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  1. Chartreuse plastisol getting darker

    Frank has a YouTube video where he uses the griddle to keep the plastisol at a usable temp. You can also get a meat grinder from harbor freight and grind the sprue, it will heat with less time, and the heat stabilizer is a must.
  2. Newbie questions

    Cross contamination won' be a problem. I pour in my garage and have all my toys stored there. Just a small work area to store some plastic, coloring. scent. Molds and heating equipment is all you need. Your idea for ventilation should be sufficient for your production. Just keep reading and asking questions, there is a wealth of information here.
  3. Tube tail cutter

    You can also mount your cutter on a can crusher. It's manual but effective if doing small batches.
  4. Question about extra plastisol

    Yep, as long as you use the same formula for your color and don't overheat, you should be fine.
  5. Question about extra plastisol

    I keep my leftover plastic to grind up and re-melt for the next shoot. The bubbles could be from stirring right before loading the injector.
  6. I have the ecto and 702. The ecto is a little beefier and laminates better. Other than that, I like them both.
  7. Issues with my injectors

    Vegetble oil works great and it' cheap.
  8. Color dispersion question

    Make sure you get all the pigment that has settled on the bottom mixed up. You can use a long screw driver or metal rod to reach the bottom. I remember someone posted they put washers in the bottle to help mix when shaking.
  9. Old Lurecraft plastic

    I recently found 5 gal of plastic that's about 6 years old. Mix the crap out of it and you should be fine.
  10. Preferred Plastisol Brands

    Contact some of the suppliers and try to get a sample of their strongest plastisol and pick what works best for your application. Most will send a small sample.
  11. Adding salt

    Anglinarcher hit the bullseye here. Beads are better than salt for weight. We also grind the salt when adding it to our baits and mix salt with scent and add it to the plastic when shooting for taste. ( A different perspective to consider.) A cautionary note... don't use your wifes blender to grind the salt lol.
  12. Recipe for Honey

    Try mixing fluorescent yellow and carolina pumpkin that should get you real close.(1 part yellow, 2 parts pumpkin.) You have to experimnt to get the translucent look you want.
  13. Anyone pouring soft egg imitations

    We make the eye with a hot glue gun. We made a mold with the glue sticks and rtv so we just poured the color of the eye we wanted into the stick, dot the mold with the glue gun where we wanted the eye and then shot the color. I think lure craft sells the mold also.
  14. Need a Mold

    This is an excellent mold and it catches fish.
  15. Who's making a good injector now?

    Ditto on the locking head. Also, get one large enough for your mold shots.