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  1. Handmade Tubes and Splitter Advice

    Also put some gum rubber down to cut against. It will work a lot better than a wooden block. You can get it at Grainger fairly cheap.
  2. Help with white

    Try waiting until just before you shoot the plastic to add the glitter.
  3. Tungsten worm weights

    Thanks Monte. I would never have thought to do that
  4. Soft Plastic Molds

    Hang on, you are about to get bombarded. Best thing is to go to the search and click on suppliers. You will find mold makers there.
  5. thermometer

    I use the IR just for the quick reading of the plastic. It's real handy when shooting laminates so as to keep both colors close to the same temperature.
  6. The lies about salt for the newbie

    You can but it would probably cook out. It's best to add the scent just before you shoot ( or pour ) the plastic.
  7. Tungsten worm weights

    Thanks for the info. None of these have the plastic insert but painting will probably be a better option.
  8. Tungsten worm weights

    I just placed my first order of tungsten weights My question is, can you heat and powder coat them like the lead weights?
  9. PVC Formulas #3DH

    Oops, I mentioned 50 gal.
  10. PVC Formulas #3DH

    Say I want to mix 40 gal. Are the materials readily available in small quantities as this?
  11. How do i make this color

    Looks like a chartreuse/ blue fleck on top and chartreuse/ silver fleck laminate.
  12. Chartreuse plastisol getting darker

    Frank has a YouTube video where he uses the griddle to keep the plastisol at a usable temp. You can also get a meat grinder from harbor freight and grind the sprue, it will heat with less time, and the heat stabilizer is a must.
  13. Newbie questions

    Cross contamination won' be a problem. I pour in my garage and have all my toys stored there. Just a small work area to store some plastic, coloring. scent. Molds and heating equipment is all you need. Your idea for ventilation should be sufficient for your production. Just keep reading and asking questions, there is a wealth of information here.
  14. Tube tail cutter

    You can also mount your cutter on a can crusher. It's manual but effective if doing small batches.
  15. Question about extra plastisol

    Yep, as long as you use the same formula for your color and don't overheat, you should be fine.