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  1. mjs


    Maybe you are pulling too hard on the first wrap? I make two turns around the bucktail clump, then add tension by pulling the bobbin from under , while holding the hair. After I can let go of the hair and make harder wraps.
  2. The Complete Guide to Musky Hunting by Jim Saric and Steve Heiting is a pretty good book.
  3. Looks water related. I got hard water spots like this on jigs once because, for some reason I can't remember, I needed to wash them off before baking.
  4. 'What Fish See: Understanding optics and color shifts for designing lures and flies' by Colin J. Kageyama is a book on the subject I have in my library, but it gets pretty fussy. He recommends looking at your lures through plastic sheets the color of the water you will fish, etc... Not sure 'see best' is always bite best though.
  5. mjs

    Combing Hair

    Loon Outdoors Ergo Fly Comb is suppossed to be for big synthetic streamers when they get tangled. Not sure if it is helpful for what you're working with. I keep my flash material, like krystal flash, in the original bags and cut a little corner off. I pull the strands I need through that corner and it keeps things from getting tangled.
  6. I always wondered if water powder would work. Paint seems to bake in, but is powder water even better? Does it take a while to dry if you want to do two-colour eyes?
  7. I hand paint eyes using a drill bit set and then bake them on, but I am thinking of getting the freestyle mold to make some 'mooneye' jigs with the 3d stick on eyes just because I like the way they look. Get decent eyes by hand though, and when I botch one I just wipe it off and go again. Maybe fish don't care, but I do .
  8. Yes, you can make your own mixes. With mica powder and clear powder paint you can add quite a few colours to your collection for not too much money.
  9. I have used the Spike-It clear plastic paint and just bought the clear to make different colours with mica powder, but I don't know what the paint actually is...
  10. Another option, since you had pliers, is to pinch the barb and slide it back. It has to be absolutely flat though. Amazing how it doesn't take much barb to hold.
  11. I like silicon best for my needs(amateur). Just the same stuff I use for making plastic bait molds. Works, price is reasonable for molds I don't use lots, but haven't used it hundreds of times to see how it holds up. Have also just used pop sprayed with high heat enamel. Works ok, but flash to deal with. Maybe just my mold making technique is not fantastic. Bondo works too, but I ruined my mold overheating it.
  12. Baking works with acrylic hobby paint, though sometimes you get a small colour change, or if you have to much powder stuff can shift( I just add eyes to jigs). I epoxy topcoat just for good measure. Not sure if you want the extra step. Try Cadman's baking idea at lower temperature to see what happens with your paint?
  13. mjs

    foiled cranks

    Really nice.
  14. To make dots I use a cheap drill bit set.
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