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  1. Not a problem, I do it all the time. .. mixing the manufacturers that is, on purpose even.
  2. Have you tried heating the mold prior to pouring, what about varying the plastics temp, sometimes this helps, also strategically place air vents (tubes) might help as well. Advice on the injector, based upon what I have read here... Have a buddy hold it....
  3. Follow up and conclusion... So I went out and bought a scale to figure this thing out... Results: 2 "solid" oz of salt is just that, 2 oz of salt. 2 "fluid" oz of salt is about 2 and 3/8 oz of salt. Conclusion: It really doesnt matter which method you use ( I feel ), the results are too close to really matter.... unless you are mixing a large quantity of plastic, but even then, a little extra salt never hurt anyone. Hope this helps.....
  4. Thanks guys! Somewhere in the discussion I found the answer I was looking for. What threw me was the amount of salt and what it was doing to the mixture...however, now I know thats how its supposed to be... Thanks again for your input.
  5. I am confused ( ya tell us something we dont know ) ... when adding salt to the plastic how do you measure the salt amount ? What i mean is, is 2 oz of salt ( a solid ) the same as, say, 2 oz of plastic ( a liquid) ? My ratio is 4 parts plastic, 2 parts salt and 1 part softner... when I start to add the salt it seems like a excessive amount.... So i guess my real question is... Is a "liquid oz" the same as a "solid oz" ? Thanks in advance for the great advice.. Oh one trick i tried yesterday... when i pour i usually end up with little "drop dots" on my table top... well those little dots make pretty cool "eyes" or just "spots" in general. I place them in the mold (only 1 piece molds so far) with toothpicks and pour "hot" over them.
  6. No troubles with the divided cup in the microwave as of yet... Thought the concensus was that it was alright to do that.. I have tried it both ways, heating in other cups then transfering into divider cup and just straight using the divider cup.. but seems you still need to occasionally heat the stuff between pours ... ?
  7. Well i trimmed the divider back and low and behold... no more air chamber problem... or should i say, all but one came out perfect. I poured a little bit hotter and quicker than usual as well.... One other thing i noticed was that the divider cup takes about twice as long to heat up, seems the aluminum really sucks the heat out of the mixture... Anyways, all is well in double color land... Thanks for the help guys...
  8. Delw, what you doin up so late, never mind that, what am I doin up so late... I can pour the stiks no problem with a single color (Love the mold by the way ) only when I use my double cup does it do this... I keep the mold topped off and such seems like every third or fourth one comes out right... I dunno, I'll keep trying and post what I find . . . perhaps a picture of a broken pyrex cup
  9. So I finally found some free time and made a divided pouring cup. The pours some of you guys are making with them are impressive to say the least. Anyways, I noticed that on a majority of my stik pours, the center of the bait is hollow... I am mixing 4oz of calhouns plastic with 1/2 tbs salt and the color mixes.... Using a Wally world nuke box @ full steam for 1 minute, stir and a 15 second zap after that. The baits look good but just seem to more often than not have that "air chamber" in the center of the bait, its wierd and I cant figure it out. Any of you divided cup pour'ers run into anything like this? Thanks for any insights....
  10. Your set up is sweet PBB. I studied yours prior to attempting mine. I guess the biggest difference between the Presto pots and frydaddys (other than physical size) is the adjustable termostat. Frydaddys dont have these therefore you cant easily alter the temperature. I can only achieve about 335 degrees fahrenheit with either of mine. Rumors (on this board) have it that there is a screw that can be tweeked to alter the temps, but as of yet I havent really looked for it.
  11. I had/have the same problem. I feel the same way you do. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve that I want to try b4 I write the frydaddy off as a complete loss, dang it I have 2 of them set up to pour, tried the spout in the lower side, then (now) in the bottom. I'll post what I come up with (if anything works) after I get the chance to mess with them again. I didnt notice a screw in the bottom (for thermostat adjustment) but I havent really looked for that specifically (yet).
  12. Typically a small white, black or stainless box that you put stuff in to heat. Commonly known as a Microwave oven. I'm sorry, "nuke box" was a tragic attempt at comedy.
  13. Any updates on this saga??? I tried a fry daddy (actually 2) and had similar results. Went out and got a nuke box and am pouring my heart out. I'd still like to get the FD's going if possible. Anyways, any help or updates are appriciated. Thanks
  14. Thanks nova and all who replied. I'll get the stuff mixed and share my results with you all.
  15. Here is a picture from the Yamy website, its color #306. If an actual picture of the bait would be better, let me know and I will dig one out of the boat. Thanks
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