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  1. And remember to always write down your measurements so you can duplicate the color, colors, and shades that you prefer.
  2. I have both sizes of the basstackle injectors. I also have the blending block and connectors ro do the laminates. I like the locking pin as a safety precaution so that's why I went with them instead of Do-it.
  3. Yeah, I think I would pay the freight on that.
  4. Unless you can find a small fry daddy and install a cock valve on the bottom, I don't know of any commercial equipment.
  5. Driftwood


    If you are having trouble centering the stream, find a Lee's pot to try pouring with. (Haha, some of us older guys aren't so steady these days.)
  6. Post a pic. Someone on here will be able to help you out.
  7. Driftwood


    Haha, Buffalo Trace is a better bourbon. All kidding aside, try carolina pumkin, yellow, and darken with black until you get tha shade wanted. Good luck.(and cheers to the fish.)
  8. Worm oil is mso and used in scents, softeners, and is a by product of plastisol.( that's what I have been told)You shouldn't have any problems remelting it.
  9. I always add after heating. Some glitter is not very heat tolerant and will bleed into the plastisol. If you are using glitter from a craft store it is probably plastic and will melt along with the plastic.
  10. It depends on how many molds you are shooting at a time. When I shoot during the winter I use 6 molds so after the first 2 rounds, my molds stay warm enough I don't usually have a problem. If you are doing open pour, it may be beneficial to keep them heated as open molds cool faster than injection molds.
  11. Heat stabilizer will help. Add a few drops before reheating and stir a few times. Hope this helps
  12. I use sea salt and grind it.( but not with the wifes blender)
  13. If you are sealing them in bags that have the zip losk seal, you may have trouble as the vacuum seal would be below the zip seal. As for the baits getting kinked or folded up, just give it a try. A lot would depend on how many baits per bag, are you doing bulk bags?
  14. I have the same set up. Never could get it to work right so it's collecting dust on the back shelf. Good idea, just don't think the glue gun is heavy duty enough.
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