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  1. Yup, the sand worked perfectly. Thanks for the input
  2. Anybody know the base color of Houdini? Is the color a transparent carolina pumkin? Or transparent root beer? Thanks in advance.
  3. The only problem is the owner has no vested interest in your product so they will try to sell what they have paid for before selling your product. If you can get a high visibility location in the store, you will be better off. Also, if the store closed abruptly, you are out your product if you can't get in to remove it. We never put product on consignment just for those reasons. We lost 38 stores during the recession but were paid for the product so no monetary loss. Just my .02.
  4. It looks as if there is more of the crown of the tail in the vent. What if you block off the right side of the vent next to the tail with some clay ( or something easily removed. ) to keep more of the plastic shooting toward the inside of the mold. Or keep the first 2 cavities full and shoot just the last cavity to see how it fills.
  5. You might try shooting some air in the claws with a hypodermic needle.
  6. Same style we use. It works great.
  7. Yes, seriously, it works quite well.
  8. I run all my leftover through a meat grinder then remelt.it works great. Just get a cheap one from a yard sale. (Mine came from harbor freight.)
  9. Driftwood

    Base pins

    Just ordered my guards. Will go to bass pro for some lead. Thanks for the info smalljaw. That helps a lot. I usually buy my jigs but couldn't pass this mold up. I've been pouring plastic for several years but this is new. Thanks to everyone for your help.
  10. Driftwood

    Base pins

    I'll check them out. Thanks.
  11. Driftwood

    Base pins

    That makes sense. I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for your help cadman.
  12. Driftwood

    Base pins

    Thank you cadman. This is the mold I have.
  13. Driftwood

    Base pins

    I picked this mold up from an estate auction, it didn' have anything with it so I'm starting out green ( really green.) . I have never poured lead so I've been reading and watching some videos when I saw the base pins. Is there a standard size for a 3/8 round head mold? Don't want to reduce the size. Also saw where a guy used a drill bit in place of a pin but he modified the mold.
  14. Driftwood

    Base pins

    How do I find the size base pin for a 3/8 hilts mold for a RH 38-2 fiber guard?
  15. If they are injected, I leave them hanging for 2 days, for hand pour I lay them on wax paper for 2 days. No problems so far.
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