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  1. I made these! lol

    I would try 1/4 oz. Other than that they are looking great, stick to it and you will be as good as the pros here. Oh and investing in a good airbrush is a very good idea.
  2. Musky Snax 2008 Pike Swimbait

    You know, just yesterday I was thinking how cool it would be to make a pike swimbait. Looks like you beat me too it.
  3. Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    Wow, nice catch. I bet you were proud:wink:.
  4. Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    Very well done. My only recommendation would be to move the front hook hangers back a little on the next batch because it looks like the hook would be able to catch the line.
  5. new paint f.x what do ya think..

    What kind of hooks do you use?
  6. Paddle Tail Worms

    What molds are these? And what is the length of these worms?
  7. Swimbait

    Sweet looking man. What clear coat did you use?
  8. Smallmouths

  9. Frogs

    Wow, you got some skill man. Post some pics of the ones in the backround too, please.
  10. Hardbait gallery trouble!!!!!!!

    Same here (internet explorer).
  11. show in neenah wisc.

    Yeah, what are the hours. I'll try to make it but I have a concert that I want to go to.
  12. Rod still tacky after ten hours.

    What blank did you use? That looks like carbon fiber peeking out right before the reel seat.
  13. Supertuning?

    If you want to do any supertuning in reels I would recommend checking out the TT forum Fishing Forum and just ask all the questions you feel like. Just make sure to use the search feature if it is a basic question as most forum members don't like it when the same topic is brought up more times than it needs to be. I don't do much supertuning or upgrading myself as of now, so I can't really say anything else than what the ones before me.
  14. Air pockets in foam baits

    How long did you wait before painting/finishing? You might have not given the air time to escape before you finished them. I don't think that heat treating them would be such a good idea if you did'nt heat cure them. One thing that you could do to find out if you have air trying to escape is to take a recently poured and cured bait and submerging it in water and see how many bubbles come to the surface and then compare it to another raw bait that is a week old or so and see if there is a differance. Thats all I can think of but i'm sure someone that is more knowlegable than me on this subject will chim in.
  15. Utra deep divers

    Rofish, could you go in depth about this x location? Is it the bottom hook hanger and the tow eye, rear hook hanger that makes up this x? Please explain. The cone shaped belly weight sounds like a really good idea.