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  1. I look for all kinds of colors i generally don't pour. I like these because its quick and easy to pour what you need for the day without doing a major pour. I am all set for now but thank you.
  2. Great that's really cool. Thank you for the link!
  3. Thanks Dave, I did a search but i din't use the proper term. From that it did look like he was out of doing that. I appreciate the help. -John
  4. RipLip

    Stik Tips

    I was wondering that when the tips didn't work in the molds i have. Thank you for the info.
  5. OK everyone, this goes back a number of years but, there was a person on here that was selling there extra plastic or tailings (for lack of actual term) after there pours. It was great to just order 5 pounds or whatever of a great color and then just melt up a couple for a quick fish. It was usually the tops from the large injection molds that are cut off on fished baits. It was really convenient. I've been out for a while but now i'm back and i don't have any contacts anymore. Just seeing if something like this is still happening from the big guys to the little guys. If your not comfortable posting up just PM me. No hard feelings either way just checking. Thank you - John
  6. RipLip

    Stik Tips

    Those look great. Are those the 5.25" mold from Bear? Pretty much the color scheme i'm planning myself. Thanks
  7. RipLip

    Stik Tips

    I was wondering if anyone had any success with the tip mold that Bear has on his site. I realize it doesn't work with other peoples molds so i'm about to get a stik mold from him. I just wanted to see if anyone had some good pictures of how well they work together. My plan is a 5.25 mold since thats my most common size to use. Thanks
  8. I hope Shawn didn't close up shop. He has made many molds for me and all have been great. Hopefully he catches everyone up soon.
  9. This all depends on what you are doing. If you are just pouring for personal use then its pretty much a hobby and I wouldn't expect you to have a lot of overhead like many molds and large quantities of supplies. If you used a silicone mold it would be even cheaper for you and the cost wouldn't be much at all. Like everyone else says" There's nothing better than catching a fish off of your own baits". If your trying to sell I would say buy the plastic in the 55 gallon drum style because that is the largest price break and get a lot of molds. You will be in the red for a awhile but if you stick with it you'll end up in the black again. If you design your own baits there's more cost there in the design and to have a custom mold made is pretty pricey. I will say that if you catch a lot of fish on a bait you designed it makes it all worth it. Don't show to many people though because there will be others to follow suit soon. whatever you choose I guess if your catching fish and having fun you're already a winner there. Good luck
  10. Does anyone know how to get a hold of Shawn Collins? I can't get him to answer my emails and his voicemail has been full for weeks. I've paid him a while ago but I can't find out how it is going. It's tough having that kind of money out there during the holidays and not even know if your going to get your product or not. I guess if I new it would float through the holidays I probably would have waited until after the new year. The last time I got molds the transaction was great. I'm worried that there may be a problem somewhere. If anyone has any info. that would be great. Thank you
  11. I go with Shawn Collins and he is great to work with.
  12. I'm interested and will try to contact them to find out if I can get some plastic samples to try to match to what I have now. http://www.chemionics.com/pdfs/Soft_Plastic_Fishing_Lures_Brochure.pdf
  13. It sounds like you have an injector and that usually means large quantities. You might want to call the actual suppliers and buy it per 55 drum its a lot cheaper that way. You want to make sure you have the plastic you want or else you'd be stuck with a lot of something you don't like. Just like Ghost said everyone wants a sale and will be happy to work with you. Good luck
  14. Good to know. Thanks
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