Cutting the bill slot

    The only way I've found to do it after a bait is shaped is to draw the joints completely before I cut. I use a folded over piece of cardboard to mark the starting and finishing points, so they are even, and then to use a fine toothed dovetail saw to cut the joints slowly. I draw connecting lines on both the top and the bottom of the baits, showing the actual joint lines I want, from the centerlines on the top and bottom to the rear part of the joints, to use as a guide. I also don't worry if I'm a little off. The joints can be sanded or filed after they're cut to get them more symmetrical. As long as the two cuts wind up meeting at the centerlines of the bait, it will work. Just go slow, and check your alignment often as you cut.
  6. Air pocket in tubes

    Check the venting at the end of the skirts. Air bubbles are trapped air that can't vent out.
  7. Heads with 3d eyes

    I also get too much powder in my eye socket. After the heads are cured, I put a couple of drops of gap filling ZAP super glue into the eye socket, and then place the eyes over them. Once one side of a batch of ten is done, they are set enough to turn over gently and do the other side. Fifteen minutes later, I coat the eyes and surrounding socket with clear nail polish, and it holds the eyes on just fine. I like big eyes, and they sometimes don't lay completely flat. The nail polish helps to fill in any voids around the edges of the eyes.
  8. PVC.... Azek or Choice Dek?

    That's great! And it gives me another option, too.
  9. Smooth-on Glow worm powder

    I fish the CA Delta, which has off colored water a lot of the time. I have good success with glo trailers for spinnerbaits (3" grub) and chatterbaits (3 1/2" Keitech knockoff). My best color is charteuse with chart and silver flake, and then add 1 tsp. of glow white/green per cup of plastisol. I also add some of the chat. glo plastic to the tails of my green pumpkin senkos, and they get eaten, too.
  10. Glass Sandblast beads

    Now, now boys, play nice!
  11. How to get speckles on crank baits

    Thanks for the technique share. I'll try it next timer I'm painting. I have been just using a fine tip sharpie to add a random series of dots. Your method seems like it would be a lot easier, and more efficient.
  12. PVC.... Azek or Choice Dek?

    Go online, and check which big box stores, like Lowe's and Home Depot, carry Azek. I order mine online from Home Depot, and they deliver it to my local store free. The sizes are limited on their site, so I get the smooth surfaced trim board, and laminate two pieces if I want thicker matl. PVC pipe glue and clamps make a really good bond, as long as you make sure the two surfaces are flat by sanding them first.
  13. Tacky Etex

    When I had that problem, this is what the tech at Etex told me to do. Mix up another batch, exactly 1/1 by volume, and recoat the tacky bait. It will solve the problem, and save the bait.
  14. Powder Paint Guns Vs. Fluidized Beds

    Maybe turn up the pressure little by little until it flows.
  15. How to get speckles on crank baits

    Hahaha. I guess it's hard to see me smiling through the keyboard.