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  1. Neat. Wonder if I could try this with a krocodile spoon...
  2. I haven't tried them yet, but was thinking of making bigger spinnerbaits like the M and G with a hook with more gap, and have been researching hooks. Wish I could actually give a firsthand account , but have only used their salmon hooks and quick strike rig.
  3. Maybe Partridge Predator hooks?
  4. Thought a built in swivel would be kind of neat. Sorry I wasn't clear at all in my original post. I guess my question is about the swivel part of those wires. Are they of any kind of quality?
  5. Anyone ever build a spinner out of the wires that they use for tokyo rigs? Think they would be tough, hold up?
  6. I just learned that myself. Less superglue is actually stronger than more.
  7. I added an oven thermometer in the toaster oven after reading it here. The temperature in my oven is way hotter than the dial indicates.
  8. I've never done this so hopefully someone with real knowledge will chime in, but I'll take a guess that if you make your mix kinda thick, less liquid, you can achieve this effect? I bit of heat set to keep the drops in place while you work around? The prices on these things indicates they take a while to make...
  9. I think it is with powder water. Powder water mixed with powder paint and then dotted on with a drill bit or something else. I don't know if I like the look, but I'd use them if they worked better.
  10. mjs


    Maybe you are pulling too hard on the first wrap? I make two turns around the bucktail clump, then add tension by pulling the bobbin from under , while holding the hair. After I can let go of the hair and make harder wraps.
  11. The Complete Guide to Musky Hunting by Jim Saric and Steve Heiting is a pretty good book.
  12. Looks water related. I got hard water spots like this on jigs once because, for some reason I can't remember, I needed to wash them off before baking.
  13. 'What Fish See: Understanding optics and color shifts for designing lures and flies' by Colin J. Kageyama is a book on the subject I have in my library, but it gets pretty fussy. He recommends looking at your lures through plastic sheets the color of the water you will fish, etc... Not sure 'see best' is always bite best though.
  14. mjs

    Combing Hair

    Loon Outdoors Ergo Fly Comb is suppossed to be for big synthetic streamers when they get tangled. Not sure if it is helpful for what you're working with. I keep my flash material, like krystal flash, in the original bags and cut a little corner off. I pull the strands I need through that corner and it keeps things from getting tangled.
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