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  1. Unless you can find a small fry daddy and install a cock valve on the bottom, I don't know of any commercial equipment.
  2. Driftwood


    If you are having trouble centering the stream, find a Lee's pot to try pouring with. (Haha, some of us older guys aren't so steady these days.)
  3. Post a pic. Someone on here will be able to help you out.
  4. Driftwood


    Haha, Buffalo Trace is a better bourbon. All kidding aside, try carolina pumkin, yellow, and darken with black until you get tha shade wanted. Good luck.(and cheers to the fish.)
  5. Worm oil is mso and used in scents, softeners, and is a by product of plastisol.( that's what I have been told)You shouldn't have any problems remelting it.
  6. I always add after heating. Some glitter is not very heat tolerant and will bleed into the plastisol. If you are using glitter from a craft store it is probably plastic and will melt along with the plastic.
  7. It depends on how many molds you are shooting at a time. When I shoot during the winter I use 6 molds so after the first 2 rounds, my molds stay warm enough I don't usually have a problem. If you are doing open pour, it may be beneficial to keep them heated as open molds cool faster than injection molds.
  8. Heat stabilizer will help. Add a few drops before reheating and stir a few times. Hope this helps
  9. I use sea salt and grind it.( but not with the wifes blender)
  10. If you are sealing them in bags that have the zip losk seal, you may have trouble as the vacuum seal would be below the zip seal. As for the baits getting kinked or folded up, just give it a try. A lot would depend on how many baits per bag, are you doing bulk bags?
  11. I have the same set up. Never could get it to work right so it's collecting dust on the back shelf. Good idea, just don't think the glue gun is heavy duty enough.
  12. Peel it out and then use vegetable oil to wipe them down.
  13. Black, chartreuse, and fuchsia.
  14. You may have to much black color.
  15. Yeah, I would say its burnt. Anytime you get smoke, the plastic is to hot and needs to be cooled off before burning beyond use. I would try stirring as you heat it to keep a more uniform temperature until you get a feel for how fast the bunsen burner heats up.
  16. You may want to take you design and idea to your local college and talk to some engineers. You may be pleasantly surprised by what they come up with and also how cost efficient it will be.
  17. I like that idea. I'll have to try it out as I go from 1 cup to a fry daddy. Just seems as if there is no in between anymore Haha.
  18. You can also use aluminum flashing. Pick up some from lowes or home depot cheap.
  19. I've never tried to make my own molds so I can't comment on that but I do have CNC molds from just about all the supplier's and the quality is 2nd to none. Pick your favorite lure and order away.
  20. Yup, the sand worked perfectly. Thanks for the input
  21. Anybody know the base color of Houdini? Is the color a transparent carolina pumkin? Or transparent root beer? Thanks in advance.
  22. The only problem is the owner has no vested interest in your product so they will try to sell what they have paid for before selling your product. If you can get a high visibility location in the store, you will be better off. Also, if the store closed abruptly, you are out your product if you can't get in to remove it. We never put product on consignment just for those reasons. We lost 38 stores during the recession but were paid for the product so no monetary loss. Just my .02.
  23. It looks as if there is more of the crown of the tail in the vent. What if you block off the right side of the vent next to the tail with some clay ( or something easily removed. ) to keep more of the plastic shooting toward the inside of the mold. Or keep the first 2 cavities full and shoot just the last cavity to see how it fills.
  24. You might try shooting some air in the claws with a hypodermic needle.
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