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  1. Burnt plastisol on shooting star can be cleaned to some extent by using aircraft paint stripper. Takes several aplications to do it..
  2. Out of curiosity, is there any off the shelf substitutes for dnip, or pvc paste, that can be obtained at hardware store or automotive store?
  3. Wouldnt epoxi not be compatible with twmpurature range of soft plastic.. polyester or polyurea only options
  4. Cured pvc,is stable,doesnt break down..will last for hundreds of years. The oils and gasses are problems..some manufacturers claim phthalate free plastisol.from biological perspective the problem is humans live long..might affect kidney,liver etc in 30 years,but without alot of statistical data points its hard to point finger.for sure shouldnt use in dwelling at all..at least do it outside,or in Comercially zoned area.....colorants that stain skin are possible vital dyestuffs and would be suspicious as damaging to liver..
  5. Anyone intersted in swaping molds for a week/weekend....ive got several id be willing to lend for week.trading mold for mold..im.interested in small sized soft plastic baits.panfish baits..especially custom built ones..but id be open to large pike sized or even bass stuff..us residents only,and preferably old standing Tackle Underground members.ive been on TU for probably at least ten years .......id like to expand my odd tackle choices..contact me message thru tackle underground messaging.
  6. Peace...wishing david all the best.and recovery.. goldenshinner.
  7. For just posting add and no coments that's alot of sold items..!..... any half used batches of glitter or other suplies?
  8. Ive noticed when polyester glitter melts on remelt,the new blend is harder and tougher than original...anyone else notice this or have a trick to add some craft polyester to improve the plastics characteristics..
  9. Some examples would be coke,Pepsi cola,generic cola,etc..all varients on original patent.....i n case of a patented fishing worm lure,etc.modifying it slightly to improve performance by say adding a spike,or bead or extra joint or new surface etc etc,may qualify for new patent..and dissolve the previous claim.
  10. Ha ha ha..patents.. This stuff changes constantly and is very complex..pattent if its granted only protects very specific thing..change that only slightly and you have a new creation. Its done all the time. Baits are too small run, but in larger commercial operations product is made in China,to roll out into large department stores.thousands of stores at once.often almost same or even same item from.same mold just different packaging..two end caps.with almost identical product.. Its race to get new product out and run with it while you can..6 months latter its old and outdated,and being replaced...in the case of art..it was common place to get an illustrator to draw a new work of art to "get it free of royalty" or in some ways remove any copyright. You'd see this in every newspaper,magazine,book etc,they would have illustrators on staff pumping out there own images ...patent, copyright, trademark.. All related but different...its partially in the eyes of the lawyers and courts and who has the best lawyers... American law isn't always about right and wrong....from an artistic standpoint.if your lure was hand made,and reproduced from hand made art would possibly be in its own category...
  11. Is the Calhoun medium free of plasticizer?.. Also would anyone know if its as simple as mixing saltwater plastic with soft to get some intermediate characteristics
  12. I'd like to hear thoughts on how to deal with tear strength in small baits...I'm new to soft plastics.only been playing with it for last year. I've used the do it brand and seemed strong. MF soft plastic was very nice soft at cost of strength...I've tried adding hardner but I'm not convinced how much difference it makes on small thin baits..I actually tried melting/ repouring saltwater plastics. Super hard plastic..I had trouble getting it to fill small cavities..should I blend saltwater plastic and soft..or what is solution?
  13. Cymk is another color space...but colors exsist outside these.
  14. RGB. Color space.your color monitor only uses 4 colors. Red,green blue and k(kroma)..each has an opposite color,so maybe in paints it would be 8 colors
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