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  1. Lenox2k

    Band saw reccomendations

    For cutting like you are talking about for small project for bait or penturning and other craft items. Most any 8 or 10 inch bandsaw will do a excellant job. The 14 inch delta nd ridged are excellant machine but the use comes into effect for cutting very thick stock and doing resawing. The narrower the blade the tighter the curve you can make the wider blades with a skip tooth pattern will saw best for strieght line cutting. Most 8 and 10 in band saws will take up to a 1/2 inch blade. When you get into the 14 inch and larger saws you can got up to a 3/4 inch and sometimes on larger saws a 1 !/2 inch blade. The best applications for a scroll saw is in doing fine fret work that is sl0w and pains taking. they cut very slow and it is very hard to hold a strieght line because of the narrow blade. As far as safty goes both are the safest machines in a shop and one must work hard to do any damage other than a nick. The only time one really is in danger on a band saw is in changing the blades wihout disconectiong the power, not just turning it off unplug it. introduce your work to it do not force the work into the blade. The art in a bandsaw is the fine tuning of ihe guide blocks and blade alignment. Let me know if i can be of any help in this to you John auctionsx@aol,com
  2. Lenox2k

    Band saw reccomendations

  3. Lenox2k

    Fry Pan with heated sand for Dipping Powder Paint

    As always I have several excellant answers to my question I want to thank you guys for the sound advice. The reason i was wondering about heating in sand is the is how I have always heated my plastic when shapping Pipe stems when making Briar pipes. But now that i think about it there is always a fine film of duct that hac to be wiped of after heating this way. Thanks again Lenox2k John
  4. Two qestions has anyone tried heating Sand to 350 or 400 degrees to use as a heat sourse for powder dipping? Also does the powder get lumps in it from having heated heads dipped into it? As you can tell I'm very new to all this. Lenox2k John
  5. Lenox2k

    Super Glue

    Also super glue on a paper towel makes a great sealer when applied to turnings as the spin on a lathe. Pen turners use CA better know as crazy glue to seal and finish pens after they are fine sanded on a lathe. It will fill as it seals. Lenox2k John
  6. Lenox2k

    Mathematical modeling and pure science of lure design

    One more thought on paper engineering of a lure, is the constance of the material. Plastic will react more consitantly than wood. Wood Every board in a log same size and all will differ in density and Weight depending on distance from the center of the log. John Lenox2k
  7. Lenox2k

    Fidh Decoys DAAAAAAAA

    La Pala Thanks for sending the site to me that is a great history and explanation of them and their use John Lenox2k
  8. Lenox2k

    Fidh Decoys DAAAAAAAA

    When i get into the 1st grade I will learn how to spell Fish. Thanks for understanding John Lenox2k
  9. Lenox2k

    Fidh Decoys DAAAAAAAA

    I have been hearing about Fish decoys. the question is what are they used for?
  10. Lenox2k

    reel seats

    I have to add also after thinking over your questionanother point. I'm a retired cabinetmaker of about 30yrs of owning my own shop. I found several things to ponder to make my business sucessfull I had to do a lot of production work wihich had very little challenge to it. So to feed my ego I use to do a few ego pieces a yr they where never money makers, but the beauty and satisfaction made my trade (work) intersting for me. If you want to do a beautiful rod to gratify yourself in its beauty then go for it and enjoy the art of doing it. All things are not ment to be funtionial. Some just for the beauty of the work. John Lenox2k
  11. Lenox2k

    reel seats

    A good exotic hardwood like teak Rosewoods and such do not swell or distort as much as the softer domestic woods. However you must figure about a good 8 to 12 oz of weight in the handle and seat to balance. Also a very tired harm at the end of a long day John Lenox2k
  12. Lenox2k

    Best Soft bait for Texas Rig

    This is more a question of which favorite soft bait is best for a texas rig. I has used 6 inch. worms, curllytails, and Lizards. All seem to work, but all are spotty.
  13. Lenox2k

    How to figure lip size

    Kellure When to you site WOW love the poppers look like ya could Clean them and put them in grease, such detail. Do you hand carve then make your master over them. Making the molds has got to be a art all into its self. Very very nice indeed. John Lenox2k
  14. Lenox2k

    How to figure lip size

    Is there a rule of thumb for figuring the lip size for a depth. Is it based on Lure size and weight. I understand a smaller lip will dive more shallow but I would think it would also have to have a certain pitch.
  15. Lenox2k

    Triton Aluminum Boats

    don't have a Trident but have had glass and now aluminum Tracker. I have a 50 hp Merc on it and my lake Priest has a lot of slallow areas so speed is not a big thing here. It is a 17ft 175 Bass tracker. and the ride is just fine but is a lot lighter and uses a lot less gas. Can sometimes be a little tricky on loading on the windy ruff day but i would by aluminum again/ John Lenox2k