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  1. And if you cook ANY scent into the plastic, your neighbors in the apartment complex will not like you lol.
  2. Looks like you are on it to me.
  3. Looks like green pumpkin/black fleck to me. It may have just a shade of chartreuse mixed in.
  4. You might want to try a florescent yellow also. It won't be as transparent bit it will be brighter.
  5. Start with safety equipment first, respirator, face Sheild, gloves. Then read, read, and read some more. Start small and slow, this will get expensive quickly.
  6. If you use the can crusher, or any other pressure, get some gum rubber. The blades go through the tube easier and the rubber won't dull your blades as quickly. General rubber carries it.
  7. Locking pins. Just my personal preference.
  8. Wouldn't mind having a few of those myself as they look good.
  9. Hey cnc, I have some paste from color technologies in the shop. I believe it is the watermelon 100. ( most of the label is gone so not 100% on the color number.) PM me and adress and I'll get some out to you to try this weekend.
  10. Just use the glitter from these suppiers. The craft glitter will melt, bleed, and curl during the heating process.
  11. I have an electric meat grinder from Harbor freight. They run around $55.00 and work great.
  12. I store them in a plastic storage bin until sold. Not long term by any means but works short term.
  13. I have a 2 cavity one. I can text pics if you want.
  14. I have a hand poured stick mold. I can text pics if you want.
  15. It may be non toxic in the raw form but if over cooked it is very toxic. Burnt plastisol will produce throat irritating fumes and black particles floating in the air. A respirator at the very least, should be worn at all times and please keep the kids away.