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  1. Supplied Air Respirator Systems

    I don't use a respirator when doing a few short runs but if I'm running several hundred pieces, I do wear one. An exhaust fan will do wonders and is a lot more cost friendly.
  2. test tube tubes

    Nice looking tubes. Looks like a clean cut on the tails.
  3. Minnow silver

    Thanks, looks like the scrap will have to go the hand pour route.
  4. Minnow silver

    I should clarify... This pertains to re- heating of scrap.Thanks in advance.
  5. Minnow silver

    This will be my first time using minnow silver coloring. Question is, will I be able to heat it in the microwave or will it arc. It looks to have the flake already added.
  6. Any must have colors?

    Chartreuse, red, and pumpkinseed.
  7. New guy - need equipment

    Try lure craft and spike it for coloring and glitter. Stay away from the craft glitter as it has a tendency to melt at high temps. Double check the supplier list.
  8. 5 artifical stone (Ukraine) vs 2-3 aluminum

    I would go with aluminum.
  9. cutting tubes

    You can also use gum rubber .
  10. I have a 4 cavity if you are still looking. It measures 4" tip to tip.

    1. -fishboy-


      Hi, can you send pics to my email please? gkiester@yahoo.com. Price?

  11. New guy and now scared to death??

    Grind or cut the used plastic up and it will reheat much better. Also, when reheating in the microwave, stir the plastic once or twice. This will help keep it from scorching.
  12. Tacky Feeling??

    If you have settling in the bottom of the container, that's what needs to be mixed thoroughly each time you use it.
  13. Custom tube makers

    Try Harry-O. He is in Louisville, ky.
  14. Color issues

    Are you adding heat stabilizer?
  15. Drum Mixing

    Same here.