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    optic eyes

    Just curious, but are the optic eyes powered up or do they just reflect available light? Can you buy the 'eyes' or do you have to cut up fiber cable?
  2. Have you tried warming the mold B4 you pour?
  3. I love my 797 but one thing that is not generally known is that the side imaging is at slow speeds - 3 to 7 mph. great for grafting a spot, but not for cruising.
  4. I got aluminum rods at Home Depot
  5. 'O' rings, split rings, rubber bands for braces from dentists, etc (there was a previous post) or get some plastic tubing like water for "swamp" coolers or air tubing for instruments. Cut it into 1/8" 'O' ring strips. Just be sure you get the right size. Take your bait down to the hardware store or Wally world, and 'size' it. You'll be able to fish one senko for several fish instead of "1 for 1".
  6. I started with the 2 cup Anchor measuring cups - but have bought several 1 cup - because it has a narrower spout & is easier to pour with.
  7. heat both colors to approx. 340F and pour your 1st color. stir the 2nd and put in the micro. after you fill the 1st half-reheat the 2nd to ~340F - 10-30 secs. or whatever it takes to get it back to 340 (consistency of hot pancake syrup-I always add heat stabilizer to my recipes) while the 2nd is heating put the mold together. When the 2nd is ready-stir and start pouring. I use LC plastic and have had it as hot as ~390F- it will smoke but the stabilizer will usually keep it from burning. (I've only burned one batch - after that I use the heat stabilizer religiously and use a Sears lazer temp sensor-the candy thermos are too slow) If you do a 3rd or more reheats- add a little more stabilizer. 1/2 tsp is enough for 2-3 oz.
  8. Google him. If he is as he says-it will show up.
  9. "While you’re waiting for the glue to dry, seal your plug if you haven’t already done that. I use the Plasticoat process shown in Tally’s Tutorial. http://www.tackleunderground.com/board/kb.php?mode=article&k=20 " This link will not work for me. Could you reprint the tutorial or send it to me in a PM? Thanks, bssmstr
  10. That's a nasty growth! LOL But seriously, could it be injected foam like the kind found in the "rattle" cans for sealing spaces around new doors or windows? I filled my net's handle with it and it floats if I accidentally kick it overboard.
  11. Be wary of the tint of additives - they will discolor your plastic somewhat. The purple YUM will give it a violet tint and coffee grounds will make it brown. You will have to add more of the color of choice to offset it. If it has "natural" ingrediants like ground up craws or shad - the water content will bubble and boil in the plastic as ghost has pointed out.
  12. Ditto on the "Interested". I have a 5" aluminium drop shot worm (DEL's) - 2 cavities I could give up for something else of "equal" value.
  13. Del, On your baby-e, can you reverse the insert - have the hook on top of the bait so that you could creep it along the bottom??
  14. I pour out of a 1 cup Anchor&Hocking glass measuring cup. Warm your 2 piece a little, heat the plastic to about 330 or so, and try to pour down the middle of the spout.
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