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  1. Musky_Stalker

    Here's my pike lures

    put a lip on the body so it wobbles like a crank! Great bait, I would love to Muskie test one of those!
  2. Musky_Stalker

    Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    Awesome! Muskies would love that!
  3. Musky_Stalker

    Finess Hook

    Nothing holds like Owner hooks!
  4. Musky_Stalker

    Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    I WANT ONE! Trade you one of my buctails/spinnerbaits!
  5. Musky_Stalker

    Double #8 Willow - Fuschia Fury Spinner

    I have been doing double willows for awhile. They put off mucho vibration!
  6. Musky_Stalker

    Where can I get Smooth Copper Deep Cup Colorodo Blades

    stamina regal finish blades
  7. Musky_Stalker

    Flashabou Skirts

    I use a small section of surgical tubing instead of coils. The tubing allows the thread to cinch down securing the flashabou. I use a fly tying bobbin, and I use two one package per skirt. I use a small section of wire with a loop on one end to slide the tube on, then clamp the wire end in the vice. Wind the thread on the tube, grab half the package of flashabou and center on the tube and wind and cinch thread down, turn skirt to bare side up, apply rest of flashabou and repeat. finish with a few half hitches and apply superglue to wraps. Mine last many muskie thrashings with no shirt loss.
  8. Musky_Stalker

    Wire Size

    Mepps uses .42 on their Musky killers
  9. Musky_Stalker

    musky paint/baits

    There are so many. Look at Rollie and Helens or Thorn brothers cataloges to get pattern ideas. You cant go wrong with flouros, perch, sucker, shad patterns.
  10. Musky_Stalker

    Musky Spinners

    I used .51, but downsized to .45. It's easier to work with and beads fit better and clevises spin freer. Mepps uses .41 wire, so strength is not an issue.
  11. Musky_Stalker

    coloring hooks

    spike it blade dip will color any metal pieces and is reasonably permanant.
  12. Musky_Stalker

    Musky bait not big enough

    I had a Muskie hit a Bass I was reeling in before. This year on the IL Fox Chain, my partner says "whats that yellow thng in the water?" We ease over to it and it was a low 50's Muskie with a 20"-24" carp T-boned in her jaws. Carp are shaped like footballs, no doubt that carp was 5#-8#'s!
  13. Musky_Stalker

    Question about treble hooks

    Owner Hooks! As Sharp as Daiichi or Gamagatsu, but the spade point holds like no other.
  14. Musky_Stalker

    Jointed Walleye Cranks

    outstanding baits! Me want!
  15. Musky_Stalker

    New Bucktails

    The double spinnerblades on the spinner baits work great! Sake action as a bouble bladed bucktail. The hooks on the spinnerbaits are not oweners.