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  1. I store them in a plastic storage bin until sold. Not long term by any means but works short term.
  2. I have a 2 cavity one. I can text pics if you want.
  3. I have a hand poured stick mold. I can text pics if you want.
  4. It may be non toxic in the raw form but if over cooked it is very toxic. Burnt plastisol will produce throat irritating fumes and black particles floating in the air. A respirator at the very least, should be worn at all times and please keep the kids away.
  5. We measure in large batches,( 1 gallon +) so we measure in grams to keep the color consistent.
  6. I just used a cloth to wipe them out good.
  7. Silicone molds are porous so they may just need a good cleaning. Try using vegetable oil.
  8. Looking for a 4 cavity 702 craw mold. Only the 3.75".
  9. Haven't seen the wife for years lol.
  10. Not if they are disposed of properly or re-used.
  11. Always wear mine.
  12. Run the salt through a blender.( just don't tell the wife it's her blender.)
  13. Laminated will keep your product and scent in the bag. Presentation is everything to a store owner.
  14. Good luck with your project.
  15. If I'm re-melting for the same color, I'm good to go. For multiple colors, it all goes into one pot and I add black coloring. You may want to add a little heat stabilizer to help ease the burning or yellowing. This will be a non issue when making black.