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  1. Color issues

    Are you adding heat stabilizer?
  2. Drum Mixing

    Same here.
  3. 702 craw mold

    702 craw mold 2 or 4 cavity. 3.75 size. Thanks, Gary
  4. Spin Casting

    Yea, I was wondering how would a craw mold do? How many cavities?
  5. Packaging help

    Try bison bags. They do a reverse print laminate zipper bag. Fairly reasonable price and set up. Web site is bisonbag.com. They are located in Lockport NY.
  6. Plastisol UV protector( Baitjunky)

    If there is any type of lard or hog fat added to the baits, it will leach out if left in the sun for a prolonged time and cause a discoloration. Other than that, you should be good to go.
  7. Need injection company

    Try Jim at FM baits in leitchfield, kentucky. He usually will do small batch runs if he is still in business.
  8. Looking for Conversion Information

    We weigh all of our colors in grams. When mixing for large runs, the color will always be consistent. The same holds true for smaller batch runs also.
  9. GLitter/Clenaing Pots

    Vegetable oil.
  10. proper setting for LEE Pot 1-10

    We use 12 of these pots and the heat coupler is different on each one. We stay around the 5 or 6 mark to keep from burning it.
  11. Making and selling senkos

    As long as you don't call it a senko.
  12. Plastic not curing like usual

    Been using this method over 13 years and never had a problem with bubbles...
  13. Nextgen soft plastics - 3d printing soft plastics

    Ah, I see. ( just a little slow these days.) They do look great.
  14. Nextgen soft plastics - 3d printing soft plastics

    Link took me to their website. Looks like an infomercial for their product. The 3d printing I have seen so far would not produce a flexible soft plastic bait. Maybe the mold for the bait was a 3d printed mold???
  15. Plastic not curing like usual

    I use a paint mixer and drill.