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  1. Something else that is on you tube that is interesting, watching them do that with buck tail hair.
  2. Direct tie to the leader. Do it all the time for Blue Fish.
  3. You can use "non saltwater" hooks. Just clean them really well in soapy water, rinse well. I do that with all hooks, rods and reels after every trip to the salt. We even use Bronzed hooks "spec rigs" with 2.5" Fin-S fish on them and they last IF you take care of them.
  4. How do you guys store it? I read a lot of reports online that say it jells up fast.
  5. BLT

    Best Bender?

    Do you have a price range you are looking at? There are a lot of good benders out there, let alone those that do it with nothing but a set of the round pliers.
  6. Glad it holds the 16oz for you.
  7. Hope it does what you need it to do. Like I said, I had zero issues with 8oz., and I'll bet you will be good with the larger ones also. Just make sure you have the base clamped really well.
  8. I had the saltwater edge vise. It did hold the 8oz. jigs I did up to 8/0 hooks. The Anvil Apex vise I had before that one did it also. I like the Anvil better, because it also held really small hooks also, the Salt water edge one could only hold down to #1 for me. If you are not doing he small hooks, the saltwater edge one should work just fine for your hook size, just don't know about up to a pound. Some guys I know doing larger jigs used a set of vise grips lol.
  9. BLT

    Bulk powder paint

    I tried H.F. also, It made a nice color addition to my waste can lol. Up until I bought a pound of white off of Cadman, all of my white and black came from Eastwood car company. I got a deal there. Protec/CS for all others colors.
  10. I have an RCBS and from what I hear on the forum, the opening on the spout is larger on the RCBS. That being said, I still don't go below 1/3-1/2 pot, depending on what mold I am using. The extra weight pushing down helps the flow a lot.
  11. Don't know if someone mentioned it yet, but are you using good, soft lead? Some molds are a real bear to pour with unless you are using good lead. I have 2 molds like that. Also, I never empty the pot when done with a session of pouring. I see no need for it.
  12. BLT


    where you are selling makes a difference also.
  13. BLT

    Jig tying Vise

    Check Amazon for an Anvil Apex rotating vise. Can gt them around $90 some times, up to $120. That being said, do you want just a "rotating" vise, or a rotary vise. Two different creatures. True rotary will keep hook level while you turn it, a rotating does not. I get by just fine with the plain rotating. Anvil Apex clamp has 2 slots in it. One for small hooks, one for large hooks. I had a 7/0 in it with no issues.
  14. You sound like a printer lol. I am, so I have hear all about this for over 30 years.
  15. Same here. Have 7 different sizes I use, but do cut off the end of a toothpick for the really small ones.
  16. Same as J-Man, in original box. Never had an issue.
  17. I hope to fish the Great Lakes some day. Erie is the closest.
  18. Another item that makes life easier if you want to snell hooks, among other types of knots, google Tie Fast knot tying tool.
  19. Welcome, and thanks for taking the time for the video. That almost looks like the way I have been making one hook Flounder rigs with a spinner.
  20. 2nd that, never had an issue. Pink in the fluid bed was the one I had issues with.
  21. When I used a toaster oven with small opening, I flipped the oven upside down and used the rack that came with it. Worked great for the smaller jigs. Found very large opening toaster ovens at yard sale, they do up to my 8 oz. jigs on down just fine. Some of my jigs just have the brass eye, I use some old size 1 to 1/0 jig hooks to hang them with in the oven. The hook eye helps keep the jig on it.
  22. I like the Xuron flush cutters.
  23. No need to sand the whole jig head.
  24. I have used "off the shelf" inlines from Walmart many times in the salt water. Bluefish mainly, but hopes of Flounder going after them also. Only thing I will say to do, if you want to get some miles out of them, when done for the day, soak them in a container of good soapy water, then rinse well, or they will rust out.
  25. BLT

    Dyeing BUcktails

    Yes, skin them out before dying. If you don't, the fat will leech out from the bone area, and the dye will not take as well. I get my tails from a guy that deals in pelts. de bones, washes, lays out to dry in a room with heater. No salt. I bought 450 tails last year. Keep them in the freezer until needed. ( buck a tail) I wash them again in Dawn, white lightning, and synthrapol. (spelling??). I don't tac them out to lay flat, doesn't matter to me. After dying them, (180 degrees), I rinse them, toss them into the washing machine in a pillow case to keep hair out of Wifey's machine, and do a spin cycle. Clip them onto a cloths hanger to dry. If you do like them flat, do what is posted in previous post. I use Pylam dyes.
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