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  1. Just wondering, why do you prefer the flat eye hooks versus the 90 degree? I havent experimented much with the football heads yet.
  2. IMO Devcon is necessary over vinyl or anything else if you use your jigs around any type of cover. If you mostly swim your jigs in open water then maybe you can get away with it, but if you flip or pitch most often around stumps, brush, or rocks then everything will chip without a topcoat.
  3. If you want to go real cheap. Then get ahold of some sharpie markers. They work great if you dont care if they dont look perferct. Trust me the fish dont care. If youre more of a perfectionist, then go with powder or basecoat with white paint and paint over with your choice color. If you use paint then I recommended coating with 2 ton (30 min. cure) devcon.
  4. Most bass spinnerbaits use either a .035 or .040. The lighter wire will give you a little better feel but is obviously not as durable. Here's my general rule of thumb (keeping in mind I fish for largemouth and smallmouth). If I'm pouring a 1/4 or 3/8oz head then I use the lighter wire (like I said you can feel the blade better which I think you need with the lighter head), for 1/2 - 1oz heads I use the bigger gauge. If you mostly catch smallies then you might want to go with the beefier wire cause you know what a smallie can do to a spinnerbait wire.
  5. Hey, doomdart. Torginol is an epoxy resin. Mainly used for floor coatings. You can check it out at www.torginol.com . Its military grade, which in my experience using it is very durable. Only problem is, you have to buy it by the gallon and its pretty expensive. Much thinner than devcon, makes it pretty easy if youre in to dipping your baits. Another good coating substance is Fabulon, if you can find it, it is what they use to coat bowling lane floors. Tough as nails.
  6. I have used Torginol in the past. Quite a bit thinner than Devcon. But I prefer just to thin Devcon with alcohol.
  7. IMO, the action that you are seeing is due to 2 factors. One, the placement of the line tie as mentioned earlier. Two, it doesnt appear that you have a ballast weight, so that is going to change the action also.
  8. Hey Bassky, The best way to tie a jig or spinnerbait is to buy the rubber skirt strips ( not sure what they are called but are about 3/4 inch wide and look like they are uncut on each end). Double the strip over on itself and cut with scissors directly in the middle. You should have two identical pieces of skirt material now. Attach to the jig or spinnerbait as you would tie a fly. Use 3 skirt pieces for spinnerbaits (anymore and it will reduce feel of bait) and 4 for jigs. Best place I have found to buy the skirts is staminainc.com. Look under skirt building materials Silicone. This is what I use. If I have totally confused you send me a PM and I can walk you through it.
  9. Almost all manufacturers make a coachdog pattern, but most make the accents on the sides too dark for my liking. I like them a light green color like I mentioned. I think Bill Norman cranks painted one that color many years ago. As for the Lucky Craft shad colors you are right on. The tiny faint yellow added to the bait exactly mimics a threadfin shad (what some people call yellowtails). You can add a thin strip to the sides or just a touch to the tail portion of the crankbait.
  10. Personally my two favorite colors for bass (both largemouth and smallmouth) are Coachdog ( chart. and green back with green accents on sides) and spring crawfish (deep orange sides with brown back and a faint yellow underbelly). I use these colors mainly on stained southern lakes, but Im sure they'll work anywhere. Flatside crankbaits (with tight wobble) work really well in 45-55 degree water. If all else fails or if in clear water stick with simple colors like shad patterns. Hope this helps.
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