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  1. lockjaw

    Where To Buy Balsa?

    Who did you buy it from and why was it awful?
  2. lockjaw

    3d Lure Eyes For Stained Water

    IMO in stained water the action will be the biggest factor. Fish will rely mostly on their lateral line not vision.
  3. lockjaw

    New Video: Esox Trailer

    That was epic! I was expecting Maximus to appear and say "Are you not entertained?!"
  4. lockjaw

    Lure Painter Video

    Have to concur with everyone. It was hilarious and spot on!
  5. lockjaw

    How To Make "3d Scale Plugs"

    Thanks for sharing. It turned out great.
  6. lockjaw

    Swimbait Questions

    LOL I thought it was just me who was lost.
  7. lockjaw

    New Slab 4 piece wake bait!

    Wow! The head section looks fantastic. Nice details.
  8. lockjaw

    Swim Bait Joints

    I've made swimbaits using 200lb braid for hinges. The biggest problem I ran into was the clear coat process. There is just no way to keep the lure from flopping every which way and also no way to avoid the top coat traveling onto the braid. With metal hinges you have some small control, plus removing clear coat from metal hinges is quite easy - just get something small enough to fit into the gaps and scrape away. With braid, one small mistake and it's bye-bye hinge. If you construct your lure with a product that is water resistant from the start, that would help alleviate the final part of the lure process.
  9. lockjaw

    New Site

    New site's not so bad. But the white background has got to go. Aaack! My eyes!
  10. lockjaw

    swimbait help

    Appearance should never be more important than swimming action. I would trim the fins down to make it more streamlined and see if that helps. If not, I'd just remove them or try to replace them with a different material. There's no point in having a realistic looking lure if it doesn't swim the way you want.
  11. lockjaw

    Walleye Swimbait

    That looks fantastic Snax. Killer paint job.
  12. lockjaw

    New Swimbait Video

    Nice. Swims great.
  13. lockjaw

    My latest Swimbait

    Nice job Snax. Are you going to keep the molded fins/tail or are you planning on replacing them with fibetts?
  14. lockjaw

    larry dahlberg making hard bait

    I like watching his show. His workshop episodes are fantastic. It's nice just seeing what he has in his shop.