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  1. Does anyone carry the eyes for the larger 1oz. Lil John's?
  2. No its a sebile swimbait.
  3. I forgot to add that I also changed the eyes on the bait also. Jimmy
  4. I did nothing special to keep the joints clean. I sprayed it like any other bait. Jimmy
  5. Although I have been painting baits for a while I have never painted a swimbait before. Well thanks to the help from "the Rookie" I have my first Shad swimbait.
  6. kanz

    Sebile swimbaits

    As always thank you again for your help Matt. Jimmy
  7. kanz

    Sebile swimbaits

    can the eyes on the sebile swimbaits be removed? Thank you Jimmy
  8. I received these about 5 years ago as samples of paint jobs. some are foiled some are painted. They are in good shape. Terry you have a pm. Jimmy
  9. I would like to know if some one could make these into deep divers in the 20 ft. deep range. Lures are all painted and clear coated. thanks, Jimmy
  10. thanks rod. are there colors as crisp as the spaz sticks?
  11. Is there a water base product out there? I get great results from there "flip" colors but the fumes are brutal. Thanks, Jimmy
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